Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Sieze the Market or Not?

I keep getting told by the upper management that everybody has to help in siezing the market. So when there's extra chargeable revenue generating opportunities lower managers block the work. It's clear the upper management are working on one plan... —  read more 

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PWC giving large payrises

PWC giving large payrises - "The company said half of its more than 20,000 employees in the UK would get an increase of at least 9%, while 70% would get a rise of 7% or more." Can only increase the... —  read more 

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Time to leave is NOW!

The inside scoop is that over 50% of (non-Indian) North American employees are to be laid off. Mike 2 will walk away with a lot of money, and leave a trail of American bodies. DXC is on its way to becoming an Indian body shop.

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False promises

Those who still believe in their false promises are either too naive or fairly new to DXC. They do it all the time. I guess managers can't offer anything more than false promises? Perhaps it would be better if they didn't make any promises at all... —  read more 

People first joke

Does anybody recall Mike S saying he has a "people first strategy" on last year's earnings call. So far from the truth. What a joke his making of the staff. "People last" would be the actual truth.


Your functional/business manager (not your people manager) should define goals for the coming year. If you meet or exceed your goals you should get a pay increase. All these other goals is just bullsh*t

What is our vision?

Do we even have a long-term strategy in place, outside of getting rid of as many employees as possible? It feels like everything that is being done is to boost short-term numbers but very little is being done to improve the company's long-term... —  read more 

Shares offloaded

On June 1 and June 2 two days alone alone, Shouty and his cronies have offloaded 111K shares!!! So much for "We are in a great place, fantastic results etc, etc." Shouty: 64k shares dumped, steak cutter 2.0: 15k sold, Decky: 11k, Vinny: 9k... —  read more 

Close to retirement

Pretty much everyone advises that it may be better for those close to retirement to stay here. Nobody says how close to retirement though??? I know of some people who very close to their retirement and got laid off anyway which makes me very... —  read more 

DXC on resume

However it is now getting to the point that having DXC on your CV/Resume (unless you are a grad getting first job experience) is starting to hurt future career progression - why were you at DXC and/or why did you stay so long when clearly it was... —  read more 

Time for a revolt?

What a s--t show? Screamer aks Shouty making himself Chairman of the Board??? For plummeting the company from $26Billion to $16Billion and on track for $14Billion!!! Time for areal revolt by the long suffering employees...start a non cooperation... —  read more 

Still afloat

From year to year, the situation in this company is getting worse. I used to think that DXC had a future but now I’m aware that the company is just barely keeping afloat. It makes no sense for talented people to stay in such a company. The... —  read more 

Exhausted and burned out

Working at DXC has drained all my energy. As far as I can tell, that is the goal of this management, to completely exhaust us, long term employees, in order to bring younger employees in our place, regardless of their competencies?

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