Topics regarding layoffs at EOG Resources Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at EOG Resources Inc.

A season for M&A

Chevron's buying EOG Resources: Bringing in profits from natural sources, While Exxon's purchase of Pioneer will strike fear, Chevron's deal will reveal a steal.

Why are people leaving?

We are doing well enough considering the circumstances so the fact that quite a few people I know have quit in the past couple of months is somewhat confusing. Do they know something I don't? Why leave a relatively stable company when the economy is... —  read more 

Are we safe until 2021?

Everything seems to be quiet. To the best of my knowledge, the only ones laid off were contractors back in May and I haven’t heard anything since. Our latest quarter earnings report didn’t produce any numbers worthy of cheering over, which makes me a... —  read more 

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EOG Resources Stanley, ND

Almost 100 contracted employees were let go from EOG Resources in Stanley, ND with no notice of termination. Some are expecting children in the next few weeks. They say they are loyal to their employees, but that's false. EOG isn't as great a place... —  read more 

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Leading US independent EOG Resources is exiting most of its Canada operations and laying off more than 150 employees and contractors. The news of EOG's exit from Canada does not come as a big surprise as EOG's leading US shale position is its core... —  read more 

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Enron Oil and Gas Layoffs

It's my understanding EOG resources never had layoffs, but I can tell you that many people just are very concerned with the oil prices going down. Houston area will be probably the most affected, there is not much we can do here, we can just wait and... —  read more 

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