Topics regarding layoffs at Meta / Facebook

Topics regarding layoffs at Meta / Facebook

At least layoffs are over

Out of all the possibilities, I think this was the best way to deal with layoffs. I looked at other companies and it's an absolute mess. People have no idea what's going on, some have been let go but some are yet to be notified weeks later, and some... —  read more 

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FAANG Needs to be Modified

The term FAANG should be modified after this massive layoff at FB. I am proposing removing the "F" and rearrange the term to become the "NAAG" companies. What are your thoughts?

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Moving to a smaller company

I got an offer from a much smaller company and now I'm in a dilemma. On the one hand, I think that small company might be a liberating place to work, but on the other hand, I don't know how good a career decision it is. Anyone else having the same... —  read more 

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Get your MBA!

Take the bait!

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Ooops, got it wrong AGAIN?

Wall Street is not rewarding META that much ($113 per share only??). As more layoff details are known, it looks like the staff cutting was more "peripheral" than strategic. How many of the 11k that were let go were related Metaverse or Infra (Data... —  read more 

Fiduciary obligations

Curious to know - Has Z been informed politely (at least at the beginning) of his fiduciary obligations to Meta's shareholders? Class B shares won't protect him from shareholders actions to get their worth back. Wait and see.

Just the beginning

Unfortunately this is just the beginning for layoffs. Investors care for returns and they are just not Mr. Z has to show a relentless expense and capital stewardship to try to get their confidence back. Until then, wall street will not... —  read more 

Meta's profitability

I feel sorry for everyone who is affected. Unfortunately, I think the cuts were inevitable because profitability has fallen to a two-year low. I am interested in your opinion, will the company be able to return soon to being as profitable as it was... —  read more 

Kool Aid Hangover

The worst of all hangovers. One day you wake up and realize that on top of the time you put to work, those precious minutes you devoted for all of those likes, valentines and hugs in Workplace are not there to protect you. Brown nosing to celebrate... —  read more 

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Layoffs were necessary

While I'm willing to admit that layoffs were necessary and the whole process was handled decently, I still think some of the wrong people were cut. A couple of engineers I know who were laid off were among our best. This makes me think that the... —  read more 

Over-hiring during pandemic

The company rapidly hired people across all departments during the pandemic. Now I wonder whether it would've been better if the company was perhaps a little understaffed, rather than going through a hiring bo-m and risking such large cuts?

Competition on the job market

Currently there is a huge competition on the job market, but I think that most of us will succeed at getting a new job much earlier than most employees from other companies. Meta on a resume is of great value, I hope so anyway... Thoughts?

Be honest

Does anybody here actually believe that metaverse is the future? I have a feeling a lot of good people lost their livelihoods today because a stubborn billionaire refuses to accept and/or admit that his "brilliant" version of an idea that's been... —  read more 

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