Topics regarding layoffs at Eskenazi Health

Topics regarding layoffs at Eskenazi Health

Epic Project Closed

My director called a meeting with us and told us what was going on. It is the closing of the Epic Project which we all knew would happen after the install. Because of that technology some other positions could be consolidated like training. I am sad... —  read more 

More info on layoffs

I have heard that agency wide it is 117 people. 95 with Eskenazi and 22 with Midtown. Just wondering if anybody knows if this is true? It's not as bad as I thought, if the answer is yes. Not trying to minimize it for people who lost their jobs, just... —  read more 


I heard severance is two weeks per year with the company, anybody knows if that's true? I think that's actually fair when it comes to severance, considering that a number of companies have reduced it to one week. Also, anybody knows if there is a cap... —  read more 

Is it done yet?

Do we have any idea if they are done with layoffs or are there more coming today and tomorrow? This week has been truly brutal, two of our best workers have been let go with absolutely no warning. If it was shocking to me, I can only imagine how they... —  read more 

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