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Layoffs are coming, be prepared

Just got word that massive layoffs are in the works for Dell/EMC here in Austin. The Seattle office is also on the block. Our management team has us putting together severance packages and we are discussing streamlining services. Hiring... —  read more 

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Data Protection Israel Site Gone

Similar to what happened with the Data Protection Division team members in Louisville, CO almost all members in the Israel offices have been let go. Work be transited to China, India and all places, back to the United States in Hopkinton.

Laid Off As Of Today

After nearly 6 years, today is my last day at Dell. I'm told there were about 600 involved in this, over all of Dell.

How many people work at EMC?

What's the cumulative employee count for the entire company? How many, out of that number work at Hopkinton?

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Promises Like a Drunken Sailor - The CEO

A few weeks back at the Virtustream Sales Kick -off - The CEO Rory Reed ANNOUNCED NO MORE LAYOFFS - DONE. Well, just last week there was another layoff as they missed the quarter - again. (as usual HUSH HUSH) Talking about losing his credibility and... —  read more 

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Is this just Virtustream?

More coming in next two quarters. Most of the employees worked from last 3-4 years are gone . Not a good place to work . Is this referring strictly to Virtustream? —  read more 

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EMC Layoffs 2019

If the market makes a turn soon, do you think there will be EMC Layoffs in 2019?

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Dell EMC takes production “in house”in Ireland

First of all I don’t want to be taken the wrong way. I feel for the guys at Celestica, giving that a lot of jobs are in jeopardy. Although I found that taking production “in house” to be a brave move that will benefit us. We witness outsourcing in... —  read more 

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What's the final number?

Do we know the final number of people who were laid off this week? Was Virtustream the only one affected or were there others as well? And even more importantly, are we certain layoffs are done? Should we worry that more places will be hit in the... —  read more 

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Layoffs to hit Virtustream 9.17

A large round of layoffs will hit Virtustream starting on 9-17-2018. USA and EU will be hit. India was hit last week. If you notice your manager is out most of the week this week, that is because he or she is in required HR training on how to layoff... —  read more 

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Massive layoffs coming to Virtustream

massive layoffs are going to hit Virtustream in the coming weeks. Particularly inside the Mike Evans org. Several products are being turned off as well including cloud files.

Why was this page retired?

Was this merged into the Dell page? The link is no longer live on the title page, but this page still lives on behind the scenes.

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DELL EMC Layoff 2018 continue

Our director and sales team failed to do their job. To bring new business /Clients . So they laid off half the team today in USA. Instead of us these directors and sales team should be laid-off.

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EMC Layoffs 2018

Rumors here? Updates here? I want to know what executives are planning here in Hopkinton.

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now it's time for the gulf region

just heard, sales and finance will be hit in Dubai. Starting from October. And more rounds with other departments to follow till January. Even high-performers would be chopped, the list was ready they said. when will it end, and let us focus on our... —  read more 

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Advice needed !

I'm a fresh out of college grad and have an interview call at EMC. Is it a good place to start a career in tech ?

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EMC PS in NJ/NY hit hard

By 2017 our top managers were replaced by Dell Managers and as soon as they came they started firing most of PS guys in NY/NJ region , even people on active project were ask to leave which is strange as they are billable resources for company . I was... —  read more 

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We were told by the upper brass at Dell no buildings are being closed in Hop. Other than ones that have already been ie:80. They are planning on moving more people from different locations to Hop and closing others like they did with the training... —  read more 

Dell EMC India layoffs

Dell EMC in India was initially very cautious about its image because of the EMC brand value but last quarter an entire team was laid off overnight. Now it has started showing off in other BU's as well, although the meetings are happening in closed... —  read more 

This thread is DEAD

Don't bother posting anything in this thread, EMC is now officially DEAD, nothing left of the old company. Post in the Dell section. Such a shame what once was a great company with decent individuals is complete gone.

Someone posted a demographic survey on the Dell layoff page if you are over 45 and laid off-,The request is to tell your age etc.

Someone posted a demographic survey on the Dell layoff page. If you are over 45 and laid off-,The request is to post your age etc It's obvious someone is gathering data for News? Lawyer? Or maybe a shocked Employee seeing is who else his age, time... —  read more 

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