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Let Go

Just wondering what the process is when they let someone go. Does your manager call you into his office. How about if he works in a different location. Does a HR rep come and get you and then walk you thru all the BS forms. Do you get any warning?
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Oh, the irony

Anybody else finds it completely ridiculous that DXC is organizing an event touting "putting people first in the future workplace? Let that sink it. DXC is teaching others about putting people first and making happier employees... read more

fiscal year

when is DXC fiscal year end? when will we know our rating? after this fiscal year, do we expect bonus or salary increase? or just WFR:)

Reviews process timeline

The reviews are taking place now even though the fiscal has 6 weeks to run. Managers are reviewing self-evluation forms for "phase 1" employees that needed to be submitted before the 16 Feb deadline. All managers ratings will need to be approved by... read more

DXC bionics logo

Have DXC changed their logo or has bionics got its own logo? See the Hilton email today.

Just a thought

If your having a bad day at DXC. Turn on "Everyone's A Winner" by Hot Chocolate and crank it up. That will make your day brighter for that special someone. It's a great song.

HPE moving app support to Wipro

HPE is in the process of moving L4/ RBE application support work from DXC to Wipro. The first batch of apps (there about 141 total on the list, including major supply chain / order management apps) will start moving 31 Mar to Wipro. Couple that with... read more

Does Anyone when reviews take place.

Usually they happen after year end and your bonus is disclosed. Given that CSC does not give bonuses I have heard they happen in mid March from some people and from others I hear they don[t have reviews at CSC.

Bell Curve for Performance Reviews

DXC HR has just confirmed to people managers that the Bell Curve will be rigorously enforced for the upcoming performance reviews. That means that, regardless of their actual performance and commitment, around 60% of employees will fall into the two... read more

Indian delivery operations was hilarious

In my recent visit to India, my team got to see the delivery operations floor in Bangalore. Believe it or not, it was hilarious, there was screaming, shouting, loud talking, you name it and it was there. They tried to portray that a lot of work was... read more

General Dynamics and CSRA merger not good for employees

Looks like more folks will be on the chopping block at CSRA. GD is going to chop up this monster CSRA really bad. Loooooooooooook out below. Management should be hit the hardest. Maybe some of that will overflow to DXC Government sector... read more
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Earning Call - Selected quotes

For all of you that continue to be surprised at the WFRs, consider the following from the 3rd Quarter Earnings Call transcript (Feb 8, 2018). "In this quarter we continue to re-balance our workforce. We reduced our labor base by an additional 3% in... read more

DXC shares

What's up? Have the shares really dropped by $5 in last 30 minutes or is it just me? Coincidentally isn't the call with investors in progress just now?

How many W2’s did you receive?

I’m a current DXC employee. I was originally part of HPE. I only received one W2 and it seems correct but from what I read on a previous thread, should I have received 2? The one I received says HP Enterprise Services.

DXC email not working

Pretty embarrassing that for 2 days now @dxc.com email has not been working. Even more embarrassing is the suggestion that we ask customers to email our old @CSC.com addresses as a work around. And by the way, trust us with your digital... read more

DXC Launches New Global Onboarding Process

What a freaken Joke, a new on boarding process as layoffs continue. I know it took me months and months to get all the sign on requirements in-place so I could do my job and till today we don't have a easy index to find out who who and what queue... read more

UK December Redundancy - P45 yet?

Has anyone who went on VR in the UK on 31/12 received their P45 yet? (Details of pay and tax paid for UK workers). I would’ve thought 4 weeks should be adequate enough time to get one out to you after leaving.

2017 W-2

I got the W-2 from HPES and I’m still waitlng for the W-2 from DXC. Anybody else who have not receive their W-2 from DXC?

WFR W-2 HPES/DXC - Another Question

I was WFRd in June of 2017. I've received a W-2 from HP Enterprise Services; none yet from DXC Technology. I don't suppose anybody knows whether I should get a W-2 from DXC or where I would begin any efforts at contacting DXC payroll about this?

DXC Layoff - I never existed!

Hi All, I was laid off in the very first round after the creation of DXC. Official notification 4/20 although my manager did tell me a week prior to that, I think it was around the 4/10. My org had been going through constant WFR so I was not... read more

401K Match

Wow....so in Jan 2017 the max 401k match from CSC was about $6000. Now, from DXC, it's down to $5700. Think about how much money the company saved just from that little tweak.


I am fairly new to DXC. At every other Corp. I worked you received your bonus. It wasn't always paid out at 100% but there were also years when it was paid out over 100%. For most people their bonus is a significant portion of their salary. I have... read more

DXC Work Environment

So i decided to quit my job at DXC. It was a multitude of issues, but at the end of the day I had found something which was more to my liking with a local competitor. I was very nice with my manager, and he understood completely. It was obvious... read more

Worst Sales Environment In the Industry!

I quit this company 6 months ago...best decision of my career. Absolutely the worst sales culture, worst management and dismal environment I've ever been in! After I walked away, multiple colleagues were let go from my team. This cluster of a company... read more

Thinking of quitting

I'm thinking of quitting but I've come upon a snag. Should i go fingers in the air, without a care in the world? OR should I go for a more professional touch?


Anyone know what week in March they are doing reviews. Also I assume they give a lot of negative reviews. For those that do get a negative reviews do they just let you go then or do they make you do year end clothes.


Can someone please enlighten me regarding automation that our leadership keeps talking about? All I see around me are lesser people but same amount of work and lot of it being manual. So where is this automation unicorn hiding?

Facebook DXC.workplace b@ll@cks

Why is this even a thing? Those of us us who are actually doing "real work" do not have time for the inane babblings of this pseudo-"in-house-social-network". Why have DXC paid Facebook a probable insane amount of money to implement this? My... read more

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