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PSC Culture at Facebook

I hear that there is PSC culture at Facebook and that they should be avoided as an employer. Do you know what "PSC" means in this context. Thank you!

Official facebook layoff Report 2018

Now that Facebook has joined the elite club of most wealth destroyed in one day. Margin are going to be in low 30 vs 45% and revenue and growth slowing. We all know what that means for the little guy. Facebook layoffs. Starting this thread to capture... —  read more 

5% layoff?

I heard the number is 5% any one has heard anything? This NYT story really hurts more than before..

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Stock plunges 20%, layoffs soon

Company is crushing under its CEOs lies to congress, massive layoffs soon to recover stock price https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/facebook-plunges-as-revenue-daily-users-disappoint —  read more 

Performance Reviews At Facebook, Inc.

This taken from Forbes... The article was published in Nov 2016. The source link is below... Performance reviews might have been declared dead by social media a long time ago, but they are still alive at Facebook – the company. There’s a good reason... —  read more 

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Discrimination class action gaining steam

A Washington DC, law firm is investigating major Bay Area companies Google, FaceBook, Microsoft, Intel, Nvidia, Amazon and others. My current company is facing similar charges but there is a gag order on sharing detasils. Facebook employees should... —  read more 

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Closed door meetings

The Biggies having lots of closed door meetings the last few days. Joined by what Ican only presume are lawyers and PR types based on their attire and look. When the doors opened during breaks or someone walked past my desk, they looked pretty... —  read more 

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Picking up the slack

Fear not for Silicon Valley real estate values. Although the Communist Party has cut off the flow of money out of China, newly minted Facebook millionaires continue to take up the slack...

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