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Layoffs in tech for FI

People layed off in Covington and across FBT. I heard there is another layoff for operations and other departments.
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fitness reimbursement

I replied on my own to FINRA 8210 letter and I was sure it was a thorough and accurate response. Last week I got another 8210 letter. Did anyone else experience this?


Anyone hear about this ? Fidelity calls the charge an “infrastructure fee.” The fee reportedly amounts to 0.15 percent of not only Fidelity customer assets, but also of the mutual-fund company’s industry-wide assets. It was implemented in 2016... read more

Latest on layoffs?

Any news on layoffs? There were mentions of another round in February but then all talk of it died down. I'm hoping that means the rumor was debunked as false, but it would be nice to know for sure. I know we'll be seeing more layoffs in 2019, but... read more

Market in the toilet = layoffs

Worst week since 2008, which was the last time there were deep layoffs at the company. PAS / mutual fund revenue just took a 20% haircut in the last few months. Money markets are the new cash cow, but is it enough to keep the ax from coming down?

Nepotism at Fidelity

What do you think about it? I’m referring mainly to local managers bringing in their kids, taking better jobs away.

T-Minus 31 days and counting

So here I am, it was a good run, Boston times were fun, very fun and I was not s-xist and discriminatory, but I guess I will need to pay the price for my forefathers. You really have to wonder what you get for being a good, clean and honest person at... read more

Bonus ?

For all of you who complain about Abby and her greed ... what do you think of the 20% bonus most associates will receive next week in addition to the 10% Profit Sharing we receive in January ? I don't that that is greed at all.

A good interview with the CEO

Ran across this interview online and I found it to be a good read. The CEO and the chief of the Personal Investment Unit discuss the current situation at the company and the plans for the future. For those who are interested in this, the interview is... read more

Yet again.

New VBO?

Friend of mine heard from secretary today, that new VBO will be offered in October, for those 55+.

Dark Side at Fidelity

Fake news? Call me skeptical. Given what’s going on in our country, I no longer believe everything I read. So many of these large corporations are playing... read more

About time Fidelity gets sued

For years they have employees working hours daily without pay, because the company is so cheap (tight). Hourly employees with families. They want to give away the kitchen sink to clients at the expense of their employees. Then when an employee messes... read more

Sic transit gloria Fidelis...

They are forcing out army of qualified technology people, to supposedly cut expenses, yet they are keeping tons of “dead wood” around in areas that contribute nothing to the bottom line. Technology jobs are going to the foreigners with H1 visas, or... read more

No Investigation

I was let go late last year, however there were no investigators. I was placed on leave by my manager and told I was part of an internal investigation and would be contacted by HR shortly. My manager called me several days later and stated “the firm... read more

Layoffs in October 2018

I've heard through 4 different sources that more layoffs are coming later this year. I am not certain if there will be a package attached or what sectors will be targeted. I do believe that the technology sector will be among the targeted groups... read more

FINRA changes

Not sure how this will affect the reimbursement investigation....
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I got old

I am 52 and was laid off as of September 1, 2017. I was told I was able to be rehired if I applied for another position. I recently applied for a position and was turned down. I did almost 11 years on the phone. I was told that an internal employee... read more


This company has gone insane. I've heard that there has been a recent uptick in people voluntarily leaving the firm. Not over these reimbursements, but due to a drastic shift in the overall corporate culture. I've been out of Fidelity for a while... read more

Layoffs in EI

Was RIF'd today. Completely unexpected (didn't even occur to me today was the second Tuesday of the month). I'm not upset. But this company really needs to figure out what it's doing, what it is, and what it wants to be. If you want to be a tech... read more

Really disappointed in Media/Blogs

So many legitimate concerns have been raised but all that’s been printed was essentially a Fidelity press release. This is coming from an active employee who’s extremely happy working at Fidelity. I want the company to be very successful. Although, I... read more

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