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This is ridiculous!

Two people left our team in the last couple of months. We just got one of the replacements and the guy barely knows how to tie his own shoelaces! It's not the age I have an issue with - there are plenty young people who might lack experience but have... read more

Hilton vs DXC legal case

Just in case anyone missed it: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/02/12/dxc_technology_former_veep_accuses_toxic_ceo_lawrie_of_bullying_his_proles/ Good write up and in the article is a link to the actual court papers that were filed. Check out the... read more

W2 warning for US based

Be aware that if you contributed to an HSA in 2018 your W2 is WRONG because box 12 does not contain code W and the amount you contributed to your HSA. Total silence from HR, people are discovering it themselves, but supposedly ADP will be issuing... read more

Too expensive for DXC

20+ yr of IT experience, certified aws and azure, yet getting the boot. To expensive I guess. Beter that way. Already lined up something else at higher wage. Don't Xpect Compensation And that right there is the whole point, @Xxycevj-2uzp. No matter... read more

More on lawsuit

This can’t be good news mates. https://www.crn.com/slide-shows/managed-services/ex-dxc-evp-stephen-hilton-s-suit-against-dxc-what-you-need-to-know/1

Mikey is hiring thousands lol!!!

Look at this BS piece here: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/02/08/dxc_technology_utters_words_hiring_and_digital_105_times_in_q3_earning_crash/ DXC Technology's trigger-happy CEO mentioned the word "hire" or "hiring" 27 times during last night's... read more

DXC is a pig with Lipstick

I read the reply about DXC being a pig with lipstick put on it by Mikey and his cronies. Absolutely right on. In the US, the company is a mess when it comes to client growth; client satisfaction; employee motivation; etc etc. The analysts will talk... read more

India layoff

I heard that now the India layoff target is spe,exp, mgr only.List is prepared and execution will be phase by phase.does this information correct???

End of year appraisals. Confusing goal.

*Goal HIGH CAPABILITY DELIVERY WORKFORCE Build and maintain top talent, highly capable workforce through re-skilling, rotation, training, team development and recognition. I think I have been given a different company goal.

DxC is looking for someone like you!

That's what I got in my email yesterday! Why you retrenched me last year? And for the same job function?! Had a good laugh at it!! No I wont ever step in this company again! Ever!

Who am I?

Dawn rises with shining sun, Some warmth but morning quickly falls to bad, an increasing stench of clowing, hooks the clean, dragging and submerging hope. ...The afternoon? I blink at me, but quickly forget. Its for my safety. Eyes away, I close... read more

This is why we are losing customers

Mikey WFR'd me so that I could not server my customers any more and they complained bitterly, but their voices fell on deaf ears. Meanwhile 3 useless Graduates took on my work and my customers complained even more to the same deaf ears. DXC is on the... read more

Legacy to leave behind?

Is this the legacy that ML and DXC ( as a whole) wants to leave behind ? It’s not as though there are striking headlines spread across the globe that this company has contributed in any sense humane or human contributions to our society . I hear and... read more

Isn't it fun?

When the top news for DXC today is a reminder of a class action lawsuit that was filed against it? What a great company we are... read more

Hiring Freeze HLS

Hiring freeze... Now TOKENS are provided to groups.... These tokens are for the entire group and has to be allocated to individual accounts based on priority/a-s l-ck-ing. One token = One hire (contractor etc.). No tokens = No Hire... period... read more
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Why are you still there?

I don't get it. This site is full of folk winging and whining about how DXC is such a terrible place to work. No respect, no bonuses or wage rises and yet you cling on to the sh!thole of a company for dear life. I think the only people left in this... read more

The benefits of the Luxoft acquisition

This is an article that contains a review of the process of digital transformation on the market and all of the benefits that come from acquisitions of digital companies not just to the companies that make these acquisitions but also to the market in... read more

WFR's are not on hold

WFR's are not on hold. More planned for Aus over the next 2 months... Big number reduction planned locally for November. You should have realized by now DXC only serves itself and has no regard for their staff. That's normal for a multinational but... read more

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