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There is no I in Team

Working at Encana can be a roller coaster ride from the starting line. Depending on the department you are in, the culture can be very cut throat with fellow employees withholding valuable information just to further their own agenda - instead of... read more
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so, what's up with the two job openings in EHS for ACTS experience? Did the previous personnel jump ship or were laid off?

Most experienced were let go

In Chief Facilities group those with most experiences and who dared to speak out and to point out the company wrongful doings were let go. Those who know little but buddies of senior managers stayed. It's not performance or capability based layoffs... read more

To be salary competitive in the industry

During the March 2016 layoffs, encana CFO said at a staff meeting we can not freeze salary or bonus because we have to be competitive in salary to attract talents. Instead we need to eliminate 600 people this time in order to be competitive. This... read more

Risk taking by Encana Excutive

It is appearing that Encana has decided that the bottom line of today is better than the management of two critical corporate systems in Canada. The entire teams responsible for both the management of Ethos (Corp EH&S management system) and Business... read more


My son was laid off from Encana (Calgary) this week, he had 17 yrs of faithful service in a critical role with them. It seams extremely self-serving that so many of the top executives still remain at the expense of so many. Shame on you Encana.

All those ex pan can employees

It's all those ex pan cans still in the office that protect one another and us regular Joe get let go. When times were good you would think that the big boss up stairs would of seen this crap that went on.

Introducing a new O&G website

Sorry to intrude! For those who may be interested in new opportunities in O&G or just want to learn more, please check out sign up at www.rigbasket.com. On RigBasket, you can buy and sell excess inventory as well as post about various topics and... read more

Severance? Sabbaticals?

From those who have been let go from Encnana, what is the report on the severance package? Any reports of people getting sabbatical?

Western Ops is up...

Email sent out this morning telling all WOA employees to stay in their offices. Good luck!
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Any updates?

I heard Land got the visits yesterday. Any others? Any numbers? How close to 20% are we?

With sympathy from Anadarko

Hey Encana, Anadarko is going through the same thing now. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you all too and sympathize with what you all are going through too. Thoughts your way. Stay strong, Oil Men and Women. We are a hardy bunch!

Fresh of the press

Death in a car crash - former CEO of Chesapeake Aubrey McClendon - CHK Board post - here's the link: @GdvJ6w9
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