Topics regarding layoffs at Emerson Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Emerson Electric Co.

Good riddance when Farr retires in 2021. No more frequent layoffs every quarter, every month.

Farr is due to retire in 2021. Jamie Froedge will take over as CEO but not Chairman. Farr will continue to stay on as chairman to ensure that none of the skeletons in the closet are uncovered and his secrets remain a secret until the statutory limit... —  read more 

The untouchables

Reporting unethical behaviors of executives will only get you fired. So, the only alternative is to spread it through the grapevine. I am glad that it is now in the open and we all know how unethical and immoral Emerson executives are. If any... —  read more 

Actuation Technology

I have just been informed that a colleague of mine based in Crossridge have been layed off. 21 years with Emerson, fired in one day, noto because of performance or ethical issue but just to cut cost. This company has no respect for loyal employees. —  read more 

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More closures

Production at Elk River, MN will be reduced over the next 2 years with production moving to Mexico. The Lexington, KY plant is targeted for closure over the next 3 years. Their product lines will be dispersed over several other facilities with some... —  read more 

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Greenlee consolidation

Announced today: Greenlee facilities Genoa, IL and Louisville, KY will be shut down and consolidated to a facility in Arkansas over the next year. This is following the Rockford manufacturing facility already being consolidated to Elyria, OH this... —  read more 

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Emesron will be put on sale ... audit accounts fraud David Farr asked to go .... Ram and Lal will lead the organisation from Oct 01

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