Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

Dynamic Schedule

It was confirmed in a Q&A at the end of some FREC Region presentation that the current “Dynamic” schedule will be in place through May. (Hopefully that sticks). It was also mentioned that they will probably continue to update 900 SMT and possibly not... —  read more 

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I had the privilege of sitting in on a “Heads of” meeting where it seem like a huge change in leadership is on the horizon. Seems a restructuring of the chairman’s responsibility will start Q2. The progressive era as it was called should take a lot... —  read more 

Pulse survey

I usually drag fidelity through the wringer but I notice they always have a spectacular score. I know there are so many that are frustrated with the company, especially with no holiday bonus. I really recommend we as a group of frustrated employees... —  read more 

Robotic sheep

This company never lets you have an independent thought or view. You aren’t a unique human but simply a number and a very small cog in a machine to run Abby Johnson’s empire.


Today Joe mumbled his unquestioning support for the old school "everybody in the office" line. So much for a progressive and forward-thinking tech organization. I guess it's all over but the crying now, just need to ready up our resumes and join... —  read more 

Promoted but not satisfied

I worked very hard to be promoted and I finally got the promotion. But now, when I compare how my much responsibilities have grown and how much of a salary increase I received, I wonder if it was all worth the effort. Anyone else dissatisfied after... —  read more 

New year is going to hurt

Five days a month, minimal raises, low pay, bloated company, internal fighting, and some future announcements. Start applying, there’s a reason why there’s so many overworked managers. I can’t say too much but I’ll answer questions that are public... —  read more 

Fidelity Politics

I’ve been here since the start of covid in the Spring of 2020. It feels to me like there are a lot of politics with this company. How do I get ahead if my manager is mediocre and doesn’t like me? What can I do? It’s even more difficult because I... —  read more 

Finra 50% rule

Is there still a finra rule that requires licensed reps to be in the office 50% of the time? Or was that BS? My manager is telling me we are going to most likely be allowed to work from home 1 day a week moving forward. Anyone else hear anything... —  read more 

Reasons to stay here?

The more I work, the more work they add to my plate. Expectations from employees are very unrealistic and there is too much stress. What frustrates me the most is that bosses try to minimize employees' efforts and devalue them. It surprises me that... —  read more 

5 day connect weeks?

I know Abby said something about upping the connect week requirement to 5 days (from 3) starting next year. Why hasn't the company addressed this in any other communications or updated the policy page? This is a non-trivial change and people will... —  read more 

Cookie Cutter

Everything Fidelity does is cookie cutter. The financial advice, the financial plans and products, the bs lip service from mediocre managers. The only good thing about that place is the profit sharing plan and 401k match. Btw they are getting sued... —  read more 

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