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Fall Semester

How are enrollments tracking for your campus for fall starts? How much loss revenue do you anticipate for course materials and do you feel digital texts will overtake print/print rental?

What is your store doing to protect you ?

We have no plexi at the registers whereas the whole entire campus has plexi up. We have no Lysol spray. We have no signs up saying masks required ( yes the campus does, but not us ). This is OSHA correct ???

R41 where are you?

SZ and JH should get a promotion based how they tanked R41 for the last 3 years. Who's left standing? Not many.

Temporary Layoff

Our "temporary" 90-day layoff is coming to an end in two weeks. The only communication from the home office was the memo about PC's forced retirement. I'm wondering when/if they are going to communicate with us to let us know our status. The $ 600... —  read more 

To the VP of inclusivity!

Don these threads sound inclusive to you? Sounds to me that a lot of folks are feeling left out. What are you doing to fix it?

Conference call etiquette

If you need to attend a conference call, please follow conference call etiquette. The host lets everyone know to mute their line. Can someone puhleeeeeeesssseeee explain to me what is so flipping hard about that? Again today we had to listen to some... —  read more 

10% pat cut

when am I getting my cut back? Working more, getting paid less, I got babies to feed.

Fall Term

How is Fall Term looking on your campus? Is your store open?


I'll bet my bonus there will be no bonus this year?

eFollett Up

After spending 50 million dollars, eFollett is up 10% while stores are down 70%. When will Follett leadership learn that stores are the primary and eFollett will always be a secondary channel. Stores lots of layoffs, eFollett no layoffs. ... —  read more 


Promise new products to save the company then furlough every one coding it while you keep pretending it will get completed on time. Values. Agile. Integrity. Yeah right.

April 22: PC quits

What other shakeups are pending at the Tower? TL assuming PC’s roles effective immediately.

Why are we hiring?

So many people have been laid off in the past two-three months, why are we now suddenly in the process of hiring? Why weren't those jobs offered to those who received their walking papers?

Move On!

Good Lord! I haven't been on here in a while, but can tell by a lot of the comments that many of you are the same people that have been whining and complaining about Follett for close to ten years! Is Follett perfect? No! Noone is forcing you to... —  read more 

Reaction emojis

I wish the Lay-off site would add reaction emojis. Rather than +/-, I would like to select the laughing emoji for almost every Follett post. Or an “I told you so” reaction. Chime in with an emoji you’d like to see.

B&N taking over

A ups rep let it slip (according to him) that B&N is buying out Follett. Anyone else here any rumors?

Hiring for RMs

A former co-worker from a previous job I had reached out to me and said he just applied for an RM position at Follett and wanted to know if I could lead him to the hiring manager. I told I've been laid off and don't know who is left. Well, apparently... —  read more 

Follett's mass employee purge

If your store is shut down because of a "stay at home" order by your state and your university is closed, all full and part time employees have been laid off. All temps were fired on 3/20. Salaried managers are to continue fulfilling online orders... —  read more 

staying home

Pay is better on unemployment than with follett. Plus don't have to deal with grumpy store manager and risk of catching virus from other employees and other customers. I am voting to stay at home till benefits run out till end of july . I am... —  read more 

Covid Cases

Does anyone know if any Follett employee working in the stores been tested positive? If so, what happened to the store? And what happened to that person?

This is how much follett loves you

I copied this off of my Linkedin feed. They're advertising to hire NEW employees seasonally. Distant hugs and kisses. Love and affection, TL Follett Higher Education Follett Higher Education 21,922 followers 5m • 5 minutes ago Raising our... —  read more 

Pay is Better to Stay at Home

I received my first unemployment payment today. The amount was larger than when I was working full-time at Follett. Some of my co-workers are still on the job......with a paycut. I think I have a full 13-week run of these expansive unemployment... —  read more 

Cal State Schools Announce Online for Fall

California State University, the nation’s largest four-year public university system, said on Tuesday that classes at its 23 campuses would be canceled for the fall semester, with instruction taking place almost exclusively online. This comes after... —  read more 

TL video

An email was sent out and then retracted about a video from TL. Who was able to see it and what was said? More boilerplate b—s—?

Thanks for the masks

Really high quality masks you sent. Thanks. /s Check out Best Buy. They sent their employees nice custom masks. Or any other retailer for that matter. These look like used whitey tidy underwear. These masks are a joke.

CHEGG is rising

CHEGG has great financial results due to is excellent management team and conservative strategy. CHEGG is the market leader, while follet is a laggard. Why?

Pat Connolly Resigns

Effective immediately and the Chairman of the Board, Todd Litzsinger will be the interim President and CEO. Pat was president since December 2017. Seems about the average tenure for a Follett CEO.


Layoffs that just a month ago were labeled “temporary” are now being tagged “indefinite” or “permanent.”

What happens to staff

What happens to staff that are brought back assuming the college is going to re open and they stay closed to students and outsiders

Reduction in pay

So I got my letter about reduction in pay, r.m. already alerted us a couple weeks ago. I am miffed that it says some employees and not all. My r.m. said it was across the board. I am still working, I am risking my health by not being in quarantine... —  read more 

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