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Director take out

Nefkens just sold $10m of shares! I hope people given WFR recently will have just as cracking thanksgiving as he will! Whilst I’m sure not illegal, the immorality of it makes me feel quite sick!

Is HR useful?

Can DXC's HR be trusted to do the right thing or do they always side with the manager? It'd be nice to know before I get myself into a "no turning back" situation.

Bad company to join for freshers - DXC

Bad company to join for freshers - DXC. monotonous job, no learning, no training, not useful outside the company, no technology, only home made tools, big talk no work, no salary hikes, no promotions any time layoff, lack of facilities, stomach upset... read more

Get it done! Or get done over!

So three very lucky winners got a bonus this year, congratulations to them. But its rather astounding that the ‘committee’ took the time to read through 543 nominations and then could distinguish just 3 that deserved the awards. The time that took in... read more

DXC HR Phone Number?

I just got laid off with one day notice and trying to call HR to ask about my insurance situation. Anybody has their phone numbers? I searched entire internet and there is none. Also I guess I am on CORBA coverage. Do I have my dental insurance the... read more

There's no way to compete with these salaries

DXC is also partnering with WIPRO India to source cheap labor. Top Indian VPs are in unofficial meetings with WIPRO for creating freelancer accounts on the WIPRO platform. DXC henceforth will work as a marketing partner to get business, serviced by a... read more

DXC Negative Publicity

Thanks to the Register (el reg) DXC is getting soo much negative publicity prospective clients won’t touch DXC with a barge pole. Just google DXC News and look at all the top hits. Even the spin masters in DXC are scratching their heads about how to... read more

Oh dear #2

Oh dear (again) https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/17/dxc_aviva_centrica/

DXC logo !

The urban legend says that Mike Lawrie’s chin was the inspiration behind the DXC logo - interesting !

Huge cuts incoming?

DXC's targets are to reduce offices from 50 to 26 by Mar 2020; reduce staff by 5.9%, or 10,000 staff of its 170,000 employees by the end of the year and have at least 53% of it workforce with digital skills over next 3 yrs, which means getting rid of... read more

Oh dear


DXC is drowning! Get off fast!

DXC is drowning! Please to never do any more business with this sh*thole company! All suppliers, vendors, insist on cash for everything on DXC. Employees, get out from this company while you can. Don't wait for WFR anymore. It's not worth it... read more

Q2 Earnings Call - 11/7

TYSONS, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC), the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, today announced that it will release financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2018 on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017 at... read more

US Health care accounts

Have been hearing news that health care accounts are not being considered for future WFRs as they have hit the max limit for WFRs ,anyone else have heard about it.

Last paystub & paystub for severance

Has anyone been able to get a copy of their last paystub or the paystub for their severance payment? I've emailed payroll twice, but no response and nothing in the mail. I don't trust them and want to see what they held out.

next layoff

those who will stay after December should be on safe side? is there any expectation when will be next big layoff

Digital Transformation

In his Aug. 30 town hall in Plano, Texas, Mike Lawrie announced the launch of a new Digital Transformation team at DXC Technology. We are excited to co-lead this team, which will refine our digital transformation framework starting with targeted... read more

Right source Michael Lawrie

s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer at COMPUTER SCIENCES CORP, J. Michael Lawrie made $23,823,731 in total compensation. Of this total $1,250,000 was received as a salary, $2,250,000 was received as a bonus, $3,577,091 was received in... read more

Not quite one and the same after this merger?

It could be just my imagination but since the merger, have legacy HPE employees been hit much harder by these current redundancies compared to legacy CSC employees? People are dropping like flies all around me. Won't even be upset when WFR comes my... read more

UK Works Council

Is it just me or are the works council useless apologists for management? More interested in protecting their own backs than looking after employees interests.

Who is in the dark?

"Our research found that many organizations are very much in the dark about their current situation. " Guess what companies are in the dark and who sponsored this article... read more

DXC is not a long-term play company

Layoffs at DXC will be perpetual throughout the lifespan of the company, which likely isn't going to be long. Various assets will be sold until there's a skeleton remaining, which will be bought out by another company. DXC is not a long-term play... read more

3rd quarter blood bath

Been hearing more about a big 3rd quarter layoff, which shouldn't surprise any of us that have been around CSC long enough. Heard some dates, which starts about a week before Thanksgiving.

Don't forget to follow up on your COBRA payment

So the other day my co-workers and I were talking and it dawned on me that I never received reimbursement for my first month of COBRA as promised by this sh of a company (SO generous of them to offer). So I logged into the benefits website and... read more

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