Topics regarding layoffs at Fluor Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fluor Corp.


What is going to happen Sept 24th? The company is so far gone. Houston looks like rats leaving the ship. Everyone is leaving; old, young, experienced.... So sad Fields is having to come down to the unwashed to find out what happened to Fluor. Why... —  read more 

Good Luck! Going to need it

Good luck to the young folks inheriting this mess. Hou has been beat down, told we are too old, not innovative, told our experience can be replaced by kids in Manila, belittled and talked down to repeatedly by our own leaders. Good luck on the next... —  read more 

New management

Fluor got rid of a lot of the people who knew what they were doing and brought in new blood that don't have a clue. Instead of bringing in talent that know how to run the business, they look at gender and ethnicity. Doesn't matter what your... —  read more 

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Failure of Engineering Companies Article describes the downfall of companies like fluor very well. "seem to have forgotten that it is the intellectual skills of the working project team that makes... —  read more 

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I would like to see Seaton, the board, Brittain, the mid level VPs and the rest of the merry gang be held accountable for what the did to the company. Everyone at the project level could have laid out what was happening to the company but mid level... —  read more 

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A message From David Seaton

Hello my peeps. I'm very excited to tell you about all of the exciting things happening at Fluor. First I would like to tell you about all of the new work coming up. There is a purple Barney dinosaur choo choo train project. This is a $200,000 dollar... —  read more 

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Fluor Brand

How far Fluor has fallen. Sugar land new office land up for sale.....HO office has trash cans catching rain from leaky roofs in charge at middle management levels....and below....I'm afraid Carlos and AB cant put lipstick on this —  read more 

Another one bites the dust

Construction is in free fall now. Dont believe the story about Jack Penley retiring. He quit. Shiva quit too. The dude who spoke up in the town hall. Houston will be a management office. That's where we are heading.

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Still peeling back the layers

Sorry Mark Fieldsl that you have been lied to. Welcome to what Fluor engineering has been dealing with. We escalated to the Joel's and Dan's of the company and were told we didnt get it and we were making it too complicated. Issues stopped and were... —  read more 

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Fluor is a cast system

Fluor is a cast system with the executive management as royalty and the remainder of employees as servants. Worst corporation I have every worked which does not value intellect of its engineering staff. I am relieved to be part of the recent layoff... —  read more 

New HR leadership is useless

I've seldom seen such ineffective group as the new HR leadership at Fluor. Seriously, who puts people in charge with no or very little project experience? They are utterly disconnected from how things are done in the field, which means that any... —  read more 

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Despicable practices

Just lost the contract in GA too to Bechtel. And holding people "hostage" at CPChem in Baytown while it is closed down from the storm by not allowing them to go back to work, refusing to give good layoffs and holding their boxes hostage as well. I've... —  read more 

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No Outsourcing

For those delusional employees who think Manila is the star of Fluor, you cannot boast about this for long. Lower O&G means client will no longer build facilities as they used to. Similar to Mining business. Biggest spending will now focus... —  read more 

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