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Return to office

Now that they are piloting return to the office plans, are people who won’t go back going to be laid off? Many comments to the video suggest they want to keep working from home, don’t feel comfortable going back to the office, etc. Seems Fido will... —  read more 

Fidelity sunk 1B in the Permian

Just curious to know how many people if any know Boston sunk 1B in the Permian Basin? The asset continues to bleed red. Mass layoffs for field and office staff. DNR board know what they allowed to happen. Consequences????

Hiring already laid off people

Since Fidelity has been spreading the news about hiring about, it sounds like, 1.5 million people, have they rehired any people previously laid off?

Voluntary Buyouts

TIAA just announced: Anyone here anything for Fidelity?

Having a job doesn’t equate to talent!

It could be that you can provide minimum viable product for cheap and they will shed you like dead skin as soon as you cross the line on the pay scale they designed. Suddenly (overnight) the world you were praised for, given recent bonuses and... —  read more 

Moving assets out of Fidelity

After 11 years of mistreatment as a worker I've got fed up and I will be moving my assets out of Fidelity. I have a complicated personal situation that prevents me from quitting and moving on, but as a customer I am done. I'll be suggesting this move... —  read more 

What should I tell them?

I’m a current employee at Fidelity and trying to get a family member and also a good friend to apply to Fidelity... They would be a perfect match for the company and they don’t want to because of the ugly perception of how Fidelity has mistreated... —  read more 


From previous article: “The median estimated compensation for Fidelity executives including base salary and bonus is $235,987 annually. Highly compensated executives make $652,000, according to the site.”

Begging for PTO

If you are not an exempt employee, what is your favorite technique of begging for time off at Fidelity?

I got old

I am 52 and was laid off as of September 1, 2017. I was told I was able to be rehired if I applied for another position. I recently applied for a position and was turned down. I did almost 11 years on the phone. I was told that an internal employee... —  read more 

Changes coming to compensation structure? Looks like SVP + only for now. I know a a few SVP's who recently... —  read more 

Not buying the job mobility push

For several years Fidelity has been pushing the job mobility thing. Being a white male in my 50s, I was resisting it for a long time because I didn't want to end up the new, inexperienced, guy on a team and be easy pickin's to lay off. But, in the... —  read more 

This makes very little sense

Why is Fidelity letting go of our top talent without even attempting to keep them? And I'm not referring to layoffs, but those who are quitting to join our competitors and are finding zero resistance from Fidelity. Nobody is trying to keep them by... —  read more 

Ageism in the workplace - AARP

Great cover article on ageism in the workplace in AARP Bulletin mag this month. Ageism in the workplace is widespread and it’s very difficult to fight and prove. Some states have better laws than others for protecting older workers. It’s worth a read... —  read more 

October layoffs at Fidelity

Yes definately more coming in October and then more in Q1. Face it, Vanguard has 6000 employees and Fidelity has 50000. Who is getting all the new money? I agree -rip off the band aid and get it over with quickly but hard to do with stocks at all... —  read more 

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Bonus ?

For all of you who complain about Abby and her greed ... what do you think of the 20% bonus most associates will receive next week in addition to the 10% Profit Sharing we receive in January ? I don't that that is greed at all.

Fidelity Computer Reimbursement - Class Action

When’s the class action going down with this? It’s clear as day that Fidelity made these mass terminations knowing that revenue declines were on the horizon. I’m sure that Fidelity made assumptions that they can not prove to terminate so many... —  read more 


Does anyone know when salaried employees will have their bonus paid out? I’ve heard rumors of both the 6th and the 13th of December.

Be smart, not just old.

(This was a reply to a different post. May work here too.) There will be reductions. So, be smart about it. Not angry. Fidelity is run by a very few, very protected people. Just look around. It’s easier to dump thousands of calls on reps instead of... —  read more 

Age discrimination class action?

Considering that the large majority of those laid off are 50 or over, I was wondering if a class action based on ageism against Fidelity would be a possibility. My wife is one those who were laid off, and she said that in her department there is... —  read more 

People need to learn new skills

As somebody said in another thread, too many people at Fidelity who are complaining about layoffs are those who have not even tried to keep up with the changing times and now their pay does not match their skill set. If your skills do not match... —  read more 

Future is uncertain...

Our costs are down, but prices are down too... A typical ETF charges 0.1% a year, compared with perhaps 1% for an active fund. You can buy ETFs on your phone. An ongoing price war means the cost of trading has collapsed, and markets are... —  read more 

Reimbursement programs

SIAP but sounds like there is an internal audit where they are reviewing employee reimbursements submitted. From what I heard people have already been let go. Not sure if this is ongoing or not, but just an FYI


A lot of these offshoring firms on US Soil are hiring those seasoned & older employees. In terms of Fidelity, there are a lot of folks that had been let go over the past few years and those that participated in the VBO are now working for a lot of... —  read more 


Let's hear some stories of the firm handling this... Overreactions? Only certain people getting in trouble.

saved from reimbursement bs

My previous comment got deleted....strange.. Anyways my lawyer got me off with a warning from this Fidelity $hit, no mark on U5 or CRD. Neda literally saved my career. Ain't cheap but you get what you pay for

Sound Familiar?

IBM laying off older workers to make room for mellenials:

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New WI Layoffs

Heard new layoffs in WI now they have gone full agile. 200 plus over the last two weeks or so. Multiple locations.

The only guarantee is there will be reductions

The only guarantee is there will be reductions...(This is Fidelity we are talking about!) Whether it’s wrapped in a silver VBO wrapper, or poorly disguised as a ham handed “re-org / eliminations (by conference call) with ‘new jobs’ for which everyone... —  read more 

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