Topics regarding layoffs at Fannie Mae

Topics regarding layoffs at Fannie Mae

COO stepping down?

Fannie's COO stepping down in April. Is she leaving because of unrealistic expectations not much accomplished due to legacy systems and highly political rotten leaders under her? Lot of mess filled with favorites leads, product owners, LMs and... —  read more 

Downsizing and attrition

2020 my program got rid of nearly 3 scrum teams as they moved things to cloud. 2021 we lost a whole bunch of contractors, who had been with us close to a decade, to better opportunities. 7 new people we hired rescinded on their offers within two... —  read more 

VEP and details?

If the company did a VEP what would it look like, maybe based on last few times? Is it only targeted to employees with 10-20+ year careers? What is the criteria? Is it possible for an employee with 6,7,8 years etc. to get some sort of package if... —  read more 

SF OSS is bloated...

Especially lots of manager level and up that do not know what they are doing. Question is when and if executives pay attention to the failures of vp, directors and managers and their true incompetence to finally cut them. We need a new mindset with... —  read more 

Should we be hopeful?

Looks like the fate of both entities will be dependent on the incoming treasury secretary. US Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin dashed hopes that mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would be released from conservatorship on his watch... —  read more 


They need to lay off folks. Look at Internal Audit alone and the huge amount of VPs abs above doing almost nothing and getting big salary, bonus and LTIP.

Fannie contractor layoffs?

As per latest Trumps directive about reviewing usage of all H1b/H4 EAD in the federal agencies, I am hearing layoffs to ovcur next few days. In technology there are 50% contractors. Can someone confirm if they were already notified by their vendors? —  read more 

Companies Rot from the Head Down

I was an executive at Fannie Mae for several years brought in after the financial crisis by another executive new to the organization. All was great until I attempted to make changes to improve the lack of controls that led (in part) to historical... —  read more 

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Politically motivated

Fannie Mae is a heavily political company, no different than any other in terms of promotions and growth. You may have a great track record of completing projects in a timely manner but unless you are part of the crowd or a “yes” man don’t expect to... —  read more 

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