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Headcount 134,999

Well headcount is changing after Friday, its down to at least 134,999
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What is DXC's failed product NGDM stand for ?

What is DXC's failed product NGDM stand for ? Some sort of 'Delivery Model' where neither the Model is being supported nor are there any employees or manager for that matter supporting it. The teams that I has to interact with were all offline and... read more

The cheese has moved

A quote from our amazing CEO and his monkey subordinates on this morning's Americas call. What the hell does that even mean?

Q1 Earnings call - transcript and slides

If you missed the investors call yesterday, have a read of the slides and transcript. I urge you to do so because these calls provide more information on the future and direction of the company than any internal propaganda. Despite the details being... read more

Corporate loyalty has been dead a long time

Senior Mgmt know that if you leave they can easily replace you with someone cheaper who wants the job. The personalisation and human factor was removed when they centralised HR into the corporate, faceless mess it is today. In such toxic atmospheres... read more

Promotions @ DXC

These days a promotion just means more work and no pay increases. F--- that, leave me at my old job. Since there have been no pay increases for years I am taking the time off during the week to do personal things. My hours always show 40 otherwise I... read more

DXC don't care about customers

Employees's PC are migrating from HPE to DXC. The whole site where I work is migrating the same day. So, no one will be able to support customers and their critical application. Well done. CSC Management does not take care about employees jobs, but... read more

Success Sharing Bonus?

Anyone got it? ML did say they met the SSP target so top performers should get a bonus, supposedly in July payroll but could be smoke and mirrors.

Any layoffs coming?

Very little talk here lately on future layoffs. Should I take this as a good thing? Or is there something brewing I should be preparing for?


Does anyone know how long it takes to get the severance promised? I was laid off June 29, 2018 and still don’t have ny check. I know they had time to cut the check, I had to train my replacement in India!!


Has anyone else had this rolled out to their teams, an efficiency tool? A tool to monitor teams which are undermanned due to the layoffs and apply more pressure on the overworked and understaffed teams? Next Level Program - Application deployment... read more

Steve Hilton fired?

Just got the comms.. Steve Hilton is fired on the spot it seems..... "effective Monday 23rd Jul" - naughty naughty.... I guess he will be replaced by a young graduate?

dxc please stay in india

just stay in india... sell everything off to india..let india have dxc including mikey. that's the best place for dxc...

Financial Problems?

If DXC was in financial trouble pay cuts versus job cuts might be a way to go to try and save the company and save jobs. But this company isn’t in real financial trouble it’s profitable, there is no need to do either, but cutting jobs and threatening... read more

What's better?

Now that it looks like we'll be all getting a significant pay cut, I'm just wondering what people here prefer: a pay cut but still having a job or risking a chance of being on the list of next layoffs but still having the same pay? I'm asking this... read more

Rolling brownouts at each site

So the next money saving move by DXC will be rolling brownouts at each site...15 minutes each hour no power....Then water will be turned off for 2 hours each day.....you heard it here first! :)

Did anybody lose health insurance immediately?

My spouse was laid off with our health insurance ended immediately. I have stage 4 cancer, so I suspect that played a part in his lay-off and the immediately ended insurance benefits. Thoughts? There is no way in he%* we can afford COBRA.

WFR in Bangalore - Full swing till death

Work Force Reduction (WFR) in Bangalore ongoing in full swing till death.. yes, you heard me right ..until the employee dies. Apart from many employees dying in road accidents due to fatigue and being unable to ride their bikes back home have died in... read more

DXC in despair

Nobody is wiling to join DXC for the low wages that they expected to hire. Indian folks are also leaving the company in droves, with low wages, monkeys are being hired, similar to office boy roles with little or no skills just to fill in positions... read more

Migration to dxc woes !

Seems like half the company is struggling with this and waiting on the phone for help desk for hours. Something is not right.

Stockholder proxy voting

Sure felt good as someone who has DXC stock in my MAP to vote against the named executive officer compensation. Won’t make a difference but I very much enjoyed voting against. Still waiting to hear about ANYONE getting the supposed July high... read more

Recruiting and Hiring

The word on the street is that nobody wants to sign-up with DXC. Is that a surprise? Just look at all of the unfilled roles that exist in DXC Australia, many of which are security roles that have been vacant for more than 18 months.


It is that time of year when we are duty bound to submit our goals for the next year. All very exciting! I need to know what goals I should set that will impress the DXC management sufficiently to give me a bonus and a salary increase should I... read more

Help DXC shine!

Hey all! As you know we were rated #12 by USA today!! Lets help DXC be number 1 at something! Head over to Glassdoor and post your honest review about here and we shall surely break into the top 10!... read more

I'm outta here :)

Well, I've finally made the move to get out of this demoralising and depressing culture which seeps from every pore of DXC. I probably clung on for a bit too long but it suited me at the time. The whole culture of this company is toxic and that... read more

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