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Layoffs are coming

Emerson's significantly fortified it's offerings in Oil and Gas so with oil prices flat/falling and lower CAPEX spending by said industry coupled with the Company's goal to reduce the relatively high dividend payout ratio then I predict that there... read more


Emerson hiring. Check out the portal.
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The company is drowning

If you are over 40 and have 15+ years, not good. They don't want you anymore. The company is drowning and throwing great talent away to keep Farr well paid. They are laying off like crazy and keeping it under radar. You are better off as a ferguson... read more

Emerson Australia

Hopeless company!! All at management level are a bunch of idiots. Completely ruined it here in Australia. Strength had come down drastically thankx to loggerheads.....they hardly wrok for company. No meetings no strategies no trainings, in place. Its... read more

Jim Cramer on Emerson Electric

He's either gushing about Emerson Electric or calling Emerson Electric a dud. Does he own any of the shares or does he just need to talk about something? Does he want to take Emerson Electric to the prom or no? Couple that with the stock alerts... read more

Vanguard Relationship

I noticed that Vanguard Group is the largest institutional holder of Emerson stock. Then I found out that the company's 401k match is in company stock. Bet dollars to donuts that Vanguard Group administers the 401k plan. I wonder what the stock price... read more

Recent layoffs.

A few positions have gone in the last year as they adjust to market.The oil price decline hit them hard but they are a strong company overall.

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