Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology


Although the problem if they don't do pay rises this year is that they will be forced to go and recruit which is a double whammy, the cost of recruitment and the fact they will have to pay market rates, which are significantly higher than the few... —  read more 

The man is a genius

"Going forward, we will utilize restructuring only to accomplish our facilities' rightsizing efforts as they are non-operational. This labor restructuring started when DXC was formed and has gone on far too long." - Ken Sharp Gone on too long Ken?... —  read more 


Now that Micky and Mary have looted thier monies for this year the message will turn downbeat internally. Wonder what the usual excuses will be, high inflation, currency head winds, slowdown, Government debt ceiling. They have unlimited... —  read more 


if no merit increases for the rank and file is forthcoming from the earnings call. We in the UK and US at least are calling a strike, work slow down to a complete crawl

I got my pay

Hey Gang Another year and I managed toget through with a super share package. This week I'm reporting the results to the Analysts and shareholders, Myself and Cenneth will do the normal, promise peanut butter tommorow, Keep them hanging on, I've... —  read more 

New UKI Leadership

As far as I know, there is no replacement for Lying Halbard. Drumhole is taking over a few service lines and someone else with do the rest. There is no replacement for LH! That could mean his salary might be given to us as pay rises. Wishful... —  read more 

No high hopes for a raise

Compared to some people who do the same job as me in competing companies, I feel more than underpaid. My responsibilities grew but the pay did not. It looks like whoever wants the raise should first leave this place?

DXC is a lost cause

DXC can’t automate anything. The big push last year was one of scripts to do simple repeatable tasks. No foresight in who is going to support these scripts ongoing. DXC is a lost cause. Leave if you can and if you can’t keep looking as something... —  read more 

Is SmartBuy still a thing?

When I left you could order whatever gear you needed via SmartBuy. Never went through DXC gear as the page was indefinitely blanked out for me. All you needed was a WBS & either a catalogue item or a quote from a supplier to get kit.

Never forget

During the Q1 earnings call, Mike Salvino highlighted that while our transformation journey is creating value for our customers and colleagues, we have had shortfalls in the quarter and did not deliver on our global financial targets. In Q2, we are... —  read more 

Don't bash UK networks

Why are people bashing the UK networks guys? Fair their terms are probably better than others but that's not their fault its the company's treating most employees like trash. At least they came in on their AT&T T&Cs My experience on BAE is that the... —  read more 

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