Topics regarding layoffs at Ovintiv

Topics regarding layoffs at Ovintiv

Jobs at CVE

Everyone at CVE complaining they will have to go back to the office soon. Perhaps they will be doing a big layoff too & the whiners that want to stay home can - permanently. Then maybe there will some openings over there.

Severance info

Can anyone post any info on severance. Interested in knowing what 15-20 year staff got in months. I made it through this round but wont survive the 2021 layoffs so need to plan ahead. Thank.


Large cuts in the Denver and Calgary office. Significant amount of managers, directors, employees that have been with the company for 10+ years. Still waiting on the total % cut across the board. Very sad day for everyone within the company!

Shareholder scam

I invested in this company right at the Newfield acquisition, since then it’s quickly becoming a penny stock. Don’t see how this company is going to survive. Guessing a bunch of layoffs coming once the debt starts to get called.

Another round coming?

Stock price imploding. Nervous, closed door meetings of the engineering managers. HR reps avoid eye contact in the halls. Folks I talk to in CGY tell me another 10-15% round is coming to pay for the share repurchase and dividend. Good luck to all!

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The Woodlands (274 Laid off)

Notice Received on: Feb 18, 2019 Company: Encana Service Company County: Montgomery WDA: Gulf Coast WDA Number of employees laid off: 274 Layoff date (start): May 31, 2019 Layoff date (end): Feb 22, 2019 City: The Woodlands

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Some info on layoffs

What I'm wondering is what's all this secrecy about? Why hide some of the numbers? The CEO of Encana Corp. says it cut its total workforce by 15 per cent and reduced its ranks of executives by 35 per cent in just over a week after closing its deal to... — read more 

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No rhyme or reason.

The Land department let go of many talented employees. In fact all those let go were women. The layoffs were done sloppy and inefficiently. Those left behind won’t last long considering they will be worked to the bone and under appreciated. Newfield... — read more 

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A message to all

We as energy providers are the most important people in the world. But even more importanter than the energy providers is the leadership team devoted to making the money rain on me every year. I know you'll say, "hey Doug why are we getting the axe... — read more 

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There is no I in Team

Working at Encana can be a roller coaster ride from the starting line. Depending on the department you are in, the culture can be very cut throat with fellow employees withholding valuable information just to further their own agenda - instead of... — read more 

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so, what's up with the two job openings in EHS for ACTS experience? Did the previous personnel jump ship or were laid off?

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