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DXC UK Redundancy

Took VR, been waiting nearly two weeks for paperwork. Anyone on here took VR and have their paperwork yet?

Will DXC buy CDK Global?

There is talk on our (CDK) board here that DXC could be looking to buy us. I was wondering if there was any talk about that on your side?

DXC removing older people even if skilled

Be careful when taking roles with DXC. They are very aggressive cost cutters and do not care for their employees. Ignore capabilities, do not value good performance, ruthlessly cost cut and remove valuable resources and replace with cheap resources... read more
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Advice to Mike Lawrie

Advice to Mike Lawrie “The unkind words that we said and the unkind deeds that we did will haunt us one day!” ― Avijeet Das


Had my review today and was graded a “2”. Big f’en deal. Still no pay increase, nothing. But ML gets merit raises, bonus and stock options. Work slow down starts today. , if they won’t pay be more, i’ll Do 10% less each year retro active from 5+... read more

Attrition on your team?

Here it's drastic - we lose people every day and nobody new is being brought on to replace them. Not sure how that'll work in the long run...

fed up waiting for WFR call

C'mon mikey boy - We're waiting for the big chop and sale. get a move on - no-one is going to leave when extra WFR cash can be sniffed.

Is DXC still running??

I am currently employee from HP/HPE and DXC around 10 Years, in my country, even HR and Payroll can been layoff, every people are leaving and no replacement on it, existing staff have to leavage the workload of leaving staff and whole company is... read more

Don’t use DXC on your resume

FYI; I put out my resume 60 days ago referencing DXC as my current employer; received zero interest. Decided to list HPE as my current employer (I was with HPE prior to merger) 2 weeks ago and now have 3 interviews. The market has little knowledge of... read more

More layoffs on April 15

Next round of WFRs occur on 15 April and just in time for Easter. ML & Mason will bank their bonuses soon afterwards. Any truth to this?

DXC has no heart or soul

Thrre is no real reason why anyone working there would feel motivated enough to want to innovate because as soon as they do anything of merit the rug is pulled from beneath their feet and they are riffed. I can’t thibk of any acquisition that has... read more

salary decreases

Just heard from my HR friend that with this year they start new performance management and compensation program. One of the key concepts to be introduced is that underperformers will be given choice to either leave or accept 5-10% salary decrease.

More acquisition related layoffs?

Since we know that layoffs follow every DXC acquisition - and not just consolidation related but also those that are needed to pay for the premium price - how bad do you think we'll be affected by the latest Luxoft purchase? I'm thinking another... read more

CSC Logic Plano TX WFR on Thurs

Confirmed in town hall meeting with management. WFR Thur March 28. Didn’t say who except that they been training some ppl from India for Cashiering and Acctng. Cashiering mgr is in India right now doing training. Prob ina hurry since we’re gonna be... read more

More slash and burn- CONFIRMED

I talked about this before, but here is public confirmation for those doubters: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/03/26/dxc_security_spending/ The cuts in Security are just part of a broader $200 million in cuts. As I said before, some of this is... read more

DxC is Hiring!!

Yes, dXc is constantly looking for a good steak cutter! The current wouldnt cut well and she's blaming the knife not the meat!

DXC Self-Driving Car

Is anyone else worried that DXC is helping to develop a self-driving car? It seems like it would have the tendency to break apart and then drive over a cliff right before ejecting all its passengers.

Pro DXC comments vs reality

Amazing how when the truth of the blatant , negative employee treatment and abuse is revealed on this board , the boot lickers want to come out and defend the indefensible. That’s the participating voice of an industry that does no care about its... read more

Moving over to Mphasis

US based here. We were told that as of April 30th, we can either take a wfr and get the severance package or move over to a company called Mphasis. Anyone moved over to that company or know of anyone? What are the benefits like? If we decide to move... read more

Look DxC, I'm now being headhunted

Look DxC, after you dumped me like useless thrash, i got a job within 2 weeks and has switched to a better salaried job with bonus.. Now being headhunted for a better ranking job.. Now with the recruiter discussing the prospect...

$200 million savings before end of Q4

Looks like AMER is getting a kicking (not heard of it in other regions).... $200 million in "savings" before end of Q4.... heads already rollin' (because there are no other "savings" to be made) GIS I assume. That mass layoff end of March 2019? Its... read more

Rebranding yet?

It’s 2019 ... isn’t it time for Computer Sciences Corporation , I mean CSC , I mean DXC to have its rebrandinding commence?

Why not Twitter?

Hey DXC employees, I have noticed that many of these comment views only get a few hundred and maybe a 1000 at most. What about creating a twitter account to get more exposure since we all feel DXC su***cks and are trying to communicate to others the... read more

DXC is inert

As I started to write this , I realized that’s DXC just isn’t worth the thought , let alone the effort . That’s when you realize you have moved on . Just go out into the professional arena and mention “ DXC” in conversation . Note the response : “... read more

Had to defend my decision to quit

I told my coworkers I was ready to quit and all of them reacted like I was crazy for leaving instead of waiting to be laid off - like either that or severance is a guarantee... I'm really shocked at how much people are willing to sacrifice for a huge... read more

No Salary Hikes :( :(.. Is This True ?

I have joined this complany 1.6 months ago in India. I am hearing that there are no appraisals and hikes this year. when I have asked this to my manager , she just blushed and moved away without any answers.

Leaders who make wholesale cuts

Any leader who makes large numbers of cuts, or who is involved in letting people go. Whether that’s part of the transformation protects where you get put into pools and they host your calls and exit dates or deciding where the cuts are made is on... read more

Work from home

How many of you work from home? And if you do, is there an office by you that you could go into if you wanted to? They are closing the last location in my state. I’ve worked from home for over 7 years but would go in once in awhile for meetings.

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