Topics regarding layoffs at ENSCO International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at ENSCO International Inc.

Ensco Offshore

More cuts. See this: An undisclosed number of workers were expected to be laid off from Valaris, formerly known as Ensco Offshore Co. The employees from its Broussard office were being let go starting May 30 because of a drop off in drilling... — read more 

October 2017 Layoffs at Ensco

So much for being safe at Ensco after the Atwood Oceanics sale. The layoffs are just continuing as they have before. The entire headquarters in Houston is being shuttered, with more than 80 people begin shown the door. I was wondering if anybody was... — read more 

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Massive Layoffs are coming in 2017

Offshore drilling contractor ENSCO advises employees that another 243 jobs may be lost if further work in not secured. ENSCO has sent a memorandum out to all it's... — read more 

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Rules for layoff at Ensco

Rules for layoff at Ensco HR can NOT be laid off HR will NOT be laid off!!! Attractive women will not be laid off, unless they refuse your advances Admins may only be laid off if result is total life implosion 90% of minorities must be laid off Rig... — read more 

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