Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fiserv Inc.

Not going to

I’m not uprooting my family to move to a city I’ve never been to. I’m not trusting fiserv to not fire me after I move. I’m not trusting current leadership even knows how to run this company. I hope I get some severance but either way, I’m out —  read more 

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Thinking of switching roles

I've been having trouble finding a new job so I recently decided to try and switch to a new role within Fiserv to add more skills to my resume and make myself more marketable. That will keep me here for at least another year or two but considering... —  read more 

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Shady sh!t in Pacific NW

Was given my package Sept 2nd. I work for card services and they shut the Beaverton Oregon location for gawd sake! I only see a check if I'm still around on Dec 31st. Decent package but no thanks. I'll take Door #2 instead. Show me the line for the... —  read more 

Too bad.............

Too bad that there isn't SOME way to notify all or most of our clients to let them know how many people will be leaving the company due to this RTO mandate. Not that FB would change his tune but clients would at least given a heads-up that... —  read more 

It can only get worse here

Judging by the situation as this year is coming to an end, I can't even imagine what awaits us here next year. More work? Generally less valued employees? My only hope is that I will find a new job and that in 2022 I will not even be here.

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All of the negativity

I am not saying it is unjustified, I just wish exec leadership cared. If your line staff is frustrated, burned out, on an exit plan, formally remote being forced into an office etc., how do you not expect this to impact client support/satisfaction... —  read more 

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The plan

Frank and Guy will spend the one time cost budget from the merger. Costs will plummet due to the massive relocation layoff. The stock will pop because it’ll look extremely profitable on paper. Frank and Guy will exit with hundreds of millions of... —  read more 

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Lincoln longevity

Whenever Frank is asked to list out the go-forward locations, he mentions Omaha but not Lincoln. I think it's safe to say that Lincoln's remaining buildings will be sold off, in favor of having everyone commute to Omaha. Except that nobody wants to... —  read more 

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The HR shills

You know the HR shills can and will post on here all day long. (Obviously nothing better to do) However, what I know for a fact and what is real is this - the number of people working at Fiserv (Should really be called First Data) who are... —  read more 

Run away if you can

Folks under 40 who can easily find a job somewhere else shouldn't be playing the "wait and see" game. If you can leave, nothing should be stopping you from walking out the door. I can guarantee you that the future you are hoping to have here is not... —  read more 

Fiserv is cr-p

Fiserv has unfortunately become a dying breed in the fintech world with lousy customer support all thanks to Frank himself. He does not care about the people who have been there for years and has pushed people out the door. Quality people who are... —  read more 

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It’s a layoff

1 week to make a life altering decision to move to a city you’ve never been to. Folks it’s a layoff, not a relocation. And the leaders are incented by % that quit. The more the better. How this affects operations? The crushing work load for... —  read more 

One positive thing

If Fiserv hadn’t rushed to tell me they don’t need me here anymore (relocation is just another term for cuts), I would have procrastinated for a long time looking for a better job. So I think the only positive thing in all this is that many will... —  read more 

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Frank the Tank

Fiserv is the epitome of BOD / CEO corruption. Any truly independent BOD would get rid of Frank. However, goes to show how much in bed these BODs are with CEO’s to line their own pockets. For any accountants still at Fiserv, leave now while you can... —  read more 

Account Processing - Signature

Hey here - anyone get a Relo package who is part of the Signature team in Schaumburg or Lake Mary? I am remote and don’t work out of either of those locations but wondering if I have a higher chance or lesser chance of getting a package.

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Re-hiring my a-s

Literally froze hiring for all of the company for months, and then dropped 1 person off of every team in the company while announcing the benefits of the new move to New Jersey and the "2000+" jobs it's creating there. Guess where those jobs came... —  read more 

Getting rid of ETSD?

Heard a rumor they are getting rid of the entire service desk and half the incident managers. Anyone know if this is true? The IMs were already overworked as it was..

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No news in DC

I am remote on the west coast in Digital Channels and haven't heard a peep about relocation. Any idea when I should expect the other shoe to drop?

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Left a month ago

Just wanted to come here and comment on how much lighter I feel, how much my mental health has improved since leaving and thanks to everyone to gave me advice on here and gave me the push to get out. If you're contemplating leaving, please do it, for... —  read more 

RTO d-mb question

Who exactly is complaining about RTO? People that were in the office before covid or people that have always been WFH? IMO if we were happy in the office in say December of 2019, then covid closed the offices and everyone WFH, and now they open the... —  read more 

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RTO Targets

Can anyone tell me why I’m being targeted to return to office, but a coworker that does the same exact job as me, AND lives in a city with a Fiserv office, is still considered remote? I feel like I’m being discriminated against, since there is no... —  read more 

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