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Wake up!!!

For some reason especially the the legacy CSC people seem to be in a trance and reluctant to leave. Many have viable skills and there are many opportunities out there. Update your resume and leave before it’s too late. It’s a shame of what happened... —  read more 


Cant believe it AT&T staff working with me are getting another year of pay rise and bumper bonus circa 9%. How can they afford this every year and how can we afford their expensive service. Why cant we insource and pay our own staff a pay rise... —  read more 

Layoffs get better jobs

Vizient, Navigant, and Premier cleaning up on getting good employees More and more people leaving this company. They will not have additional layoffs because there will be no employees left! Everyone leaving for other opportunities and going to... —  read more 

Want to be laid off!

Seems a growing percentage of people just want to get laid off. Even in countries with minimal severance, lots of ambivalence.

Pay raises??

I am a new hire to DXC, but have worked professionally for 22 years. I read a LOT on here about no pay raises have been given for years, is that true? So no COL, merit, bonus, NOTHING?? Nada? I have never heard of such a thing. I mean there may have... —  read more 

Posts are being deleted

So what is going on here? Earlier today I saw the following three posts concerning DXC. 1) DXC is using awario.com can monitor 2) Meeting of DXC and TCS 3) No new threads on DXC...are we all just tired of it? Now it seems that 1) and 2)... —  read more 

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Cannot Deliver

DXC doesn't have enough talent to deliver on contracts. They do have enough people that can talk about what they can do.

Does leadership even care?

Management doesn't seem to care about their employees. Are there any managers out there in this company that actually care for the employees? The few managers around me are so busy that they can't even attend their own meetings to see how everyone is... —  read more 

WFR Dallas legacy EDS

We are required to spend two days a week in the office and I was called into a meeting today with my managers boss and human resources If you are not billing at least 50% of your time you are being wfr We have over 200 people in my department... —  read more 

When was the last vacant position actually filled?

We lost two people nearly a year ago and we are still waiting for their replacements to be hired. Of course, we are doing all the work in the meantime. Is this just a new way to force more work on us without giving us a raise? Promise us help is... —  read more 

How many employees does DXC have?

Do you know how many employees does DXC have? What would be the breakdown per geography? How about the USA? How about the HQ? Please share...

Any WFRs coming to the UK&I soon?

Does anyone have any genuine information regarding WFRs in UK. I want out of this company, I have given 25+ years of service to this Frankenfirm and I am very close to leaving but risk missing out on a potential package if it's going to be on offer... —  read more 

Enough Negativity

The new CEO just started in Sep. It takes time to bring a failing company up to par. Some of u sound unrealistic in your expectations & I can't help but wonder if your giving as much as u expect to receive. If you r not part of the solution you r... —  read more 

Moneyball program

heard an executive talking about moneyball program, seems like an initiative to reward employees after the current appraisal season is over. Any idea if this is true ? If this is real some dxc staff would be happy.

US HealthCare S&L losing key resources

the US HC S&L Product team is losing key resources. Struggling to fill many positions, key resources are leaving in droves. Some being pulled out by those who were pushed out ! They see the writing on the wall, with the soon to be announced... —  read more 

Workplace & Mobility...where to

Wondering if anyone has thoughts or rumours on the future of W&M. Some possible suitors being mentioned but I feel a VC fund will take over and strip its assets. Are any UK WFRs likely out of the W&M slash sale?

Surveys out

MS' top three priorities – people (rewards & recognition), customers, and operational excellence Surveys out and 'No' rewards and recognition hmmmm , same old then...

401K move to Fidelity

DXC is moving the management of the MAP 401(k) to Fidelity, effective Jan. 1st. Is this truly a good thing, is there some kind of devil in the details, what do you think this indicates about the direction of DXC if any at all?

UK redundancies

Has anyone heard about q4 redundancies in the UK? Steve Turpie certainly didn't rule them out in his Town Hall call last week.

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