Topics regarding layoffs at Emerson Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Emerson Electric Co.

Cleaning House?

Does anyone else think that Emerson moving out of St. Louis is a very clever way to clean house? If they wanted to start fresh with different people, with different mindset, with different attitudes… Moving to a new city would be the perfect way to... —  read more 

Why are you here?

Just wondering. I come here once in a while to check on an old company I once worked at where I met a lot of nice people that I never keep in touch with but still care about. I was young and idealistic back then and thought I would make a career... —  read more 

Why Return to Emerson?

I’m seeing former Emerson employees who left within the past two years returning to Emerson. If you left Emerson, why would you return? Many people leave for higher pay elsewhere or for a promotion that they couldn’t get at Emerson because they... —  read more 

It’s decision time

There is about six weeks until the end of the fiscal year… Which means that somebody Is making a list of people they want to keep, and people they can live without. If they hold true to form, layoffs around the middle of September.

Emerson reputation

Is anybody hearing anything about Emersons reputation outside? I am trying to get out but heard a few comments that made me think that some possible employers won’t look at anyone from here

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