Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at ExxonMobil Corp.

LinkedIn post

Latest LinkedIn post from Amanda Rico. Yeah, I know she’s trying to drum up business but I think she nailed it on the toxic work culture. “ExxonMobil, why are you basing performance evaluations on feedback from staff who have NEVER worked... —  read more 

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PIPing retirement eligible

After speaking with some other colleagues of retirement age I’ve found that everyone has dropped in rank and either gotten NI or PIP. Damn shame if you ask me. Seems like something that we should be able to do about it since there is no credibility... —  read more 

Mock phishing or trolling

I guess that’s what makes them effective. This time “HR employee benefits this month”. Next one they put out will be “check out what’s happening to your pension” or “we’re changing the ranking system” followed by “click here”

CEO pay

I’m very conservative but I agree with this. The game is rigged. CEOs and Boards are out of control. Engine 1 was pretty smart to use climate change as a red herring to get onto the board and pay themselves... —  read more 


Is anyone at the top noticing how mad and betrayed US employees feel? It is posted here daily, or at least until it gets pulled down. Leave it up so DW can read it!! Stop the gaslighting!

Salary increases

I remember about this time last year we started hearing about how good or bad the raises were projected to be by HR. Any thoughts what January will bring based on your rating?

Annandale Closing. Timeline?

Rumor has it that it's been decided to close the revered research institution known as Annandale. And a motley team of the best and brightest are tasked with creating the plan to see it through. Any truth to the above? Any timeline associated with... —  read more 

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