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Alpine High staff now runs Permian

With the failure of Alpine High, it makes perfect sense to move that staff into Permian and cut the Permian staff that kept the cash flow coming into Apache. Logical move JC. With oil below $20, the only way to go is up. JC will say it was the... —  read more 

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Any news in the Oklahoma City division?. Lots of contractors

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EOG Resources Stanley, ND

Almost 100 contracted employees were let go from EOG Resources in Stanley, ND with no notice of termination. Some are expecting children in the next few weeks. They say they are loyal to their employees, but that's false. EOG isn't as great a place... —  read more 

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EOG 2017 Layoffs

Layoffs are possibly coming sooner than we think.

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EOG Resource layoffs coming again this fall!

EOG Resources layoffs coming! Get ready good old EOG Resources is getting ready to reward many of us for our hard work by showing us the door. I am hearing the cuts will be deep and what is left for those remaining will be a sweat shop. It is looking... —  read more 

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EOG stock has been headed south for past six months!

EOG stock has been dropping for the past six months with no end in sight. We are going to have to sell marginal assets and reduce overhead if we are going to make it. If we don't start soon we'll have a big layoffs as well.

YPC Merger

Any word on what will happen to the 300+ YPC employees that were acquired by EOG?

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EOG value down 20 billion+, stock down $:8/share.

Management said we're toast if we post but it looks like we're toast anyway! Our stock price is dropping, oil price is dropping, cash is exhausted and there is no remedy in sight! Horizontal drilling technology and zipper frac technology hasn't been... —  read more 

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Exxon is looking at acquisition of EOG Resources Inc.

If management will be more realistic on price Exxon will acquire EOG. An EOG acquisition will save 80% of the jobs while maintaining retirement and severance plans. A much better deal than bankruptcy if oil prices go to &20/bbl and stay there two or... —  read more 

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Number of replies missing

Is everyone else also not seeing the number of replies to each post? If that is a permanent change it makes using this site MUCH harder to the point of not being viable.

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EOG Layoffs Q3 2015

Have you heard that we'll cut even more, that's what I heard from two unrelated sources? Anyone?

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Barnett and the Permian Shale

Hard to make money at Barnett and the Permian shale - there will be cuts, major cuts in 2015. The whole O&G industry is in turmoil right now. —  read more 

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Leading US independent EOG Resources is exiting most of its Canada operations and laying off more than 150 employees and contractors. The news of EOG's exit from Canada does not come as a big surprise as EOG's leading US shale position is its core... —  read more 

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Enron Oil and Gas Layoffs

It's my understanding EOG resources never had layoffs, but I can tell you that many people just are very concerned with the oil prices going down. Houston area will be probably the most affected, there is not much we can do here, we can just wait and... —  read more 

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