Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Organization Alignment

A new phase has been adopted by the leadership team where a position approval process will take effect. I suspect that this is another way to shed some staff. I wonder how the leadership team would like if their position needed to be approved... — read more 

The useless "Brock"

How some managers like "Brock" end up managing a group of 500 people when they have no management or people skills is amazing. They can't motivate folks, invent useless process to keep busy, and are untruthful. So many resources are demotivated by 1... — read more 

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New CEO - To sell or grow?

Our new CEO Raul has a long history of putting together deals and selling large companies. His fireside chat sounded good and he hit all the right points, but is he trying to damper the fire only to sell off part of the company? Or could these things... — read more 

Appraisals for Management layers

Can you ensure you complete your appraisals. We want to string you along as every year, so the appraisals are very important TO US. The real reason is enables us in Management and VP level to get our bonuses. An email will be sent out and regular... — read more 

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You get paid a wage

Some id--ts on here think it's ok to call for a no work culture .. You get paid a wage so do your job... Nothing above and beyond but minimum the job. My hopes maybe be dashed when it comes to the salary review. But after that Town Hall i think the... — read more 


Good to hear the recognition system is being fully restored in April. I wonder if it's an April Fool joke? Surprised Mary's dog didn't throw up when she said it.

Finally waking up

Surprise surprise this is a company built on people .... It's taken Raul to snap them out of a hypnotic trance they were put under by Mike S. Look into my eyes, this business is a product business, sc--w the people. We only sell people and if you... — read more 

Will the Goose get fed?

New permanent CEO... Please feed the goose so that it can start laying bigger golden eggs. I get that we need to see WFR and best shoring given the revenue decline but at the same time feed the goose. We the employees want to be recognised for our... — read more 

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