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WFR is coming

If Lawrie says your region isn’t performing as well as he expects it’s a definite sign of WFR’s. You should have zero doubt about this. People in the UK know this very well. From the CSC days when he firstcame, every single year, sometimes every 3... read more

I am proud to have been WFR'd

I am a proud ex EDS / HP / HPE / DXC employee for 20+ years and last year I was WFR'd in Australia for being a competent high performer. I received my payout, Mikey received his bonus for giving me the flick and I gained a 40% pay rise with a direct... read more

Working @ DXC

DXC Technology is horrible company to work with. One of my colleagues who worked for around 10 years in CSC/DXC , who never got any promotion during this period, got WFRed last month. He was an extremely talented guy with diversified technical... read more

Americas Region Town Hall

Bull sh-- If Americas is loosing clients and we need to be WFR's to save costs, then ML needs to take a HUGE pay cut because he's in America as well!

Listening to AMS call

Our amazing CEO says AMS revenues are 8-10% below last year, which means there will need to be a matching WFR in the coming months. Lovely...

DXC short term disability (USA)

Do you know details? Is this hard to get and what are the consequences if I go this route. Honestly, mine is stress related and I just cannot handle the office any more - really need a break, I am exhausted (we worked 19 weekends this year)

dxc job UK director customer services

Check out this job at DXC Technology: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/903199014 Anyone crazy or desperate...then apply for this job. Just do not be suprised if made redundant within two years.

Thanos Thursdays

I still remember showing up to work the Monday after Hurricane Maria and seeing the large group of hard working individuals that showed up to the DXC office despite their houses being flooded, deceased family members, and overall chaos and... read more


Yes... the hiring team called me up, fixed an appointment for an interview. 2 days later I cleared the interview. Then the bargain started on the compensation package which has lasted weeks. The recruitment team calls me up and asks whether I would... read more

DXC Notes why in EURO

The On September 26, 2018, DXC Technology Company (the “Company”) completed its previously announced offering of €650,000,000 aggregate principal amount of its 1.750% Senior Notes due 2026 (the “Notes”). The offering was made through an underwriting... read more

Pluse survey

Tell us what you think of the pluse survey? Isn’t it funny that they send 2 emails 3 hours apart asking you to take it?

HPE client - ready for early divorce?

With more HPE work now going to other vendors, and with HPE putting the pressure on DXC in terms of existing support agreements - are HPE now going to kill the relationship early? Rumour is it's a very shaky relationship and it could be cut at any... read more

IT Support org outsourced everyone in AMS

So the IT support in AMS has been outsourced, all the support engineers were laid off and for those who wanted, signed a new contract with a local contractor and all of them are being replaced with Indian workforce to work 24 x 7 shifts. Today my... read more
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Call to Action — Have your FY19 Mid-Year Review

What a freaken joke. What is the point of a mid-year or even a yearly review? With normal companies reviews and salary increases go hand in hand, but not DXC for the employee’s unless you’re the CEO or a NEO. On September 17 we will be launching the... read more

Did DXC finally stop the free fall?

I usually take these market predictions with a lot of caution. but the fact that the stock is rising already and it’s predicted it will grow steadily gives me a lot of proof that we’ve reached at least some sort of financial sustainability. Maybe the... read more

There are good managers left at DXC

What some of you may not realize, is that some Managers have been working their asses off behind the scenes for years now to keep things together. You may not talk to them much and it may not seem like they are good for anything but trust me, they... read more

DXC Managers: Too many of them

Too many managers in the company. They are need to be fired first along with HR team which selects incompetitive members for money. This company is a goner long ago when all the managers who have no idea where selected based on ask licking and who... read more

In 10 or less words...

Just for fun... in 10 or less words describe the qualities and/or the inadequacies of the supreme leader of DXC.

Why layoffs?

For a change, our shares are going up. We outperformed the S&P 500 in the last month, since the last earnings report. So why do we suddenly need to get rid of so many people when things are going so well for us? What's the point? Except maybe having... read more

Mikey’s piggy nose in the trough again!

Just saw Lawrie sold another $5m of shares at end of Aug! Let’s treat the staff said Mikey never. Or a very expensive holiday , he has to keep the HR officer sweet! He’s only got another 600k+ shares to sell!

Oh the irony

Latest DXC post on LinkedIn - "Learn to 'Manage with Power' from these historical examples "Walking, talking and managing with power is not an innate ability. It is a skill that can be learned and practiced. DXC's Steve Harris looks at examples of... read more

Just IT?

Are the planned cuts just for IT? Everybody else is safe?

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