Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity Investments

India Covid Pandemic

Our hearts go out to all of colleagues in India during the terrible Covid outbreak throughout India. Wishing you, family and friends good health and speedy recoveries. Nice to see Fidelity stepping up and helping its offshore employees.

VBO Final Document

This final agreement is difficult to read. I feel like I need to hire a lawyer go thru it. Is everyone just signing it? Is there anything in this document to be concerned about?


Every single programmer and analyst I know is gearing up for Apple jobs coming to RTP. RTP is becoming crowded with companies that pay better than Fidelity. The new Apple campus is going to be practically next door to Fidelity's Durham... —  read more 

You are being targeted

I am astonished that some people are NOT taking the VBO. D&I plus the new 4 Growth plan just means they are looking for ways to RIF people in the near future. Just about every worker over 55 is in the "What's Next" bucket of 4 Growth. You are... —  read more 

Perfect Storm?

Adoption of Agile/Scrum. Complete re-write of code base for AWS migration away from old IBM codebase. Second VBO for senior employees familiar with old codebase and business logic. D&I hiring and quick advancement of inexperienced... —  read more 

VBO Exit Date

For those taking the VBO the next step is to get your VBO agreement on 4/12, which I'm told will include your exit date. My understanding it that most people will leave on 6/30 but it can be pushed to 9/30 or 12/31 based on business need. Does... —  read more 


I am curious. Most of the people here who say they received a VBO offer are over 50. Which makes sense, since I assumed this would be aimed at older employees with more years within the company to get rid of those with the highest pay. However, I... —  read more 

I took the VBO

I accepted the VBO offer. I am excited and a little scared at the same time. Overall, I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m sleeping better than I’ve had been in years. I’ve spent half my life at Fidelity and excited to move... —  read more 

Take it, or not?

If you got the VBO offer, then I suggest that you take it. Last time the VBO was offered, a ton of people who decided not to take it got laid off after the offer expired. If you got a VBO offer, then you are on the list for removal. You are... —  read more 

Return to office

Now that they are piloting return to the office plans, are people who won’t go back going to be laid off? Many comments to the video suggest they want to keep working from home, don’t feel comfortable going back to the office, etc. Seems Fido will... —  read more 

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