Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Why get rid of newer employees?

I can see the logic in getting rid of older employees who earn more and replacing them with younger and cheaper workers. I don't justify it and I think it's a mistake, but at least I can see the logic behind it. What I don't understand is why hire... —  read more 

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DXC INvestors day - Today

Mike2 brags about Employee Engagement. Look at the slide deck. I don't know why he is so shy about sharing the results of the survey, when it was soooo good. Or why he is so thin-skinned when getting questions on bonuses or pay raises. Read it... —  read more 

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News from Germany

The company would like to continue to cut back in the areas of “Mainframe Applications Service” and “ITO Cloud”. In addition to this, the company is planning in DXC Technology Germany to close the Berlin location completely and to lay off most... —  read more 


This company concentrates on the most unnecessary things, new logos, new brandings and not the employees. Without the employed, DXC doesn't exist. Quit trying to make decisions from the top and put some decisions in the hands of the employees doing... —  read more 

DXC Shares - Pump and Dump

My DXC shares currently stand at a few grand. I'm obviously not Mike Salvino. Here's the question though. Do we think this sh1t show is about to implode and therefore a good time to jettison those shares now before they plummet yet again? I'm quite... —  read more 

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New Logo

Just seen the new DXC logo. It reminded me of a broken chain and I thought how fitting. DXC is the broken link that will stop your business from transforming!

Those who pretend to work a lot

Ever since I saw how they work in this company I only work the bare minimum. Hard work doesn't make sense, I know a lot of workaholics who were shown the door very quickly. However, it’s funny that even though I'm working the bare minimum, I have... —  read more 

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Dxc technology

DXC Technology: Why It Is Still A Buy DXC's turnaround plan is in play. Margins set to expand. Price target of over $40 discussed. Strong Third-Quarter Results DXC posted earnings of 84 cents a share as revenue fell 14.5%... —  read more 

Downgraded ratings

I wonder how many employees who have achieved the top performance rating are seriously downgraded here? I really couldn’t accept to just shrug my shoulders and wait for them to lay me off. As soon as that happened I immediately started looking for a... —  read more 

When will people learn?

This ELT knows how to do one thing and one thing alone: that's how to make sure they squeeze as much money out of the company as they can. Every single one of their moves is motivated by how it'll affect their bonuses. If you're expecting to see... —  read more 

Q421 Earnings Call

Funniest sh!t I've read all week is slide 21 that discusses where DXC sees itself today: People/Culture - Engaged Customers - Positive Revenue - Improving Marketplace - Winning Balance Sheet - Strengthened #Bullsh!t

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