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Layoffs in India

After the merger with HP ES, DXC is now laying off people in India. With no plans and full of corruption in management all talented people are being laid and the employees who are corrupt are being retained. Worst company ever in IT history. I repent... read more

Lawrie little share bonus

Noticed Lorry sold 10k of his shares last week to the tune of $1m. But just to throw some perspective around that, he now only has 636000 shares left to sell! Wish I could be as selfish pig as that!

Anyone seen Lawrie recently?

Has anybody attended any town hall type meeting recently with Lorry? Was he given a rough time at all? Wondered if he had the balls to front the workers?

AT&T beat DXC

The NSA awards contract to att over dxc and will be paying a premium for the decision.....$750 million more than the dxc offering. I think we all know they made the right choice.


SO DXC IS ADVERTISING FOR NEW HIRES THIS AREA STARTING PAY $13.13/HR....WHILE CURRENT ACTIVE EXPERIENCED AGENTS WHO ARE LEGACY----EDS, HP, HPE, NOW DXC...$10 BUX AND CHANGE??? wtf? so everyone you are making more than you but you know more and... read more

Again! Has the music stopped yet?

Accounts, sectors, industries, whatever you want to call them, demonstrated their inability to sell 4 years ago. They couldn't balance operational delivery and growth in the same job at the same time. So they took delivery off them. They couldn't... read more


They DXC are going to keep piling on multiple job roles/functions/responsibilities ONTO ONE PERSON so that they get YOU to do more work for THEM at a pittance and no corresponding pay increase, while the execs ROLL IN THE CASH thanks to you're... read more


Till when will DXC continue not paying bonus, profit share, salary increase?

Sales back into verticals ?

Hearing that sales is back into industry verticals and not with offering any more ? atleast in US. Is the offering team now toasted ?


I have been waiting this site for about a year and almost heard nothing that wasn't public knowledge already. No facts on anything. What a waste of time, if your going to post on layoff's be specific anyone can say there will be more, of course but... read more

All DXC Technology Americas Region All-Employee Audiocast

All DXC Technology Americas Region All-Employee Audiocast They want to improve the employee experience, how about giving us some form of job security (stop the Work Force Reductions) and give us cost of living and merit increases in our salaries.

Lorry starts dump of shares!

Mikey sold 100 shares to raise $10k last week! Odd behaviour?? Unless his CC bill came in for slightly more than he was expecting! Considering he has 646k shares left! Slightly strange behaviour unless someone can enlighten me!

DXC - greatest company of them all!

Only in our great company: 1) Engineer predicts a potential problem with environment. 2) Engineer and his supervisor let know account management of the potential problem. 3) Issue is being ignored. 4) Warning is repeated after 6 months. 5) Ignored... read more

DXC's RGA tech park (Sarjapur) deal scam

Any info on DXC's RGA tech park (Sarjapur, Bangalore) deal scam. After recently taking on lease Maruthi Concorde Tech Park Hosur Road, Bengaluru, which has 40,000 sq ft of interior space, a new location is coming up.. RGA Tech Park in Sarjapur... read more

Severance questions

For those who have received a severance, is the calculation as simple as dividing your yearly salary by 52 to get the weekly pay rate, then multiplying that by the number in that table for years of service? Or is there more to it? I know we're hosed... read more

Huge layoff in Bangalore, Chennai India

There is no word being spoken, but DXC-workers are being asked to relocate from one building to another due to WFR. Buildings are getting empty. Next round of WFR is one the way with at least 20% of the workforce to be removed with 20% increase in... read more

Everyone is quitting

1 or 2 resignations weekly on an account of 110 FTE. New hires are declining offers. We are supposed to be in growth mode. It ain’t working buddy. Try harder.

Belgium WFR: did any of you already got paid

I did not get any payment yet - neither my last salary, not the payout for holidays and did not see any kind of calculation yet about severance pay. did any of you - other colleagues already received any payment yet?

DXC Turns 1!

Have you seen this group on Workplace? Their ask of us is "Please share your favorite memories from DXC Technology's first year. " It's full of the happy clappers of DXC who think everything is great. I'm so tempted to post some alternative memories... read more

Where is the incentive

So, no payrises or bonuses in the UK again this year. That’s 6 year on year no gains, ironically, I came home to two utility bills that have gone up roughly 3% each last night . Where is the incentive to do well? What is the point! Every worker no... read more

How is the stock going up?

I've been looking at the stock, and it seems to be going up? How in god's carnation can such a horrible company be doing so well in the stock market?


Procurement is a nightmare. I think they designed this new system just this way so we can't procure anything...Who's on First mentality.

Modern Apprenticeships

Here's the latest cost cutting head counting scheme from DXC in the UK - "Modern Apprenticeships". Basically, they take young folk who didn't have enough qualifications to go to University and place them in jobs from which qualified people have... read more

Where will these jobs come from?

So, DXC can create 2,000 jobs in New Orleans while laying off and firing people in the rest of the company on pretty much daily bases? The worst part, this is in the news and not the layoffs. So DXC gets points for creating jobs and nothing for... read more

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