Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

They always want more

This has become unbearable. When will our superiors learn when enough is enough? They are overwhelming employees with so much work, my colleagues are starting to accept lower paying jobs just because they can't stand such pace of work anymore.

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Don’t think I can wait for another VBO. I’m crazy for not taking it last year. Meeting with HR to talk discuss retirement. Does anyone know if retirees get any payout other than bonus and pro-rates shares. Someone mentioned a retirement payout, but I... —  read more 


I feel pressured to contribute to the PAC even though I don't agree with the majority of the politicians that Fidelity supports. I would rather see Fidelity drop the PAC like Schwab did.

Quiet Quitting

Let’s face it, the work ethic has changed with younger generation coming into the workforce (rightfully so). Us older workers really should not try to pick up the slack and add to our stress level. I recommend we start “quiet quitting” to reduce our... —  read more 

Why is fidelity hiring so much

Other companies are laying off or pausing hiring, meanwhile fidelity is still hiring like crazy. Does Fid have an endless pile of cash or are they just going to do layoffs later? Also why are we hiring so much?? I don't think the growth is there

Dynamic working

How is everyone’s manager handling the dynamic working? My manager keeps insisting there’s someone in the office all 5 days of the connect week so we have “representation”, which seems like pointless face time. We’re a small team, so essentially 1... —  read more 

Breaking point

I am not at all proud to be one of those long-term sufferers here at Fido. The reason is that I know that there is no ideal company, and after many years here I am also feeling anxious about having to adapt again somewhere else. However, the stress... —  read more 

Fidelity vs Roku

Looking right now... Have some good options, what do you think... I got 2 offers (Data Scientist), one from Fidelity, one from Roku. Both are in the same city (United States). Fidelity: Total comp: 250 k per year (Base: 180 k, Bonus: 70k) Roku:... —  read more 

Clepto Currency Shocker, the court will be on Abby's side. Who knew?

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Too much stress

It seems to me that Fido used to be a much more relaxed workplace. I’m not saying there was no stress, but now it's astronomically high. Am I exaggerating if I say that more than half of the employees here are facing a burnout? I was even... —  read more 

Crypto + 401k = Crazy

Offering crypto in a 401k to people who don't even understanding mutual funds will make for a customer service nightmare. It will take patience that I know I don't have to try and explain crypto to our client base. WTF is Abby thinking? God help... —  read more 

Investing a lot of effort

I really care about keeping the job here and do a lot of overtime, giving it my best. However, I get discouraged when they tell me it’s not worth it. I still refuse to believe it. It is impossible that putting in effort is not worth it.

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