Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Question for old-timers

I have to ask, was there ever a time when working here was actually enjoyable? When people came to work with a smile on their face instead of the dread and resignation I see every day? I've only been here for a little over a year, so for me that's... —  read more 

ATOS Earnings comment

Interesting to see in the text of the ATOS SE earnings transcript the following ”We were interested in buying DXC based on public information. We requested more information and after reviewing it, we decided not to pursue. As simple as that.” Yet DXC... —  read more 

What am I missing?

I’ve been with the company for roughly 3 years. Nothing to complain about, I keep my head down and do the work - take home a paycheck. I know there are a lot of people who are dissatisfied. I can’t blame you. My question is - I don’t see being here... —  read more 

Pay Rise

Wonder if Mike will tell us the pay rise figure on the call as it it's pay rise time, surely the figures have been determined by now in the short term its mid February, and in the long run Its been 18 months. Surely he can be proactive and make a... —  read more 

M1 or M2

Although m1 raked havoc with layoffs I believe the Mackenzie strategy migration to the cloud was better than m2 legacy information Technology outsourcing Ito Do you vote for m1 strategy or m2 strategy or something else

Sell off DXC parts

The market does not value conglomerates as highly as the sum of the parts if separated. For instance, if division Z, on its own would command $10 in the market and division X $20, the company that owns both should sell for $30, but it does not. It... —  read more 

Sally is over his head

Monthly Town Hall meetings have stopped My manager knows something's going on because they are confirming phone numbers addresses personal email I don't know about the rest of DXC but there's no future in America Every major client I know... —  read more 

Platform X DXC

If EO gone and DG leaving? If they were planning to sell off ITO They should sell this group to software company if anybody would buy legacy scripts for on-premise... Probably no

DXC is a Sinking Ship

DXC is a new era Titanic. It is already going downward spiral with no hope of rescue. There is a saying, your company is as good as your manager. I worked for a decade and now they are laying off people who had worked with more than 25+ years with... —  read more 

DXC "Hurting"

Analysis of the takeover bid from Atos. DXC is "hurting and shedding", plagued by debt...a shell of a company. Salvino has to be thrilled with this lifeline. He was in over his head, and had no idea how to execute his vision... —  read more 

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