Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Add Your Skills to Workday!

Stop all this already and just give us our pay increases, if and when that happens I'll be glad to update all this bull into Workday. DXC always tells us we are responsible for our personal career and if thats the case why do we need to... —  read more 

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Hard work doesn't make sense?

I haven't been in this company for a long time, but it has already become clear to me that I will never be able to get a raise, no matter how hard I try. I've heard from some people, and now I see on this forum that people say that rate1 is reserved... —  read more 

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Just take the WFR

Guys, just take the WFR. I left in mid 2020 after 7 years of the toxic culture. took a $100k WFR package and within 3 months had a new permanent role on client side almost at double by DXC salary. Since then the market has continued to heat up and... —  read more 

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Dxc technology

DXC Technology: Why It Is Still A Buy DXC's turnaround plan is in play. Margins set to expand. Price target of over $40 discussed. Strong Third-Quarter Results DXC posted earnings of 84 cents a share as revenue fell 14.5%... —  read more 

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DXc offices in India

DXC had plans to reduce the number of offices in India from 50 to 26 and reduce the number of employees by 10,000 from 40,000 to 30,000. Now DXC hired 5, 000 last year and 7,500 this year. Now dxc has 50,000 working in India at 75 locations. Any more... —  read more 

Dxc data centers

DXC technology: We're on pace to build 50 to 100 new datacenters each year DXC is expecting to add cloud datacenters in at least 10 more countries this year. It's launching a new virtual datacenter tour to show off how a 'typical' DXC datacenter... —  read more 

Rookie question

Is it possible to ask your manager to be part of WFR successfully? I’d almost rather get hit by a bus than work here anymore and would prefer a break before my next job.


Why did DTC fail? Oracle is building Technology hub in Nashville already building Technology hub in Austin. Mike Salerno is over his head Mike Sharpie is going to slash and burn real estate. What value was there to buying Zoloft from Russia Ukraine... —  read more 

Why we all do 2-3 jobs

Seems like management here has a system in place on how to use employees to the fullest. They keep adding more and more work to people's plates (and I mean 2-3 jobs worth) until they finally snap. At that point they know they've reached their limit... —  read more 

How to seize the market

"So easy to seize the market 1) get rid of unnecessary management layers 2) kick the sales team where it hurts, get some proper sales people 3) pay staff properly and stop s—ing all the bonuses by management 4) speak straight, speak the truth... —  read more 

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