Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Don’t think you’re safe!

Days are numbered if you are a remote employee who wasn’t asked to relocate. Replacement staff are being hired in COE locations and you’re management not only expects you to welcome them but train them too.

Bye Bye Fiserv....

Fiserv was never perfect but it was a place one could come in and perform and expect to be rewarded for a job well done. This culture was destroyed when First Data acquired Fiserv. I know the headlines say vice versa but it did not play out this way... —  read more 

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Thinking of Lincoln?

Is Lincoln, Ne a safe place to live? With a crime rate of 38 per one thousand residents, Lincoln has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. What are... —  read more 

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FI = $116

The only folks buying this $30 stock is Fiserv through its buyback pgms. Once the cap is reached. Watch out! I am glad I don’t own a single share. Anyone working at Fiserv, observing the daily circus 🤡, and holding this stock is reckless! —  read more 

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So confused

Fiserv determined my location where there is no life after Fiserv, and was told together is better, but if I don’t relocate , an inexperienced, REMOTE consultant associate can do my job? FB and his gangs are acting like 3rd graders. They have no... —  read more 


Thank you Lincoln team! Even the friends already in Lincoln are stating and questioning why would anyone make the move! After Fiserv, you have to move again. The COE is an old dump! This is not Columbus, Charlotte, Raleigh, Atlanta or Orlando! Run!... —  read more 

Stay Together

For those of us on the relocation meetings last week. If the majority of us say NO this plan which was hastily put together falls apart. What are they going to do? Maybe they'd still move forward but they'd have even more explaining to do with... —  read more 

FD acquisition by Fiserv

Frank was handed a Xmas gift in the middle of the year. We were so stupid and it is the mistake of the century : FD stock was trading $22, company totally destroyed by Frank, received 30% premium on his huge ownership of FD stocks. FD was in... —  read more 

Talk with me?

Hi there, I'm still interested in talking with current and former employees about what's going on at the company. Please reach out -- Thanks, Caitlin Mullen, Payments Dive reporter

Lack of information

It has been over a week since JG held his no questions asked townhall announcing this and since GW held his morning session answering questions for those of us having to relocate. There are still no details on this. When does a decision need to be... —  read more 


Our new Ohio office is in the most trendy part of Columbus with craft beer on tap. Not sure what you all are complaining about

Division Bell

Which business units are affected by the relocate or leave fiasco unfolding? I know a handful of people who live nowhere near an office and are permanently remote in GBS (non IT roles). Will they, too, be affected eventually?

Imagine a Fiserv...

Where one could focus on their job vs rather if they were going to keep their job? Where it did not matter where you worked as long as the work got done, which it did without fail. Then OFD/Frank came a long...


The world has changed my friends. Sadly this is what corporate America is now. I tell my kids, become a plumber or an electrician but whatever you do, be your own boss. Because corporate America leaders are pretty much all D bags

Fiserv in Name Only

Fiserv is in name only. Notice how many original First Data employees have been promoted to high VP positions and others like directors, and many of those are in BH. People in charge of departments they know nothing about, because they work in BH and... —  read more 


Go to workday. Look at all the consultants being added to the groups impacted. Take screen shots ask your managers what is going on. Also be sure to look at where they work! Replacing remote employees with remote consultants makes perfect sense!

Just Another Con Job?

Seems like just another con job using the same old tried-and-true recipe. Take over a company and then pillage it, break it up, sell off whatever’s sellable, outsource whatever’s outsourcable, slash staff, cut quality, reduce service, and in the... —  read more 

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