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UK Roadshow - Chorley

So today a few of our esteemed leaders came down to Chorley... Couple of things worth sharing... It’s was boring, dull, drab, copied slides and just all round repetitive bull sh-- for 1 hour They must have made angreement to nod when either one... read more

DXC & Rolls Royce

Anyone know how DXC will be impacted by the massive Rolls Royce redundancies announced today - its one of our big accounts in the UK

Appraisal rating

I got a meets all and exceeds some on my appraisal, didn’t have to convince LM, tbh our appraisal discussion didn’t even happen. I think my whole team got that. What did you guys get? Just curious as I get the feeling that some BU’s are not forced to... read more

Check titled Legal Settlement received today

Quit HP two weeks before the DXC change over March 2017. Today I received a check for $4300 -$1500 tax from Enterprise Service LLC. I had to Google the address to find out it was from dcx. If I deposit the check in my bank will they clean my account?... read more

DXC600 Indy Car Race!

So nice to know that we can sponsor an Indy Car / Race from all the WFRs that are happening. Happy to know that the company isn't wasting money on anything important, like their employees.

Falling Earning Estimates

DXC, which has witnessed a significant price decline in the past four weeks, and it has seen negative earnings estimate revisions for the current quarter and the current year. A Zacks Rank #4 (Sell) further confirms weakness in DXC. A key reason for... read more

India co-lead system coming to an end?

Two regions are created in India to protect Senior Leadership positions. Honeymoon is over and it is going to end. First one effected is India PPM. Now, one of the head is thrown out and all is reporting to someone in US. Don't be surprised if one of... read more

The Lifespan of DXC as we know it now...

Does anyone have any guesses how long DXC is going to last before the executive’s strip whatever they can from the company like parting bonuses, golden parachutes, and make a deal to sell it off or combine it with some Indian lower tier company…Could... read more

Everyday disappearances

6 months ago corporate asked us to post our resumes along with our job descriptions. A month or two after that we were asked to fill out our own review. After that they informed us we would be meeting with manager for a formal review even if it... read more

DXC number of employees

I think the number I see every (170k employees) is too outdated, maybe since the merge (April 2017) Does anyone have the good number here?

WFR's will be Weekly for the next few weeks.

Talking to a friend who seemed a little upset. It seems he was being asked to prep for more WFRs and they would be weekly. From the numbers we are looking at a lost of about 10% of staff over the next two months or so. Based on the last two WFRs it... read more

Upset over my life after DXC

I left DXC a while ago. I recently found out that for admin purposes, I have been working there since less than a month ago. As it turns out, HR never bothered to actually remove me as an employee. But more importantly, I brought that pessimistic... read more

Stories management provides to the clients

Whatever story DXC management provide to the clients you can bet that it will be sugar coated with how good DXC is and how the non-performers are getting the flick. I was placed onto the WFR list because I pissed off account management by exposing... read more

Why is DXC stock is crashing?

Just checked and DXC is down 18% at just over $82. A massive declune from its peak of around $108 a few weeks ago! I checked the NASDAQ 100 and the index is up nearly 5% so something seems to have brought bears out to feed on DXC's diseased carcass!

Is this true about managers and bonuses?

The managers are getting the raises or bonuses each year, none for the employees that make the results for the customer. The managers are keeping quiet because of the fury it will cause among the employees and because the managers are scared... read more

Workforce Reductions

Its a long post. For those seeking info on these forums; I get it. You want a clear message so you can act. I also know that contributing to an anonymous based forum isn't a rallying cry for trust on behalf of the reader but bear with me. I'm... read more

Next round of layoff based on FPR rating

The next round of layoff is round the corner, those with a stalled rating will be asked to leave within a week. Based on FPR rating the next round of layoffs will happen. Secure yourself, secure your family in this uncertain future.

Raises Anyone???

Is anyone getting a raise, what is the word on this, bonuses? Any rewards for the employees?? Just saw this article and believe this has been the case for quite some time... read more

Age discrimination investigations

Now that Intel is being investigated for possible age discrimination during layoffs and a huge deal was made about IBM for the same thing recently, any chance this will become something the industry will have to fear (and hopefully change in the way... read more

Inclusiveness is missing

Issue is NOT the Project Manager. Issue is the GAP between what DXC sell and what DXC deliver. Protecting shareholders interest will succeed, if and only if you have employees to serve the organisation's commitment to the customer. In other words... read more

CEO putting employees first

Something DXC will never see: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ceo-nixes-own-pay-to-give-workers-1-million/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab7e&linkId=52146800

Giving notice, how much?

I start a new job at beginning of July. I’m in internal IT and work remotely. How much notice should I give? Are people in offices who are giving notice just being told to go home? Any advantage to giving it a month ahead in current US environment?

New New Orleans office

So now that DXC opened the new office in New Orleans and has employed (or plans to employ) 2,000, how long before it starts laying off half of them? I give it six months, a year at the most. I really hope those new employees researched the company... read more

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