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So many people losing their livelihoods - I still don't believe this was the only possible solution. Maybe the easiest one for management at Fiat Chrysler, but definitely not the only one... read more
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We will invest $4.5 billion and create 6,500 jobs at five plants in Michigan

It's starting!

Layoffs at Fiat Chrysler are starting with nearly 1,400 people being let go from Jeep Cherokee plant in Belvidere. And I'm betting you this is just a preview of what's to come really soon. Thousands more will be laid off before the end of the year... read more

FCA Chrysler layoffs 2019

I see a ton of posts on GM and Ford but nothing here? Why is that? Are people beyond the point where they care to share info?

Fiat Chrysler layoffs January 2018

More layoffs from Fiat Chrysler, this time it's in Toledo. Close to 100 jobs will be affected when the company closes its terminal. This goes hand in hand with other companies that announce bonuses in one breath and layoffs in the next one. Talk... read more
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Fiat/Chrysler is at it again - LAYOFFS IN PROGRESS

It's not as big of a layoff as some predicted but here we are anyway - 92 will be laid off in Toledo:
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