Topics regarding layoffs at Express Scripts Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Express Scripts Inc.

Plenty of layoffs incoming

On Thursday, the Connecticut-based health insurer Cigna offered to buy Express Scripts in a $52 billion deal that promises about $600 million in what the companies called "retained synergies" primarily from administrative efficiency. "Unfortunately... —  read more 

I wish it was over already

I'm not sure how much more of this uncertainty I can take. This whole Cigna deal has been a nightmare for us regular employees from the get go. I think it would be easier knowing I was being laid off than having to live with the stress and... —  read more 

Layoffs are nothing new at ESI

I worked for many years in the Columbus pharmacy site in a variety of roles, first for Merck-Medco, then Medco, then ESI until I was laid off by Express Scripts in 2016. Medco was a wonderful company to work for, ESI not so much. If roughly 15 years... —  read more 

Work From Home Layoffs

Is it true that some folks who are working from home are being laid off by Express Scripts? I hear that this is the case and wanted to see if someone would be able to share info on this.

Got resume?

Express Scripts (ESRX) files a preliminary prospectus with the SEC for a mixed shelf offering. Specific financial terms will be determined at the time of the respective offering.

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Let's save some money for...

Top pharmas team with Express Scripts to gin up savings for cash-paying patients:

The Tempe location back-end is currently LAYING OFF exactly 154 employees by May 2017. 40 plus Techs, 55 Clerk Packers, 20 Pharmacist, 20 ware

Just announced today on March 29 by the Senior Manager at an unscheduled Townhall Meeting. Senior Manager let us off early after the bad news of approximately 154 layoff NEWS. The Layoff will begin after May 2017 and commence a new shift on June... —  read more 

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Another site closing in Pueblo Co. due to online usage?!?.. PLEASE!! THEY STILL ARE LIARS. if you don't need job security year over year ESI is the perfect place to work!!

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harrisburg site closing

So- here we are again. Watch your back. ESI is in layoff mode. Harrisburg was notified by Jim Ziroli TODAY (10:35 AM EST for those of you who are stickers for precision) that ESI is closing the facility. Our last day will be 1/18/17. We are the... —  read more 

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Finally cleaned house

ESI canned a few of the directors in Columbus area. Finally. At least one was a Medco hold over, but was also the worst pitting employees against each other. Good riddance. Hoping for better management hires next time.

Is Bensalem in trouble

Just heard through the grape vine, they have a list is 38 employees they are going to fire this month . They are firing them because they are not fast enough. Just because 11 people out of 100 can do the numbers they want doesn't. Mean. We all can

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Caught up in layoffs 2015

I was laid off in 2015. It is a terrible place to work where you live in fear of being laid off from the day you walk in the door. Managers have too many people reporting to them. They can't get to know anyone on their teams. The supervisors seemed... —  read more 

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