Topics regarding layoffs at EVINE Live Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at EVINE Live Inc.

More layoffs to start 2020

Evine (now back to the name ShopHQ) just went through more layoffs this week (mid January). It would appear there was no rhyme or reason to these cuts, as multiple systems are now left essentially unsupported. I pity those still there trying to make... — read more 

"COVID" related layoffs

Over 150 people were let go between the Minnesota and Kentucky sites the last week of March. Management cited COVID as the reason for the layoffs but there had been layoffs over the past year. Unlike the first few layoff phases the most recent... — read more 

More and more layoffs

Well, a number of layoffs happened again at the beginning of October. A bunch within Creative, Marketing, CS, hosts and more in Bowling Green including directors. I was in a meeting where "they" discussed adding more to the Invicta Miami studios and... — read more 

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Layoffs have started at Evine

I heard a few people in the creative, merchandising and on-air were laid off today. Get ready the dominos are falling! Other than on Monday, have there been any more layoffs at Evine this week? And more importantly, can we expect to see more any time... — read more 

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Constant Chaos

Since the last round of layoffs the company has been in a constant state of chaos. The staff was already slim and everyone is having to pick up extra work to make up for the loss of talent. There have been multiple resignations. Everything got so... — read more 


20% of the company was laid off on 5/28. Looking at the quality of some of the people that were let go, I suspect they will be the lucky ones in the end.

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