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Fingers in the till again.

Mason and saleh have been selling their hard earned shares again, though only about $100k each so not loads. Interesting Lawrie hasn’t been selling his, though perhaps its masons turn to pay for the holiday this year!! Want these shares to plummet so... read more

DXC stock trading volume in 2X the normal

Interesting to note that DXC shares traded at 2x the normal trading volume ( 3.2M vs. 1.6M) today. Even more interesting is that stock still at 54. Tells me no one is buying and institutions who have stock in DXC are expecting the worst on May 23... read more

End of my path at DXC

Just to let you all that today I was notified about my WFR, after a couple of weeks I will be out of the company and wanted to wish you all luck. A new path starts for me and I'm excited to know what future have for me.

Smart MBAs

I always love when companies layoff people on 'cost plus' accounts. I'm not sure where they got their MBA, but the graduation ceremony seems to involve shoving an ice pick up their nose and swishing it around.

Things are so much better outside of DXC

Left DXC a while ago as it was really paralizing. Management that goes left and right and that bombards you with last minute changes that lead nowhere. as a worker you know it does not work and just adds up to your (already heavy) workload. Mandatory... read more

Ex DXC workers tend to do good at other companies

I know quite a few people either left DXC or were let go. They all are doing well at other companies in the business, not just in terms of better payment and a better work atmosphere, but also in therms that they are some of the best performers. That... read more

DXC Revenue Declines over 15%!!!

Wall Street predicts that DXC Q4 revenue will DECLINE by over 15% when DXC announces results on May 23. No surprise to any of us left in sales since we all know ( at least in the USA) sales leadership and strategy has been in chaotic and miserable... read more

Massive layoffs on 6/1

Massive layoffs to happen on 6/1, approx 650 employees. They are targeting people who come to the office late eg. after 10am and leave early.

DXC buys New Jersey DC

https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/05/14/do_xpect_carnage_dxc_takes_over_credit_suisse_data_centre_in_new_jersey/ Thought everything was going to "The Cloud"

DXC Office of the CIO layoffs in the works?

DXC OCIO has been hiring executives while delivery and other organization are taking a sizable haircut to optimize the workforce. It’s just a matter of time for the CEO’s sights to turn to TOP HEAVY OCIO organization. Governing means bulling deliver... read more

DXC USA Turnover/Attrition exceeds 75%?

Since April 2017, my estimate is that for field delivery and sales (including Management) voluntary resignation is over 75% since DXC was created. All the good people from HPE saw the Lawrie management dictatorship and left. That means that those new... read more

Any RIFs reported?

Nothing is happening at my location. Ll is pretty peaceful. Ind of hard to believe that that is the case at other locations and that that is the situation company wide. So are layoffs happening or are they rumored for some locations? If it’s really... read more

A client actualy wrote my name in the contract.

Like everyone at DXC my job was In danger because i am a US citizen. Recently because one customer Does not like the revolving door the company has become went so far as to put my name in their just signed contract. Governance approved it and now i... read more

Entire team told to look for new jobs!

My entire team has just been told we need to find new jobs (either elsewhere in DXC or externally)! The division is being distanced. Some folks have gone into sales support, some were riffed on the spot, the rest of us that are left are on borrowed... read more

CEO pay ratio

I don't know we ever discussed this before on here.... but this is from a DXC filing with the SEC in June 2018 - its a matter of public record. They had to publish this by law. Read on.... As required by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer... read more

How many people are left in DXC?

Last number I saw was 135,000. Anyone got an update on that? It was sometime last year so it must be quite a lot less by now. We're now 2 years into "project DXC" (started April 2017) and I would guess we are heading towards the past stated... read more

May 23; Carnage continues!

On May 23, DXC will report its Q4 and fiscal year results . I suspect it will be bad news in regard to sales revenue and gross margin. But, ML will spin it and highlight cost deductions ( people like us) and new acquisitions. A tale of moving pieces... read more

Could, When something happen to DXC ?

Not sure whether this class action will succeed ? but could one or more class actions hit DXC in the future ? - especially in litigation country of America.. "The ex-boss of France Telecom and six other former executives have gone on trial in Paris... read more

Do dxc lay people off based on looks?

Read an article about lookism... does dxc lay people off based on the looks? if you're fat, ugly you'll be kicked out. why mikey didnt get the boot? he's one hell of an ugly sh*t!!

Confirmed WFR in the UK

There is a confirmed WFR in the UK at least. VR window closed a week or so back, and there will be a 'Formal Announcement' as to whether this will proceed to CR on the 7th of May. VR leavers out of the door 13th May, CR will follow in short order I... read more

There were RIFs last week in North America?

There were RIFs last week in North America, I know of 8 confirmed in my group (of ~100). Employees were told on Thursday that Friday was their last day at DXC. Severance was based on years of service, the ones I know of were people with 20+ years who... read more

Sick time after putting in resignation

Sick time in the US is no longer paid out after separation from DXC. I have recently put in my notice, and have a little over 40hrs accrued. So if I do not use it I lose it. Should I be "sick" for 40 hours of my last two weeks, or work the entire... read more

Not sure why the negativity

Not sure why everyone is complaining so much. I negotiated a mid 6 figure salary last year, almost 50k more than I was making at my previous employer. I get to work from home and the work is easy. I can mow the lawn, get stuff done around the house... read more

Contacting current employer

I'm applying for a job where it asks on the job application if they can contact my current employer. I definitely don't want my manager to know I'm applying for other jobs, so that's a big no from me, but I'm worried that will hurt my chances at... read more

Let’s face it , it’s over.

Companies come and go . It’s a fact . DXC’s time is upon itself and it’s just taking its last few breaths before the plug is pulled. It’s just business. I know it’s hard for others to accept that the gravy train is pulling into its last stop, but... read more

DXC might be underpaying you

I was laid off several months ago and every job offer I received since had a higher pay attached to it. And that's just the starting pay. This makes me think that DXC might be significantly underpaying its engineers. In any case, being laid off... read more

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