Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Bitter truth

It's become clear that those at the top were never interested in the future of this company. How important was it to them that DXC be an important global player? My personal opinion (and I don't think I'm exaggerating) is that they were only... —  read more 

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Bonus US

Now DXC can say they are giving out Bonus , the employee recognition is recorded as taxable Bonus on your pay check. So these so called points are not free either. What Bullsh-t

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This is one big mess

Anything to save 50p! The company is still quite happy to waste endless time and resources and thus millions in lost revenue. Staff continue to sit about pending approval to travel or allocation of yet another "task manager" who's not got a clue... —  read more 

So bored

I am so bored working for DXC. The machine is totally broken. Clients want things doing, but you're not allowed to touch it without a WBS. Most projects get lost in the paperwork layer, and then typically sit pending one of the few project managers... —  read more 

I don't see a future here

If working conditions remain the same, do you see yourself staying here beyond a year or two? or even six months? I admit, I hate change and so far I'm not planning to leave any time soon, but I do believe that'll change within a few years if things... —  read more 

Is it too late now?

When we understand that DXC's "transformation" is an illusion and doesn't exist, it becomes easy to understand why the company is failing. The pace of change in IT has accelerated dramatically over the last few years; DXC has failed to keep up and... —  read more 

Rotten to the core!!

Anyone who’s with DXC from the CSC days will know what I mean here. I honestly cannot remember in the last 10-12 years even one occasion where the company has had money to give pay rises to all staff. And that the annual review might bring more... —  read more 

All hands announcement

There been many comments about life in DXC but this is about as succinct as it gets: So as a former DXC manager in the UK - take action now for your own well-being!

How to earn $28 million

Does anyone remember these buzz words 4 years of talk. Sieze the market? Technology stack? What a load of bull we never hear any activities around growth of siezing the market or existing customers signing up to more higher stack work. All we... —  read more 


I was informed by my manager that effective the end of September I was terminated by DXC due to company not making enough money? When our contract at AT&T expired, March 2022, they brought the whole group back to DXC and I was told that DXC didn't... —  read more 

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