Topics regarding layoffs at Dell EMC (EMC Corp.)

Topics regarding layoffs at Dell EMC (EMC Corp.)

June layoff rumours true?

It's pretty much a given our Q1 results will be pants. Expecting more layoffs Any credence to this rumour? Busy polishing my CV I am done with this factory of poisonous snakes

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Middle Aged White Male

I was once stuck it a rut at dell(EMC), nonn no promotion M, no opportunity, no chance. Put my hand up and said enough was enough, I got the severance package and haven’t looked back since! Currently earning nearly 3x my EMC wage. My advice is... —  read more 

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Cancel Culture

To tackle "foreign interference" we must identify corporate America's platform monopolies like DellEMC as foreign private actors instead of treating them as if they were public bodies.

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Layoffs have started

Yea just got laid off yesterday in commercial inside sales. I heard over 14,000 jobs will be effected. I worked there for 8.5 years and like that they just let me go in a 5 minute discussion with no feedback. If you get severance, take it and run... —  read more 

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Every individual I have been able to identify is in their high 50's or 60's. The layoffs by Dell EMC in the Hopkinton Massachusetts area are targeting the older employees acquired from the EMC acquisition four (4) years ago.

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Data Protection Israel Site Gone

Similar to what happened with the Data Protection Division team members in Louisville, CO almost all members in the Israel offices have been let go. Work be transited to China, India and all places, back to the United States in Hopkinton.

What's the final number?

Do we know the final number of people who were laid off this week? Was Virtustream the only one affected or were there others as well? And even more importantly, are we certain layoffs are done? Should we worry that more places will be hit in the... —  read more 

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Layoffs to hit Virtustream 9.17

A large round of layoffs will hit Virtustream starting on 9-17-2018. USA and EU will be hit. India was hit last week. If you notice your manager is out most of the week this week, that is because he or she is in required HR training on how to layoff... —  read more 

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