Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Dear LL6: Stop othering the the GSR

As a GSR, do you feel othered by the supervisory staff and outdated notions of management. Do think they will apply pressure to return to the office when we have already proven we can effectively work from home?

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Separation Plans

Can Ford benefit from another employee separation plan such as PRP, VIP, SRD, or involuntary separations? The company has hired thousands of people to cover new initiatives, and one has to think payroll takes a toll. The rumor mill has been quiet... —  read more 

Next Big Recall?

Seems we get a significant recall weekly. Any suggestions on what’s coming next? Replacement chip failure, hot rot issues on parked F-150 issues, risky cost down implementations, etc. Curious Ford prospective customers want to know…..

Part Time - TWA Work

Anyone have experience with working part time (TWA ) there? Was my experience as bad as anyone else’s? I was a top performer in PF engineering for several years until I went part time to try and get pregnant and once I went part time, I was treated... —  read more 

Since I’ve retired

I turned in my notice last December. I thought I would miss it and oddly enough, I don’t. I am not of traditional retirement age, but thanks to good investments and my wife’s company having an excellent family plan I was able to retire a few years... —  read more 

Another Transit Recall.

Don’t drink the we own the segment from other posters. We continue to dilute brand value and customer confidence. Ford is recalling nearly 205,000 Transit Connect small vans in the U.S. and Canada to fix a problem that can stop the shift lever... —  read more 

Happy Ford SRD Day!

2 yrs ago today, Ford accelerated their current day getting rid of experienced and "older" talent, and replacing them with younger workers and yes men and women who obviously don't have the same aptitude. Ageism at its finest. Brown... —  read more 

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