Topics regarding layoffs at EnLink Midstream

Topics regarding layoffs at EnLink Midstream


In Oklahoma there has been some laying off of employees to move around favorites of Clifton Sublet. There has been nothing done to retain employees with experience. If you still work at Enlink, go to Cana office, get under Clifton’s desk and next... — read more 

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FOCUS ON PEOPLE!!! hahahahaha

“We’ll team, once again I’ve steered the ship upon the rocks and we’re taking on an overwhelming amount of water”. “We ARE sinking” “The good news is, if we throw enough of you overboard (to drown, because you signed an agreement not to try and... — read more 

WTF are they doing?

Now I am hearing it's going to be around 200 of us. I know some already got the call but how much longer are they going to do this. They are laying off the wrong people anyways. Keeping people in the Dallas office that no one knows what their job is... — read more 

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Just a number

Today's layoffs prove everyone at Enlink are just considered a number. Lost a lot of knowledge today, mostly considering how to manage/operate Plants. Hard to imagine the new asset manager couldn't do more to keep our team strong. Seems to me, one... — read more 

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Losing valuable people

We have lost some very valuable people this week & will lose more tomorrow. It goes to show that loyalty & knowledge isn't valued if the person above you is a backstabber that hates you because they feel threatened by you. Some of the people they're... — read more 

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Have you seen it coming?

Well everyone had to see it coming. Barry Davis ran Crosstex into the ground and when Devon bailed them out, I’m sorry I meant merged with them, they were doing the same Crosstex process instead of letting the Devon Royalty take it over. Had... — read more 

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EnLink Midstream layoffs

70 people got cut. Numerous Demotions. True core values at work. When did this happen? This week or are you talking about previous layoffs? Some more info would be really appreciated, since I haven't heard about anything happening this week. Now I'm... — read more 

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Just do it already

For almost two weeks employees have been on pins and needles. Hard to focus on work when you think you might get canned before the holidays. Just do it already so people can move on with their lives.

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Life’s Hard

The Oil and Gas Industry is a hard occupation. When it’s good it’s GOOD! When is down- layoffs come. I’ve been in this industry my entire career. If you pay attention and watch the history of Oil and Gas you know layoffs are coming long before... — read more 

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Servant Leadership??

Barry and his direct report clowns serving the employees at Thanksgiving IS NOT SERVANT LEADERSHIP. K–ling Off 20% and telling the survivors to pick up the slack.... “motivation speech”. Servant Leaders? Should have forfeited your Sr... — read more 

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what's on the horizon?

With the unexpected news a couple of weeks ago & the sneaky hush-hush going on now, what is around the corner? Layoffs? Reorganization? Acquisitions? Sell off? You know it's coming, just not how bad this time

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