Topics regarding layoffs at F5 Networks Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at F5 Networks Inc.

Stay away from F5

You are treated as nothing but a number. You are considered expendable no matter how hard you work. Depending on your manager, you could have zero work-life balance. Profits are always more important than people. The company might claim it cares... —  read more 

Sad but true

As long as children with no experience are promoted to management positions over people who have been here for years and hold masters degrees, F5 is going to continue to sink. I can't understand who might think this is a good idea, but all it does is... —  read more 

Volterra acquisition

Any idea how this volterra will augment f5? Half a billion is a lot of money! 30% of my team has left in the last one year because of low TC. Management should look at taking care of existing employees before spending big bucks on dreamy... —  read more 

More pressure...

Under pressure from investor, F5 Networks walks a tightrope after spending $1.6B on acquisitions In April, amid the initial uncertainty of the pandemic, Locoh-Donou committed to not make any layoffs during the 2020 fiscal year, joining other... —  read more 

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Not good

It’s never good when Elliott Management is involved. History has shown that when they are involved, restructuring ALWAYS occurs followed with sizable layoffs. I hope I am wrong, but history doesn’t... —  read more 

Stealth layoffs?

FFIV has let go of a number of people this week. Looks like a stealth layoff. Not surprising. They are a hardware networking company in a world going rapidly to the cloud. They've failed to build much of a security business and in their core market -... —  read more 

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