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Companies Rot from the Head Down

I was an executive at Fannie Mae for several years brought in after the financial crisis by another executive new to the organization. All was great until I attempted to make changes to improve the lack of controls that led (in part) to historical... —  read more 

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Any new layoffs and VEP offered?

Anyone know fannie will have another round(s) of layoff/terminations after performance evals in Feb/March. Also hearing about another VEP offered in the summer. Any concrete info?

Fannie Mae is not good for contractors

I joined Fannie Mae as a contractor... Well, it did not take me long to figure out that there is a caste system in play, the employee is elevated and the contractor is put down. Contractors have their own seating zones, they have smaller desks, it's... —  read more 

Politically motivated

Fannie Mae is a heavily political company, no different than any other in terms of promotions and growth. You may have a great track record of completing projects in a timely manner but unless you are part of the crowd or a “yes” man don’t expect to... —  read more 

Fannie Mae Layoffs in Dallas (May 2017)

Yes, the actual layoffs occurred on 05/12/2017. The company of course didn't disclose -- not that I've seen anyway -- the total of number of layoffs company-wide, or layoffs by geographic area. I worked in Dallas for 8 years and I was hit. —  read more 

Fannie Mae is indeed laying off Employees

Fannie Mae started a round of Layoffs on March 5, 2015 when they laid off over 300 employees company wide. The head of HR's statement to the Employee's! (Do not tell anyone except close immediate family that you have been laid off!) OH come on, like... —  read more 

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2017 - March, another round of lay-offs!

Along with voluntary exits end of March 2017, there is either that pay check or prior one another lay-off expected. 25% overall (mostly in DC), and up to 15% in Dallas. Performance based cuts already happening at a small scale. Watch-outs middle... —  read more 

New DC Headquarters

So the new headquarters is 700,000 square feet as reported in the media. Typical office buildings have 200-250 sq ft per person. Theoretically 2800-3500 people could work at such a building?

2015 Vindictive Layoffs

We had an unexpected layoff in October within our department in the Dallas office that appears more and more as a vindictive retaliated layoff than the normal reduction in force. Several people were affected and were informed that there was a layoff... —  read more 

2015 Layoffs at Fannie Mae and the industry

If things continue to slow down we will be more affected and you can expect some big layoffs in 2015. We had good few years and it cannot continue to be like this for long time. I would say get ready as 2015 layoffs look more and more realistic.

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I’ve heard a lot of rumors of a large upcoming layoff/buyout announcement. Anyone know more details?

2015 Layoffs at Fannie Mae

Do you have more info on the planned job cuts at Fannie Mae's IT group. I've heard multiple rumors about this and it's my understanding that some IT functions might be outsourced and that IT resources currently employed by Fannie Mae might be losing... —  read more 

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This feedback is all great yet terrible at the same time and I feel sorry for the employees impacted by this devastation so close to the holidays. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have a superior reputation for bringing in more friends /family instead of... —  read more 

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No respect for this management

I was an employee of Fannie Mae for several years and finally left because I could no longer sit idly by and watch as teams were berated by management who showed very little regard for any of their staff members. Some in management were not capable... —  read more 

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