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Clown show at DXC

DXC is taking out thousands of employees next week. Merry Christmas! Losing business by the millions. Lawrie and his GF, Jo Mason couldn’t run a lemonade stand. He hates clients. Worst company on the planet. SEC is queuing up an investigation (about... read more

One thing is for sure

Well one thing for sure with the latest reorganization people will be losing jobs with DXC. One thing that doesn't make a lot of sense. Why would a company tell an employee you either start working for a vendor or have no job/relationship with DXC... read more

Another Round

I was recently part of another round of layoffs at DXC. I know several people who were also let go. I wonder what the total RIF is?

The best ways to get a new job

If you are considered senior management, headhunting agencies and LinkedIn are the way to go. ALONG WITH Networking. Reach out to people you know at the companies / jobs you see advertised. If below senior management, local placement agencies... read more

Company doesn't give a damn about you

DXC is the place you wait for WFR, when you realise this company doesn't give a c-ap about anyone and doesn't reward hard work no payrises no matter how good or hard you work compared to anybody else in your team. Everyone is treated equally bad from... read more


We all know the company is cutting down its employees count. What I want to know is where are all these jobs that people say they are getting? If they are here in the UK or in the US and how to get them ? Have you used agencies or what to find them... read more

Happy Christmas from Peter

"transforming our operating model and structure to better align and optimise to support our client base on the digital journey." Is there anything that DXC puts out there that’s make any sense? I see on LinkedIn DXC posts utter bunkham, oooo let’s... read more

Cramer says too much DXC cutting

Quote from cnbc.com shouter Jim Cramer, FWIW: "Bottom line? There are tons of tech stocks that have sold off dramatically for no particular reason. DXC Technology is not one of them," Cramer said. "The thesis here was all about cost cuts, but now it... read more

Your fearless leader, ladies and gentlemen...

Spouting the same exact stuff in 2002 as he does today. Next time you take sh-- from one him or one of his cronies.... imagine them in a bar by themselves. Would they shrivel alone in a corner?? I bet this guy would.. maybe talk about digital... like... read more

UK Cuts

Most of the threads on this forum relate to account execs and what little value they add to the account. Today rumour has it they announced 60% of the UK’s account execs are being made redundant. Am I imagining this or did Lawrie says in his investor... read more

DXC Consulting is doomed!

Word on the street is that Carlos Lopez Abadia is looking for a new job. He’s fed up with having to report to Ed Ho. Additionally, the marquee project that DXC won with the MTA is about to be marred with scandal as one of the managing partners on the... read more

DXC in a nutshell

Has this been posted yet? If it has, I apologize. Too good to pass up, though. A Japanese company and a North American company decided to have a canoe race on the St. Lawrence River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance... read more

Overhead x productive workforce

I see that a wrong strategy that they are cutting productive workforce and keeping strong overhead in levels L5 and L6. South Latan are full off unproductive CRE's and AE's with no account, don't make sense. They seems parasites that will not leave... read more

CFO of DXC Americas leaves the company

Another senior exec at DXC Technology's Americas operation has left the organisation: chief finance officer Matthew Neisler split on Friday, according to an internal memo. In a note to the bean-counting department, enterprise veep and worldwide CFO... read more

Why would anybody join DXC as it is now?

I see these young people who are joining the DXC workforce pretty much en masse to replace the older laid off workers, and I can't figure out why. The most basic search can uncover what kind of company DXC is and how it treats its employees. And yet... read more

India WFR Update

List of December WFR is ready and approved. .to be rolled out inthe next 2- 3 weeks in India centers. Approx 4000 graduate student s from Arts, animal husbandry, music, fashion studies, electrical engg have been recruited as a balancing number. A... read more

Time for DXC stock to break $50.00?

Doesn't look like the $2B share buy back has had much of an effect to reverse the sliding stock following its fall below $60 on Monday afternoon. Shareholders JPMorgan, Primecap Management Co., American Century Companies Inc., Eagle Asset Management... read more

DxC is a good lesson learnt! [Thread deleted]

Not my thread or doing. But the 11hour old thread was deleted on here today belonging to /t/Wg2Vigd. I read back the cached version to try and discover what might have led to its deletion and can see it had an instructive point 3 that had used a verb... read more

Reverse Technology

After being WFR’d from DXC , and after reading the disappointment of so many , I have been inspired by the thought of reverse technology . Any ex technical staff over the age of 55 my understand this possibility. If you are over a certain age you... read more

DXC's goal setting exercise is just a farce

As long as you do the Manager's personal work, your ratings will be good. Even if it as small as buying him a c-gare--e everyday. I have seen hard working professionals sidelined since they were not a55 licking

The factors that brought DXC to this position

I don't think there were many ITO companies that were free of trauma after 2000 when Wall Street decided that now the internet was built, IT companies had no future. First came the tidal wave of offshoring, then came the 2008 financial crash and... read more
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The Originators: HPE and CSC, HP

We all know DXC is not good, but the rot started with the antecedent companies, HPE and CSC, HP was rubbish for years before the sell off/merger in 2017, clueless managers, teams on the ground doing their best without leadership amidst constant... read more

Some good advice to the DXC leadership

What would make DXC better: ML allowing his so-called 'senior leaders' to actually lead. At present they are managers implementing his instructions rather than leaders. Having an actual strategy, i.e. a medium term plan to achieve a major goal. "Sell... read more

Multiple Americas Industry GMs gone

At least 3 if not more. Guy who ran media, guy who ran TMT, guy who ran healthcare. All gone as of this week, one fired and two resigned. You can kiss your unlikely and unseen bonuses a heart good bye this year if you are on the exec team. Unless of... read more

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