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Possibly big changes comes to ISV

I was told by a colleague at Clay Rd that David Farr is visiting today (9/23/2020). Farr and upper management are meeting in their large meeting room to discuss unknown topics. But whatever they're discussing, it seems to be important. They closed... —  read more 

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ISV On Life Support

ISV VP/GM announced restructuring on a recent call. They have already taken deep cuts but hearing this BU will need life support after this next wave. OKC business for sale. Musical chairs leadership team. What a mess the whole V&C business has... —  read more 

July furloughs

Well, the automation solutions group got an email from Jon Stokes this morning saying that all salaried employees will be furloughed for one week without pay in July. Both exempt and non exempt employees. He said this move should save the company $30... —  read more 

Second wave incoming

Just before the covid 19 Emerson nnounced 2900 cuts + 1000 Jobs to be moved to low cost countries. Total 3900. Not considering the additional - not yet announced - cuts. A second wave will come, for sure Bumped to the top for those who are... —  read more 

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Voluntary RIF question

I volunteered Friday and certified Monday. Does anyone know if there is a timeline as to when VRIF'd people will find out? Also has anyone heard if they are accepting more VRIFs this time around?

Covid 19 blkmtn

The Black Moutain plant has a positive Covid 19 diagnosis. The plant hasn't missed a beat. No disinfecting or temporary closing for disinfecting. Emerson doesn't care about its employees. Profit over people

Mathematical modelling !!!!!

CEO IS GETTING THE COVID Trump package and delay the account losses for few more months to look the balance sheet good for the shareholders ...Someone said this is a financial company ... true all mathematical modeling (the new name for Fudging)

It's best not to waste your time here.Customers stopped buying as no innovation and prices are very high quality is going worse than ever

Every year they manipulate numbers to show growth .... they have not grown on technology nor in the installed base...They survive on spare parts sale by local business partners...Their costs are high 30 to 40% over the competition All acquisitions so... —  read more 

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