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Having DXC in resume

“Working at DXC is the epitome of self-torture. You have to be grossly incompetent AND have zero self esteem to settle for employment here. And what’s worse is listing DXC on your resume if you ever wake up and want to try for a real job. “ You... —  read more 

How are you preparing?

In case I'm laid off I want to be prepared. I already cut all my non-essential costs, I have a nice little nest egg saved up, I keep my LinkedIn updated, I keep in touch with people who could help me out if I need a job... Is there anything else I... —  read more 

W&M Workplace & Mobilty

Little drip feed of communication out of W&M last day or so highlighting all of the positives statistics about the group accompanied by taglines saying "watch this space" and "keep an eye out" I also see a couple of Delivery Town Halls scheduled so... —  read more 

It's all relative

I’ve given more raises in the past 4 months than in the last several years. So delusional? No. Apparently I’m in a division that rewards its employees and the business is growing. I’ve also laid off zero employees. So apparently not everyone is... —  read more 

What do you really expect?

This must be the worst IT supplier in the world. Not kidding. I have never seen a company have so many bad reviews form employees past and present, and customers. They are literally the worst large IT supplier in the world. Who could possibly be... —  read more 

DXC Journey

Got headhunted hard for three months and eventually relented, gave them a stupid number to join and thought nothing more. Got the call back to come in to interview...Alarm Bell#1 Got hired and arrived into a role that bore absolutely no... —  read more 

Town Hall

You want people to inspired, then of the CEO and NEO's take pay cuts and give the employee's pay raises. That is 1st and foremost. Second make it easier to get work done, all these processes and procedures where people are more concerned about... —  read more 

HHS spinoff/Milano Rating

Moody's assigns first-time B3 CFR to Milano Acquisition Corp.; rates new first-lien debt B2; outlook stable https://www.moodys.com/research/Moodys-assigns-first-time-B3-CFR-to-Milano-Acquisition-Corp–PR_429383

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