Topics regarding layoffs at Evolent Health

Topics regarding layoffs at Evolent Health

Job Scam

My son was recently “hired” and scammed out of $5000. The people in touch with him were all on LinkedIn as employees of this company. We can not reach EVOLENT HEALTH. Are they are real company? This is such an elaborate scam it seems hard to... —  read more 

Endless layoffs

This company had layoffs every three to six months even before the pandemic, so it shouldn't be a surprise that that continued. Nobody is safe here. I know people who were assured by their managers they're safe again and again just to find themselves... —  read more 

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Amateur Hour

You know what separates a good company from a group that's all flash and no substance? Inability to read the market landscape and perform appropriate capacity planning. They started with a great idea. Then they spun into complete amateur hour and... —  read more 

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Layoffs coming

Company has let go of around 200 plus pep per estimate. There’s been a lot of mismanagement by the management team and bad decisions with promoting people that were not ready for leadership roles but were good at politics. Sad to see this as so many... —  read more 

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