Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

Topics regarding layoffs at Follett


Communication is still not at the level that it needs to be. Seems like the new company is going with the flow of the old company executives. We are still being directed with the same bad policy and mindsets that buried the company. It's a sad day... —  read more 

Very bad moves

Very bad moves have become the norm here. I'm not impressed at all. All recent leadership moves are destructive. I don’t remember the last time leadership made a good move. Do they even care about Follett's future? Or do they just have short-term... —  read more 

Congrats on “Promotion”

Glad to see JH get “promoted” to new business only. Her lack of leadership or even personal connection made her a horrible manager. Maybe the company will actually thrive without her in the way. Now it’s time to take the JH minion GVPs out of their... —  read more 

Store level expectations

I have heard that stores are expected (or being asked) to increase sales by 10% and to come up with ideas of how to do that. Anyone have suggestions? I can't imagine textbooks, it is a difficulty to sell them at all, nevermind a 10% increase.

Resume Updates!

I think we can all agree that brushing up our resumes is a good idea. What are some Follett-specific task, talents, or skills we can list? What do our store systems like coursetracks, mms, and corepos qualify as (other than trash)? Funny or serious... —  read more 

Everything is a deadline

I understand the need for deadlines, but we get absolutely pummeled with them. I don’t have high hopes, but I wish to see changes regarding excessive due dates. How can we possibly meet all of those without adequate amounts of staff?

Consider these four items

*google- the layoffs at CVS-Coremark. Because of the timing I would think it was begun while our new leaders were still in charge. *think of your salary. At 800 dollars a week that is 20 dollars an hour. The brand new employee at Subway, gas station... —  read more 

Action Required

The master/servant culture needs to end. And it starts at the top. The mindset of established “leaders” are self serving and will never contribute to a one team culture. The “we are the experts” mentality will keep driving poor results. The (we... —  read more 

Look up CVS on this site

Follett employees can see their future by looking up CVS on this (the layoff) site. “Love This” especially interesting. If you thought things were bleak before , it looks like things will only get worse.

What needs to change?

EK said he wants to know what needs to change. Let’s list them here. I will start it off with drop ship vendors, why are they sending product if it is not paid for? We should not be wasting time at store level collecting on bad debt. Why isn’t... —  read more 


Today is the long awaited day friends. Good luck and hope everyone fairs well. If they respected you, they would have told you first and not your business contacts. Let’s hope the next ‘leaders’ are actually that.

Don’t be delusional

Folks, you are sadly mistaken if you think working for a PE group isn’t about making shareholders money. You got a pretty good preview yesterday on the call. The one team culture. What do you think that means? From the research I did on the new... —  read more 

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