Topics regarding layoffs at Emulex Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Emulex Corp.

How to kill a company....

Business schools will soon case-study how a company with bright engineers were run to the ground by management of yes-men with subpar technical and no market awareness. Intellectual property left in the hand of remaining management is like handing... —  read more 

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Bye-Bye Uncle Jeff

Maybe Benck can find another company he can run into the ground and then sale it off at a discount then let it get Hock'd. Or, perhaps join Carly on the campaign trail. They seem to be a match made in Tech Hell. Hopefully Uncle Jeff chokes on his... —  read more 

Activist Hedge Funds to the rescue

McClowny ran the company poorly. Activist hedge funds took control, forced CEO and board change. Company thought it was clever by enacting poison pill, but hedgies easily maneuvered themselves on the board. Emulex was paraded for sale (hence quick... —  read more 

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Endace was a failed gamble by execs...

Execs dumped a ton of money in Endace to make elx less attractive to head off institutional shareholder takeover. Shareholders outflanked execs and caught them with their pants down. Layoffs are the result. Enjoy.

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Safe in Kiwi land

Well, it seems the only safe bet in Emulex now is with Endace. They get their merit increase and were exempt from cuts and are expanding. Plus, it seems they are driving the direction of the company to focus more in the NIC space. Sounding more and... —  read more 

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