Topics regarding layoffs at FedEx Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at FedEx Corp.

I have no issues with this

Is anybody here really going to lose any sleep over officers and directors who barely do anything and are paid significantly more than any of us who do all the heavy lifting (figuratively and literally)? I'm certainly not. This is the kind of layoff... —  read more 

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Thinking about leaving?

No work-life balance here. I've became a bitter and tired old man. If I had any other option, I would leave immediately because this company is literally draining people. I believe that most employees are still here only for the reason that they have... —  read more 

It's time to leave

Nothing good can come out of this. They might not be mentioning layoffs other than for the closing stores yet, but I'm guaranteeing you it's coming. Not to mention, they'll cut our hours but they'll still expect us to do the same amount of work in... —  read more 

FedEx the bully

Is it customary for FedEx to deny benefits when you are injured on the job? Or when THEIR doctor recommends surgery for a very painful spine injury which is needed ASAP? So they ignore any communication from doctors and lawyers because they don’t... —  read more 

Are we next?

How long before the layoffs hit our side of the pond? I know things are going good right now, but with the vaccine things will probably start to return to normal soon and the boost we received will dissipate. That's probably why we didn't provide an... —  read more 

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Europe is about to get hit hard

Mostly TNT Express people will be affected but it's possible it will not be limited in scope. 6,300 people is not a small number, so anything could happen. From what I understand this was in plans even before the pandemic, so I doubt people will be... —  read more 

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Stay away from FedEx

You don't want to work there. The end plan seems to be to move almost all IT to outsourced vendors. Pay is stagnant and benefits get worse each year. I have worked there for 5 years, they are currently trying to force out old timers with needed... —  read more 

More layoffs to come

FedEx is going to lay off employees in cross border division, they are trying to keep it a secret and going to do it before the new fiscal year June 2019 - so they do not have to pay out employees earned vacation. There likely will be more layoffs at... —  read more 

Their purpose is plain and out front.. to reduce long term head count and replace with younger less expensive employees.

Older employees cost more in benefits and base. you can sign off on it and ask to take it but are not guaranteed to get it, if you are critical or outside their target audience. Offshore is temporary, and is being replaced by moving to public clouds... —  read more 

FedEx / Frequent Buyouts

I was with Fedex for a very long time, they offer this every few years because they had a no lay off policy. I chose to take the buyout and they gave me a beautiful severance package. Couldn’t have made a better move, even though I loved working for... —  read more 

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Yes, no, yes, no...

OMG, so much drama. For the folks that are not with the company any more, rest assured, the news about the buyouts are true but it's unlikely there will be a cut following it. If you remember, we had a buyout offered in 2012 and i think 1,500 people... —  read more 

Buyout offer

Four weeks of gross base pay for every year worked (needs to be continuous) at Fedex... When you add all weeks up it cannot exceed two years. I think you max out on the buyout if you have more than 26 years of service with FedEx (26 years x 4 weeks =... —  read more 

Any details on buyouts?

Now that we know FedEx will offer us buyouts, does anybody know when can we expect to learn some of the details? Such as what the offer is going to be? Also, it'd be good to know if only salaried or hourly as well will receive the offer. I really... —  read more 

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