Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

ATOs acquisition why not the dxc

Atos has acquired or pursued: 2017 - 2021 Visual BI, Nimblix and Ideal Grp. The companies offer expertise across Snowflake, high-performance computing and manufacturing expertise. Processia, Cryptovision, and Ipsotek — to boost the global IT... —  read more 

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Frightened about the alternative?

Whoever manages to overcome the fear of a new beginning will leave this and get a much better opportunity. My friend did not procrastinate, he accepted the first good alternative and now he is doing really well while I'm still in a dilemma. I don't... —  read more 

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Big talk, no action

The more people complain about the company, the working conditions, the atmosphere in the company... the less they do to get out of here as soon as possible. I wouldn’t want someone to misunderstand me, I have nothing against people making their... —  read more 

Why illusory promises?

To allow employees to get their hopes up that they might get a raise and then lie to them is really awful. I thought of staying here for a while longer, but after this I changed my mind. If anything can undermine employee morale and sink a company... —  read more 

Bonus now removed

I was in a meeting this week. Bonus is now removed from any who had one in band 6 and below. HR had no answers to the questions and concerns raised. Obviously this was pushed from Mike 2.0 and his Accenture cronies. They are paying an amount to... —  read more 

Taking a year off

If I'm not laid off in the next round I'm determined to quit, whether I have a new job lined up or not. Working here has completely exhausted me and taking a year off actually sounds like a good idea (I would be able to afford it.) My main worry is... —  read more 

Work bare minimum or quit?

I’ve been here little longer than two years and no raise, and I think that's a maximum one should wait for a raise. I did a huge amount of work, often worked enough for several people and I think I deserved a raise. I don’t know if it makes sense to... —  read more 

"We All Quit" Empathize with the BK staff. Days are not far off when the same happens with this company. Sort of similar thing, at a small scale, had... —  read more 

Overtime ban

A bright spark middle manger has invented a overtime ban and created more paperwork overhead approvals in addition to existing approvals to keep everyone busy and threatening not to pay staff. So much for bureaucracy busters more useless tasks... —  read more 

How is DXC still afloat?

I'm shocked this company hasn't sunk completely considering all the incompetence our management has displayed over the past few years - especially since Salvino took over. Do you know of any other company of a comparable size that is run in as... —  read more 

Alot of unhappy people

I've worked for a company owned by DXc for 25 yrs, I'm not a manager, I'm not even a Team leader, personally, for me its the best job I've ever had with the work-life balance, I'm not rich, I don't earn a fortune, but I have a comfortable life but... —  read more 

Adapting to culture

Out of sheer curiosity and despite having nothing to do with layoffs, I wonder how long it took you to adapt to the culture of this company? It's become clear to me that I have never been and will not be a good fit for this company and that I made... —  read more 

There's no regret

Nope. None whatsoever. I took a job there knowing it may not be long term. I was trained and did what was asked of me. I finally quit when I was done needing what the company provided me and I don’t miss any of the toxicity there. There were so many... —  read more 

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