Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

New Man Utd sponsor?

I’ve seen on a couple of news reports that DXC will sponsor a small part of the Man Utd shirt next season on the arm. What do people make of that? I’d be interested to know how much they’re paying

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Share options for all

A couple of tow halls ago so around 6 months ago Sal talked of staff shares. On the last town hall when questioned he apologized that he was personally responsible and hadn't progressed it, but will have a update very soon. 3rd town hall imminent... —  read more 

Working on autopilot

This is the only company where I actually became more appreciated when I started working as little as possible. I used to give 110 percent of myself and now I realize I was just being naive. Everything is better now. Instead of stressing about... —  read more 

perpetual headwinds

I don't get it.... According to Mike 1/Mike 2 DXC always seems to be on the cusp of a huge growth opportunity and forever making substantial progress with its internal transformation every quarter but never actually delivering on the promise. Is it... —  read more 


People, stop complaining and leave. Make the decision that will make your lives better immensely. It's obvious that after years of layoffs and cutbacks there are no improvements coming anytime soon. Why would anybody voluntarily continue to work for... —  read more 

I have a simple wish

My one and only wish for this Christmas is to find a new job at a company that appreciates its employees and knows how important they are to its bottom line. A company that rewards hard work and promotes people based on merit. Is that really too much... —  read more 

Childish managements

This may be sound like kidding. But as I thought, It's childish behavior for business growth so that It seems to build a KINGDOM for realizing their selfish. Why are they who managements of APAC and Japan less capable than other companies leader... —  read more 


I thought it was impossible for that to happen but dxc is the first company where I am actually feeling bored. I thought this was a little more dynamic company before I came here. I am planning to leave but I wonder if others also think this is... —  read more 

The more you move to the cloud

The less you need outsourcing and focusing on supporting legacy technology telling Wall Street that this is leading to new cloud businesses b* when already 40% of Cap Gemini and 300,000 people are generating revenue in the cloud

If you want to raise hike

Send more work to India or Philippines so that d x c is price competitive with the other Indian companies. When d x c rates 300% higher do you really think they are going to get any business except from these 175 Platinum clients who cannot outsource... —  read more 

New time system

Anyone heard from Chris Drumgoole as to when his putting the new DXC time system? We got a raft of people created a system called "Traxi" and we have to duplicate so much input into numerous systems. Must be costing an arm and a leg all these... —  read more 


DXC Technology had debt of US$4.38b at the end of September 2021, a reduction from US$8.65b over a year. However, it also had US$2.70b in cash, and so its net debt is US$1.68b.

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