Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Enbridge Inc.

best company ever

Hey everyone Just wanted to drop by and say that i have been working at enbridge for about a year now.. All i know is that i am treated great. I get time off when needed, and i also get to use the truck for personal use on the weekends.. I have a... —  read more 


Was bullied this week on the job. Had a co worker tell me that my people brought covid to this country. I tried to tell him that I'm not of Asian decent but he didn't believe it.. Now I'm know as Covid boy and I hate it.. Should I call HR or just... —  read more 

Stop the whine

So many negative views on here.. All is know is be happy with what you have and be thankful you have a great paying job with benefits.. Not many companies provide bbq and great online courses and a chance to move up and create a future.. I am... —  read more 

Cold blooded layoffs

Layoff didn’t hit me so hard since I was ready for my turn to come to be laid off. What bothered me more as a long–term worker in this company was that the dismissal was so cold–blooded, just as if I had worked in this company for only a few days or... —  read more 

Training replacements?

I don’t know how I would feel if I had to train my replacement after being informed that I am no longer needed in this company. It puts people in such a difficult position. It’s nice to help someone new and introduce them to the business, but in this... —  read more 

12 Days!!

12 Days without someone complaining, talking sh** or starting a rumor about layoffs. Got to say, I'm disappointed. Hopefully infrastructure planning dude can chime in soon.

JJ walker

Was just layed off by Enbridge today.. They said they are in financial parallel. I Can't believe it i have given my all to them. I am a minority and I think that's why I'm layed off..

Can something be done?

Everybody is talking about age discrimination like it's a foregone conclusion. It's something that's happening and it's something that'll continu happening and that's that. Is that really the case? Age discrimination is illegal, should we really be... —  read more 

Would you go back?

The board has been dead for a while, so here's a topic - To the people who got laid off, would you ever go back to Enbridge if the job offer was good? Are there any current Enb employees who got laid off in the past? I was laid off some time ago, but... —  read more 

EGD Union Negotiations

Company is well underway training Supervisors and Contractors in preparation of a possible upcoming strike. Just finished attending my second day of repair and responding to damages. Hope it happens as I can use the extra money for sure.

Director of Operations

im a new guy and all i can say is stop complaining.. this job rules im a line crossing underground engineer service tech and i locate the pipe.. I love my boss love my team lead love the sarnia people and love all the people of the company all... —  read more 

GDS Fleet Policy

New policy came out, doesn't actually outline of truck take home for field employees will continue. Does any one have any knowledge of it and if it will continue in the new year?

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