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UK redundancies

Staff notified on Tuesday. Looks like 500. VR being offered first. Same old, same old. Final decision by 8th June.


WFR email came out today in the UK asking for VR. I've heard it's 500 across the board. Will be finalised early June. I think this was coming even before covid. DXC/CSC just doesn't change despite all the 'change' up top.

DXC New Orleans Layoff

someone deleted my post. So here you go again. They started layoff today and almost all the hires from 2018 is gone. Noone is safe. This is just started.

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DXC New Orleans Layoff

Today almost all the people hired in 2018, citizen, opt, h1b got fired or in their terms WFRd. Many more to come.

IBM will cut 1000s of jobs. will dxc do the same ?

IBM (IBM) – IBM will cut an unspecified number of jobs, the first workforce reduction under new CEO Arvind Krishna, who took over from Ginni Rometty earlier this year. A person familiar with IBM’s plans told The Wall Street Journal that several... —  read more 

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Having worked for this company under one badge or another for 17 and a half years, I've seen a lot of changes. We used to have 3 buildings and every car park/building was packed full of agents doing their best. Around 5/6 years ago, DXC wanted to... —  read more 

FY2020 Peformance Review

Anyone get their year end reviewed discussed? If so, any good news in terms on the outcome for the high performance employee, like salary increase or bonus?

FY20 Performance Review

Anyone already had the feedback on the year end performance review and the outcome of that? Like, if the performance is good, any good news in terms of bonus or payrise?

Works council elections

I may be being paranoid or cynical. In recent comms regarding voting for an employee rep you get a choice of two candidates in your own constituency. Having read the PDF with candidates information, each pair of candidates to choose from has an... —  read more 

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UK Redundancies start May 2020

Here we go again, DXC have written to staff in the UK advising a redundancy programme, voluntary followed by compulsory. Only people left out are some delivery teams - who have been hammered anyway over the last 3 years. Huge swathes to be taken... —  read more 

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Wind Velocity and Direction

It's time to stop looking for a pony in the m ountain of manure. The only thing that's changed is the wind velocity and direction. The delivery and support teams fought to pull the clients through the pandemic crisis... only to find DXC execs... —  read more 

DXC furloughs May 2020

The big furlough notices (through at least July 5th) have come out across the organization yesterday, with special "mailers" with details being sent out after 4:30 pm EDT. I am getting emails and calls from my colleagues across divisions and... —  read more 

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It has started again

Furloughs in USA based on Mikes call last week just took a 20% hit on delivery direct client facing roles on our team. No notice to their managers just a email from Ed H. saying your done as of Friday 5/8 and maybe on 7/5 we will bring you back... no... —  read more 

Stop with the negative waves gang

Apparently gang, we moan too much. When you were asked to be straight talking, we didn't expect you to moan. Please start clapping and smiling, your Glorious Leader demands it. Apparently gang, new Mikey is not the same as the old... —  read more 

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DXC New Orleans Layoff

Does anyone know if these people are redeploying or cutting off employees from New Orleans office?

Same Operation as when Mikey L. was in charge

Short version. More layoffs in 2020. DXC management wastes money for several years (changing strategy, bad decisions, open facilities, close facilities). Off shore. Buy other companies and sell health division , but no raises for 6 years. Heard... —  read more 

DXC ANZ 150 to go

Announced today, 150 resources in Australia / New Zealand to be axed. Different Mike, same tune.

Covid19 WFR Impacts and PMO reorg

Despite assurances that we had money in reserve to weather this thing, and that we've got plenty of opportunities on the horizon, we once again see a WFR. On Friday, leadership announced internally that there are management changes within the... —  read more 

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DXC Technology- Thrive on Redundancy

500 staff to be laid off. Furlough for many more. i wonder if the predominately middle aged, white male management chain will take a pay cut. I'm sure there will be a show of hands in those ranks for a handsome VR package though (aka golden hand... —  read more 

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Farewell My 500 Lovelies

That's 500 lovelies from the UK&I at least, so be sent to the great wilderness. Or, as Saul Goodman would call it, Belize.

More UK job cuts

Uk leadership announced today five hundred job losses in uk&i. Additionally some people identified as having their roles impacted by covid19 will get a twenty percent pay cut. Well there goes any idea that the new ceo had a different plan to... —  read more 

DXC and the Covid Layoffs

DXC have announced that they are going to lay of 1,000s of staff, mostly in non-customer facing roles. You have to wonder who is going to do the work for the customers if only the cheesy, smiley, acquiescing face is left to say yes.

New layoffs planned in the UK

Up to 500 being made redundant in non client-facing roles. COVID 19 furloughs also. I’m guessing the latest results are going to be in the toilet.

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