Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

Topics regarding layoffs at DXC Technology

DXC is a Sinking Ship

DXC is a new era Titanic. It is already going downward spiral with no hope of rescue. There is a saying, your company is as good as your manager. I worked for a decade and now they are laying off people who had worked with more than 25+ years with... —  read more 

Layoffs, I smell Layoffs!

This it what Atos wrote: "... Following recent market rumors about a potential transaction involving Atos, the Company confirms that it has approached DXC Technology concerning a potential friendly transaction between the two groups in order to... —  read more 


I've got 6 different managers in various roles doing the similar job when you only need 1 or 2 tops, how many overheads does it take which dont deliver. After his client meetings I thought Mike S was reducing management layers between the... —  read more 

DXC "Hurting"

Analysis of the takeover bid from Atos. DXC is "hurting and shedding", plagued by debt...a shell of a company. Salvino has to be thrilled with this lifeline. He was in over his head, and had no idea how to execute his vision... —  read more 

Old middle management

The old middle management are still working to the Lawrie era. You hear the new DXC from Mike S about the new way of working, new normal were not working from offices, but the the lower management keep on referring to when or if people can work... —  read more 

What's happening?

As we approach Christmas, does the lack of recent posts on this site mean people have given up complaining about DXC, or that all is now sweetness and light? I somehow doubt the latter.

Underpaying staff

Nothing mentioned about staff who deliver an excellent service, who provide the stability of systems, who carry out the projects which generate the revenue. Not one word of appreciation or thanks in the whole transcript. Not one word on... —  read more 

Moneyball program

heard an executive talking about moneyball program, seems like an initiative to reward employees after the current appraisal season is over. Any idea if this is true ? If this is real some dxc staff would be happy.

Q2 Numbers Today

Today the numbers for Q" will be presented. What kind of a smoke screen will Mikey show? Is it COVID-19? Or still the ongoing transformation as the "New" DXC started with October?

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