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DXC stock below $10 today

How much lower can it go? Maybe it will be delisted and become a penny stock? The only bad thing about this is that Lawrie probably cashed out before this and still has his millions. Good luck Salvino.

Who wasn't paid today?

It appears that some number of Legacy ES employees weren't paid today, despite pay advices being generated.

Moving on up

DXC Technology – Shares of DXC climbed 3% after the IT services company said it will sell its Medicaid services unit to private equity firm Veritas Capital for $5 billion in cash. DXC was one of the four companies in the S&P 500 that were in the... —  read more 

Retention bonus

Offered 8% retention bonus to stay during strategic alternatives. Half paid ASAP, other half paid after closing of sale. Nice but cheap.

Hhs sold

DXC Technology Co., a provider of information-technology systems, is selling its business focused on state and local health services to private equity firm Veritas Capital for $5 billion in cash. Shares of Tysons, Virginia-based DXC surged 20% in... —  read more 

Is DXC stock now virtually “junk” status?

With DXC’s stock price crash, the company’s market capitalisation is just $4.1bn but it’s liabilities are more than $9.1bn. DXC owes more than twice as much as the whole company is worth! That is not a good place to be!

Selling off US state healthcare division

This should make for some interesting news. Wonder how the market will take it - especially in the midst of the larger issues in the market... https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200310005938/en/DXC-Technology-Sell-U.S.-State-Local-Health

March 10 - Stock Price: $ 15.64

What happening now : https://www.crn.com/news/channel-programs/dxc-cdw-caught-in-tech-stock-selloff Global systems integrator and solution provider DXC Technology saw the tech industry's largest stock price decline, by percentage, on Monday... —  read more 

Ouch - stock now below $20

Despite market jitters at the moment (Corvid-19), I never thought I'd see DXC below $20. The stock price continues to fall relative to the rest of the business services sector - https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/dxc Well Mr CEO; what... —  read more 


What are the big changes that are happening?

Leadership Announcement

Our share price is in the toilet and our CEO announces more mgmt changes. Some guy is going to take over the Blue part of DXC...like that is going to save this s**t show

Cripes - stock now below $20

Despite market jitters at the moment (Corvid-19), I never thought I'd see DXC below $20. The stock price continues to fall relative to the rest of the business services sector - see https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/dxc Well Mr Salvino... —  read more 

A day in the life of a DXC guy!

Wake up and logon. Ignore the corporate spam. Look at all the issues on projects - People have been made redundant, who does this job, so and so has left dxc etc etc. Still chasing timecodes even after 1 year! Asked to do work i have no... —  read more 

UK and I Pensions

Have the pensions been relocated from one company to another , plus it would seem my pot has decreased by 10% in the last week or so also, does that sound correct .


Can anyone even articulate what DXC even does anymore to generate revenue? Most employees I speak to our cost center employees who provide administrative services or our employees “developing” new products to attempt to sell to clients. I speak to... —  read more 

As you sow . . .

Hmm... Notwithstanding fears over Coronavirus affecting global markets, DXC stock has nose dived over the last four days. As I write it's below $26. Does this mean management will consider more layoffs, in an attempt to bolster margins for... —  read more 

The WFRs continue until morale improves

So sick of no pay rise for years, yet DXC leaders skim their "performance bonuses" for achieving nothing. Meanwhile the victims are hardworking CSC and DXC employees busting their guts with a glimmer of hope in staying employed. At the same time... —  read more 

Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For

Not surprising to see DXC not in the 2020 top 100 best companies to work for! By my reckoning they must be the 9,999th best company to work for! Even that is being overly generous!!! Surprise they have any customers or employees left!

Contact HR

Does anyone know how to contact anyone in HR to place a formal complaint in the US?

Bonuses did happen...got WFR'd anyway

True story: I was legacy CSC, working in North America, in Delivery. Hadn't gotten a raise since coming on in 2013. A year after the merger I get a retention bonus of $19,000. Half immediately, half in one year if I stay. That was early 2018. In... —  read more 

so tired of this place!!!

can i get laid off already??? i volunteer as tribute! i'd leave on my own but to be honest any severance is better than no severance so i keep waiting. with so many already gone i'm starting to feel like i'm cursed with having to stay at this place... —  read more 

Consulting Fees

Maybe someone can help me understand something. I- like most employees- have not seen a bonus or raise in years. The company always cries poor whenever the topic is brought up. What I don’t understand is how, then, we can afford to have so many... —  read more 

Layoffs get better jobs

Vizient, Navigant, and Premier cleaning up on getting good employees More and more people leaving this company. They will not have additional layoffs because there will be no employees left! Everyone leaving for other opportunities and going to... —  read more 


Cant believe it AT&T staff working with me are getting another year of pay rise and bumper bonus circa 9%. How can they afford this every year and how can we afford their expensive service. Why cant we insource and pay our own staff a pay rise... —  read more 

Wake up!!!

For some reason especially the the legacy CSC people seem to be in a trance and reluctant to leave. Many have viable skills and there are many opportunities out there. Update your resume and leave before it’s too late. It’s a shame of what happened... —  read more 

Want to be laid off!

Seems a growing percentage of people just want to get laid off. Even in countries with minimal severance, lots of ambivalence.

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