Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

Too much stress

It seems to me that Fido used to be a much more relaxed workplace. I’m not saying there was no stress, but now it's astronomically high. Am I exaggerating if I say that more than half of the employees here are facing a burnout? I was even... —  read more 

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Crypto + 401k = Crazy

Offering crypto in a 401k to people who don't even understanding mutual funds will make for a customer service nightmare. It will take patience that I know I don't have to try and explain crypto to our client base. WTF is Abby thinking? God help... —  read more 

Investing a lot of effort

I really care about keeping the job here and do a lot of overtime, giving it my best. However, I get discouraged when they tell me it’s not worth it. I still refuse to believe it. It is impossible that putting in effort is not worth it.

Huge loads for VPs

Fidelity is overworking their technical VPs. Stuck between sheett leadership and squads where good ICs are leaving for better opportunities. Ignore this group at your own risk. No added comp and all addl workloads. Seriously, f- this place. Time to... —  read more 

Ready for RTO?

Get ready. The Silent Generation and Boomer executives are ready to start herding associates back to mandatory days in the office, because that's the only way they know how to manage and enforce their command and control. A$$hats. All of them.

Offshore layoffs

Rumor mill says Fidelity to lay off workers in China and India due to those countries support of Russia. Expected to close some shops and concentrate remaining workers to single location.

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