Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology


New fiscal results are out on Wednesday . Wonder if it will be more profit for the top dogs to drain out of the company and away from any increase this year . F*ckers

Time for new leaders

With Mickey not seen for a year, Finchie AWOL and sending out stupid emails, Vinoddy disappeared, drumgoo wal transformed nothing, its time for new management. Saving of 40 million in one hit. After 3 years the company is shrunk massively, staff... —  read more 

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Mr Shouty anagrams

In an attempt to cheer myself up, I started looking for mendacious anagrams of "Michael Salvino". Below are some initial findings: helical mis-nova him ocean villas lo lavish iceman evil hi-loan scam a nil smile havoc as a chilli... —  read more 

Pay up 7.3% jobs up also

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 235,000 Jobs in December; Annual Pay was Up 7.3% So for the rest of the people they are getting raises, ours are been given to Mike who has gained an extra 7 million whilst we... —  read more 

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LinkedIn reviews

Set up new accounts and leave negative reviews. Glass door is another one. If we have time to post on here, we have time to post a review! Glass door doesn’t need a new account as it allows anonymous reviews.


Recently seen some truly marvellous bull$hit posts on LinkedIn about DXC hiring and the most recent one about taking care of employees and promoting company values . Cannot wait till I get another role and leave this soul sucking place behind... —  read more 

Happy Holidays People

I wanted to say Happy Holidays folks and best wishes for the year ahead. Our thieving CEO won’t say it because he thinks he owes us staff fu-k all so I figured I’d do it instead. Good or bad we are all in it together! Even Mike no1 with his... —  read more 

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