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Upcoming Town Halls

I see local country, Regional and Global Town Halls have all been schedule for the coming 7-10 days. I'm guessing we will have some positive news to report from the Employee Engagement Survey on the way. News that like over "70% of you responded so... —  read more 

Meet the new boss...

same as the old boss. Stop making excuses for these clueless greedy executives. You. can't put flowers in an ar$ehole and call it a vase! They still haven't figured out yet that when you treat your own employees bad, you will lose clients/business... —  read more 

Just got Laid off

Furloughed for a month and laid off by DXC just now. I was a week into furlough. Two weeks severance pay was offered. I'm really bummed out and ticked off about the whole ordeal

If you don’t like it, LEAVE! ???

This seems to be the company motto these days. Take a step back out of DXC for one moment. Who on earth says things like this? What on Earth are management doing shouting this down to people? What on Earth makes you think you can talk to... —  read more 

In need of a DXC Union

Apparently we're going to need to create an IT Union if DXC flat out refuses to give it's employees a pay increase after 4 or 5 years of service. This is well overdue

Severance for "furloughed" employees

Just curious what (if any) everyone is seeing in the way of severance packages from this latest furlough, I'm asking specifically about in the Americas and if previous years with HP and HPE are being taken into consideration, or if it's only the DXC... —  read more 

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Not really impressed

No real training, just dropped in a slot to work tickets in the middle of nowhere. It's all about the tickets (numbers). Hearing very bad things such as previous employee who had excellent reviews and no raises after 5 years of service. Your money... —  read more 

DXC UKI - More cuts

174 posts to go from around 450 odd who are in scope. Anyone got the email which was promised today to advise if they are in scope?

DXC Cognitive test

Person, woman, man, camera, TV ....and the dxc version is Bionix, PDXC, Advisory, DXC Blue and the Stack. Can you repeat it ? Lets see your cognitive skills.

Berne Switzerland Banking Centre Bloodshed

In Switzerland we operate a banking center for some regional banks. Out of 360 people 100 must go within the next 12 months. There is no place to hide anymore, even when serving paying customers.

Until it is realized that those holding a business degree are not helping create revenue, DXC will continue it's plunge down the toilet.

If you are not tech savvy, you will fail at selling...if you do not understand what it takes to deliver from the techie perspective, you will continue to fail when negotiating any SLA, MOA, etc. Just so ya know "New Mike"....you are making the same... —  read more 

Healthcare Sale I hope we get a bonus payment

DXC Technology has agreed to sell the company's healthcare software provider business to Dedalus Group for $525 million. The deal is anticipated to close by March 2021. The company noted that the sale is not subject to any financing conditions or... —  read more 

FY20 SSP Bonus?

Has there been an announcement if top performers will get a cut of the Success Sharing Program bonus this year? FY19 there was no payout by in FY18 there was

Fair severance package?

I'm not asking whether you think what DXC is providing is fair, I'm asking what you personally would consider a fair severance package. How many weeks and how many years max? What about medical?

Temporary layoffs in Canada

Any news on temporary layoffs in Canada? Any details on how many weeks they keep you on it? Do you still get benefits? Do they severe you once they hit 13 weeks (Employee Standard Act)? I appreciate any information that you can provide.

AMS Townhall

Another meeting, that is starting out with blah, blah, blah .. we CARE about when furloughs , RIFF's are going to STOP and when we are going to more money in our paychecks

DXC Sponsors NT Cricket. That's odd.

Some may have missed the significance of this announcement. I lived in Australia for a number of years and it strikes me as being odd. NT stands for Northern Territory, its an Australian Territory because there are not enough people for it to... —  read more 

DXC named Premier Partner of NT Cricket

https://www.crn.com.au/news/dxc-named-premier-partner-of-nt-cricket-550221 We are a primier partner and working on creating a dxc team and would be competing in the next world cup to increase our bottom line. Please talk to your manager if you... —  read more 

Furlough of U.S. Employees Underway

I received notice of a furlough from my manager. Length of furlough unknown. 9 years of service. Another manager said U.S. employees are targeted, and it seems to be specifically across the U.S. for salaried employees making a high income. My... —  read more 

Mary, Sals….”focus on people”

So, this just happened. I just saw DXC’s public 2020 proxy report filed on US SEC…that shows you pay of a few highest paid executives at DXC. One thing is very clear, that there is no “focus on people” or may be focusing on people the wrong way, as... —  read more 

I love the new DXC logo

Come to my eBay store and buy all my old csc eds and dxc tchotchkes, shirts hats pens, get your vintage dxc merchandise at my eBay store

36 days until the board meeting. 5 weeks

I hear they are planning a big party celebrating all the accomplishments by Sally versus Mikey. Improve customer tension increased revenue employee satisfaction new business strengthening old business. New logo. Improving on diversity and inclusion... —  read more 

BAU at DXC Asia. More misery.

Mike Salvino let DXC Asia and Australia staff know it is business as usual at DXC. He has moving one of Lawrie's people into a bigger role. Salvino not reading the surveys or acting on them. How are people to change issues when they are at top of... —  read more 

Electric Boat

Two years ago, management crowed about how EB would not renew the contract until DXC did a market salary review and brought salaries up to market level. Ostensibly, EB was concerned about the number of knowledgeable people continually... —  read more 

EDS it's not the answer

Low-skill , high volume, highly repetitive, LCC low-cost center is not the answer So in answer to your question is Either get into a skill/education that is highly paid. Or a business that is highly leveraged with bank money.. like real... —  read more 

AMS Townhall

Same here in AMS, all bull c-ap. Blah blah blah . Sounded like a sales bull call. Tell us what we want to know. When are Riff's, Furloughs going to end? When are Levels 1 -6 (not 1 -4) getting pay raises. Meeting was a total waste of time,

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