Topics regarding layoffs at Emerson Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Emerson Electric Co.

Copeland Self Destruction

Emerson selling Copeland to BlackStone, the digital cold chain group, consisting of Cooper acquisition, comfort controls, transportation, and Cargo just laid off 20 seasoned employees, the people with the real knowledge, leaving the "new" management... —  read more 

Quality of Management

Real curious. Being as objective as possible, how do you rate lower and middle management within your area? Has Emerson's emphasis on a MBA or maybe ESG policies over say real leadership talent or other positive management attributes have real... —  read more 

Aging in reverse

I ran into a coworker who left Emerson a few months ago. They looked younger, healthier and happier than I had seen in years. Anybody else recognize how much healthier people look when they leave this dump?

How busy are you?

One of the things that demotivates me the most is when I see than those who have almost nothing to do are more appreciated than me, who am overwhelmed by very short deadlines which require me to work long hours, often resulting in total burnout.


Frank, Frank your career is in the tank But at least Emerson got rid of your stank I hope that impact partner money went into the bank bank No one left to save you So instead Lal buried you CEO track no more I bet you're sore CEO trainer was the... —  read more 


It was exactly three years ago today (3/31/20) that these cheese ba--s announced no raises for the next 12 months. Who thinks that these rat turds knew exactly what they were doing and just wanted a little more $$$ on their side of the table?

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