Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

Layoffs or VBO?

Heard this angle from three leaders in upper management of three different BUs. Since the cost of living, inflation is hurting people more than executives projected a while back, they don’t expect the same amount of attrition when we have to return... — read more 

Former Fidelity Advisors For those former Fidelity Advisors who are interested in this. Law firm is Rogge Dunn Group in Dallas, Texas. Case number is: 3:24-cv-01078 Email address contact... — read more 

Mental Health

Have you seen a lot of people in your groups/orgs taking leaves due to mental health/stress issues? I’ve seen an increase in my group and now one person (in management) announced their leaving and two others are quitting. Along with mult people... — read more 

D & I

Has more employees than many revenue generating BU's and has half a dozen VPs. I don't think they were affected in the most recent round of layoffs. THAT IS NUTS.

LinkedIn Award

Fidelity just announced that they’ve been awarded LinkedIn Top 20 Company to work for. How adorable! Must be all of those “zany” events they throw for employees. I’m sure all the Fidelity shills will celebrate and promote this on their LinkedIn... — read more 

Albuquerque location

What up with Albuquerque location. They closed half the center. They lease the building to themselves and could pack up the center anytime and leave .. and management is acting cagey. I'm telling you something is up.

Good morning

Wishing those laid off all the best. Hoping you all find opportunities that are less stressful and make you happy. For those that are still there, hoping morale gets better and that you eventually get good leadership. Enjoy every day of WFH, put you... — read more 

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