Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

HR Verbal Warnings

HR is forcing Directors to give verbal warnings they deem warranted regarding Dynamic Week attendance issues. Maybe some are justified, I don’t know. September should be interesting!!

Not enough work

Things have slowed down significantly in my BU to the point where there is not enough work to go around for the number of people they hired. A similar thing is happening where I am (unless we're by some unlikely coincidence the same BU). Is this a... —  read more 

Sept Dynamic Changes

Anyone in SMT hear anything about what changes will come to Dynamic once we hit September? I don’t know how they will fit people into 900 if we’re going back anywhere near full time. And FREC said we won’t have a presence in 500 some time soon. Just... —  read more 

No care for the future

Honestly. Systems have been breaking left and right, things are just unreliable and clients are beginning to notice. Pay top dollar for the top people, we have the money to do it. We either have stupid leadership or they do not care about the... —  read more 

Cloud, Crypto, AI or Digital

Fidelity is expanding in 4 major areas to play catch-up with the industry: Cloud, Crypto, AI and Digital. Question is, if they had to cut one of the above, which would it be? My vote is crypto first and then slow down AI progress.

Fidelity has Trust Issues

Monitoring badge swipes. Monitoring email. Monitoring chat. Monitoring remote device usage. Monitoring training. Filtering Q&A in Company mtgs And please don’t say this is for security reasons, that is how all dictators justify it.


I'm resigning in the next week or two. Found a role externally paying 35% more for the same work with a little more responsibility at $150K. Is there a limit managers can offer in terms of counter offers if one is made? I've been rated EP 3 years... —  read more 

Fidelity Ireland Rumours

I saw couple of comments here on Fidelity Ireland down sizing. As far as I know Ireland is on a hiring spree, lot of crucial projects are based there, and has an excellent reputation in Engineering excellence. Is there any Truth to these rumours.

AI @ Fidelity, Your Job

Fid is dipping it's toes in to practical generative AI. Trusted engineers and service reps will soon be getting access to tools that are currently blocked, as part of a small pilot. Are you worried? More than an outright reduction in workforce, AI... —  read more 

FPWA is a train wreck

All the different structural changes and market changes have leadership running around with their heads cut off. I’m getting conflicted feedback from every single person in leadership on how to progress in this organization. They won’t promote me but... —  read more 

SVB and Fidelity

The advisor RIA side of SVB resides on the Institutional platform. After taking over Boston Private and KLS (which are huge clients in their own right), I think SVB is either the largest or among the largest in Custody. Could lose a lot of assets and... —  read more 

RIF Soon?

Some organizations are adding thousands while others don’t backfill even with volumes rising and new clients being onboarded. The level of service is slipping big time with CLS’s, the quality is suffering and large institutional clients are... —  read more 

Step up Abby

You’re a major presence in 2 states with backwater governors, Florida and Texas. Now is the time to step up and show them that corporate America, not they, call the shots.

Dynamic Schedule

It was confirmed in a Q&A at the end of some FREC Region presentation that the current “Dynamic” schedule will be in place through May. (Hopefully that sticks). It was also mentioned that they will probably continue to update 900 SMT and possibly not... —  read more 


I had the privilege of sitting in on a “Heads of” meeting where it seem like a huge change in leadership is on the horizon. Seems a restructuring of the chairman’s responsibility will start Q2. The progressive era as it was called should take a lot... —  read more 

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