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How To Get The Best Severance Deal

Sorry for duplicate, if have already seen this article from forbes.com https://www.forbes.com/sites/deborahljacobs/2011/11/02/how-to-play-your-hand-when-youve-been-fired/#2ae42ce947cc
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Who's in worse shape, HPE of DXC?

Around 5,000 layoffs announced for HPE today. And we thought we had it rough. This is becoming ridiculous, both companies are at the stage where it looks like all they need to is to be put out of their misery. If only it was not the employees who are... read more

Mass termination at DXC

mass layoff , they are off shoring every single technical job. no warnings, no courtesy, nothing. A person committed su*** at Conway Arkansas, a couple of months ago due to highly stressfull situations.


Welcome to the HUNGER GAMES for real! AUTOMATION, ROBOT A.I. SYSTEMS, will/are making you obsolete...so the TECHNOCRATS need to eliminate all the USELESS EATERS....mega-quakes, mega-hurricanes, next NK NUKE WAR, all designed to eliminate huge swaths... read more

next layoff

i asked my Manager for volunatary leave and to put me on WFR list, but he told me that there is no list and no one asked him for that\any ideas i want to leave DXC but take a package

Hurricane Maria

The US island of Puerto Rico appears to be directly in Maria's path, with the Virgin Islands also projected to be near the storm's eye. Good Move DXC, move your ITAR support to Puerto Rico

Sick Days

Does anybody know if they pay out the sick days you accrue each paycheck. Obviously I know they dont pay out vacation because it is "unlimited " but since you earn sick hours every two weeks I am curious to know how they handle that.

9/22 next layoff wave

A manager I know was given the heads up that they themselves are being WFRed 9/22, along with some rank and file staff, of which there are only like 5 left that are US based.

Success Sharing Program

I'm surprised nobody is talking about this on here... Maybe its only been announced in the UK? The email suggests its at least US and UK. "For FY18, if DXC exceeds its company-wide earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) target and you have... read more

It doesn't get any better!

The final nail in the coffin - why don't people stand up to this sh-- from this bunch of bullies? https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/09/14/dxc_technologies_to_shutter_final_salary_pension_scheme/ MickM

those who had join at&t

those pppl who has just joined at&t , are you getting better package in terms of salary, increment, bonus , claim ? is your service year in HPE bring forward ? do they offer contractual bonus ?

Cyberjaya office is bad fengshui

Cyberjaya office location sits at road dead end. That is bad fengshui! Whoever wanted to retire and die are most welcomed to join dxc cyberjaya. Everyday you face the dead end when you are on your way to work. best of luck! That's why it feels funny... read more


I have been with Hpe for the last 10 years, I make $10.50 an hour it is not fare that with the new spin-merger that new hires make $12.50 an hour. Plus they get the same amount of vacation as us this is not right. And if you say anything to your... read more

Dxc cyberjaya is hiring

After many layoffs, they have the bloody cheek to rehire in Cyberjaya. Please discourage anybody that's crazy enough to apply. If any recruiter are calling for dxc, just slam the phone on them. Better still, smack them properly.

Trying to Claw Back VR Payments

lots of people getting letters saying that HPE/DXC have miss calculated the tax on your VR's especially for sales grades. trying to get you to pay them back under threat of legal action but what you should do is deal with it via your counties tax... read more

All true leaders are gone from DXC

Unfortunately, the real Business leaders that I had respect for, have since all left the company. There weren't many of them and you can probably recall mentors in your career that you've looked up to; who have inspired you or helped you in some way... read more

Relaxing to not attend any DXC all staff calls

I've just stopped going. My life is more relaxed now. No one cares if you are there of not. Absolutely nothing has changed. My boss is a douche who is trying too hard to stay relevant that I never hear anything passably intelligent. This company is... read more

Very demotivated

This place is so depressing and demotivating. There is no reward for good work..monetary or otherwise..no one seems to care. You could have good people around you, but the vibe of the place is so negative. No one seems to want to hire me outside of... read more

DXC to AT&T employee transfer

Any news about how many people will be impacted in EMEA countries by AT&T transfer? Any timeframe expected (waves)?
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Incoming automation at DXC

The Plano meeting happened last Wednesday (I was in the room). Mike did the usual dog and pony show about business results but then shifted to frank discussion of his goal which is to invest in automation and robotics and get rid of labor. He claimed... read more

Layoff plans for Belgium

I find it strange that in a lot of EMEA countries nothing is known yet. Does anyone knows more about the WFR plans for Belgium?

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