Topics regarding layoffs at Emerson Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Emerson Electric Co.

Another job outsourced

And yet again someone from our location leaves and we hire their 'replacement' in another world area. Why does Fisher even bother pretending it cares about keeping Marshalltown working. Everyone is trying to leave before the other shoe drops.

Bob Sharp

Where is that "Super Exec." Bob Sharp??? Since DNF is on the board of IBM, I thought he would have him running the company, & poaching all that EMR talent. Perhaps Pelch is also available.

Telling the truth

Let’s be honest nothing has changed. We’ve been waiting month after month quarter after quarter - nothing will ever change. Different leaders but the same games. Meritocracy is dead. Just say yes, don’t hold any one accountable, brush indiscretions... —  read more 

Emerson stuck in the past

Did anyone read Brooke Sutherland’s article about Emerson being stuck in the past? It was an enlightening read and one where most of the blame was placed on Farr and mentioned his disastrous WSJ article that clearly Lal is looking to distance the... —  read more 

Free Advice

Emerson management keeps tabs on this site so here’s some free advice. Hire an outside firm to do independent evaluations of your current leadership. Just because they are hitting numbers doesn’t mean people aren’t running to leave certain... —  read more 

Layoffs in NC

Emerson Electric’s Emerson Automation Solutions group will lay off 67 workers and close its facility in Black Mountain, according to the most recent North Carolina Department of Commerce Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (NC WARN) report... —  read more 

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This will not work

A lot of folks are either walking away or being cut and their positions are not being backfilled. It won't be much longer before we can't handle the amount of work - he-l, we are already struggling as it is. If we lose one more person and do not get... —  read more 

Has severance changed?

Does anybody know if there have been any changes to the severance package during the last year or so? I know some people were laid off a few months ago, does anybody know what they were offered? I'm worried there might have been some pandemic-related... —  read more 

Emerson Goes Woke

I am curious if I am the only one fed up with this woke BS that we’re seeing within Emerson? I’m not surprised at all based on the leadership throughout, but enough is enough. If you’re white, straight and a Christian you need to be on your best... —  read more 

Major layoffs at RAS

There was a post about major layoffs at RAS and especially ESI that was removed, I'm assuming because the poster used names (which is not allowed here.) I'm hoping we can get the discussion going again here and post more info on what's going on just... —  read more 

How to get promoted?

I tried in every way to get a promotion but nothing helped. Not that I think of myself as much better than others, but objectively, I deserved promotion much more than some people who got it without much trouble. I don't know what is the... —  read more 

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