Topics regarding layoffs at Expedia Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Expedia Inc.

Severance time

And so, after 8 years, I am no longer needed here. Can anyone give me more details about severance pay? How is it calculated? I am also interested in whether people are satisfied with the packages? It would be good if it could last at least until I... —  read more 

Don't be naive

I see some people are saying our jobs are safe just because we were told there would be no more cuts. Well off course they're going to say that, whether it's true or not. They know that if we are constantly worried, the productivity will go down... —  read more 

Where are you looking?

I have no idea where to send my resume. Every other company I look at in our field is laying people off, so it would be pointless to apply there. But what are available alternatives? Tell me, fellow Market Associates, what are your plans? I'm kind of... —  read more 

3rd wave

Expedia Group begins third wave of layoffs in 2020 Last year, before layoffs began, Expedia had nearly 4,400 employees in Washington and 25,400 companywide. The company cut 3,000 jobs in... —  read more 

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Senior Leaders plan

The senior LT knew about additional layoffs mid August. The decision to bring back market management employees from reduced pay and a 4 day work week on 8/31 was pure strategy. As states began to reopen, work loads increased with travel slightly... —  read more 

Are we done?

It seems they managed to notify everybody who was on the list by the end of Tuesday, but it'd be nice to be sure, to finally relax a bit. I'm also wondering how long will it be before another round is announced. Do you think we are done at least for... —  read more 

At least some coverage...

What recovery? These big companies have recently announced massive layoffs These big companies have recently announced massive layoffs ... Expedia Group announced internally this week that "'further redundancies' would be taking place within its... —  read more 

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you'll be on payroll through end of December (or so) - it's basically 60 days from the day you are axed benefits expire the following month each year of service will give you a paid week. if you were with us 5 years and 11 months, you get 5... —  read more 

Have U.S. layoffs started?

Was anybody in the U.S. notified yesterday or is today the D-day??? Also somebody in another thread said this: "Rumor is that I’d you didn’t receive a mailer today about benefits for next year, you’re getting laid off" Can anybody confirm this?... —  read more 

A Very Dark Quarter

Not trying to spread fear but if we use 2003 and SARS outbreak as a gauge we should have grave concerns. You can look it up using web search easily, China and South-East Asia were hit with a 50% drop in revenue across the hospitality... —  read more 

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