Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

Tips for a newish business analyst?

BA here with about 2 years of experience. Feeling very lost about what direction my career should go. If you were me, what tips would you give? My goal is to work in product dev/technology. What certs should I get? Any advice welcome.

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The "New" Fidelity

Wow, someone who didn't like Haley chirped in this article

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Long successful career

Some have made enviable careers here, I know that, but I’m not sure if it’s still possible to grow a long successful career here? I have been here for five years and despite all my efforts I have not been able to make any career progress. I'm... —  read more 

Base Pay Sux

Been toiling for 15 years and have received 3 base pay raises of measly amounts (total about 5k). Total compensation is ok due to shares and bonus, but ffs why are so many associates supposed to absorb base pay cuts you? The corp mantra is "we pay... —  read more 

Omicron and RTO?

How do associates feel about voluntary RTO over the coming weeks, given that the Omicron variant starting to circulate? Are you planning to come into the office before year-end?

Not an inspiring atmosphere

I’m getting tired of the competitive atmosphere such as the one at Fido. I have worked before in very competitive environments, but here it has been raised to a higher level. It’s not at all inspiring environment in which coworkers are pitted against... —  read more 

So much stress

I am satisfied with pay but I'm wondering if, for this amount of work and unrealistic expectations, I could do a lot better mentally and compensation wise somewhere else? The stress is huge and it's starting to affect my health.

Vaccine bonus? Nope!

Yesterday’s Fidelity central headline about Abby seeing payoff from going back on site made me think we were getting a bonus like Vanguard and Schwab but apparently it meant Abby would see a payoff not us.

9/30 VBOs

Another round of VBO people are leaving tomorrow. I wish them all good luck, hope they have a long retirement and are able to spend more time with family and friends. Please post and let us know how life is on the other side. Final round will... —  read more 


Wonder if the 'new progressive fido' will actually act in any sort of fashion; actions do speak louder than words.

Annual Review Shenanigans

Time to dust off your prose and put together your greatest hits from the past performance year. You can re-live those fond memories, like: stalling progress, stifling creativity, afternoon wfh naps, diversity training, agile enablement, diversity... —  read more 

Fear of a new beginning?

I managed to find a new job in less than a month of searching. I don’t know why I’ve been hesitant to try before. I thought it would be a lot harder, so I didn't even try. Honestly, I’m still a little scared of a fresh start, but that’s negligible... —  read more 

Make a plan

So many people seem to be worried about their future here yet so few are actually preparing for the worst. The more you prepare, the less the future looks uncertain and the fewer things you have to worry about. Change what you can and learn to live... —  read more 

2 - 5 year plan?

Fidelity has experienced "record" growth in the past few year. Record growth of hiring & promoting inexperienced/under-qualified people into positions to check D&I boxes. Record growth of unprofitable accounts that will lose money for the firm... —  read more 

what was in VBO package?

I heard this time 40% eligible people have taken VBO. Curious to know what wat the VBO package? I have VP who was getting promotion to SVP is taking buyout. Anyone knows why this time number of VBO is higher than compared to last time?

Sinking Ship

One of Fidelity's stated keystone values is jobs and promotions are based on merit. This tenet could not be farther from the truth. They are now all caught up with Critical Race Theory and being Woke. Jobs are being given to folks not based on merit... —  read more 

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