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RIP Ford Fusion

Last Fusion moved through the assembly line in Mexico last Friday. It was a good product, just not profitable in a very competitive segment. Tough to displace really established competitors Accord and Camry.

Collect and Clear

So I participated in this (go in, empty out your desk, take home personal belongings). Similar feeling back in 2008, but worse. I know they have to redistribute seating for Covid, but I feel a bunch will never come back (either WFH, or separated from... —  read more 

We need Alan Mullaly!

I had a dream last that Alan is back at Ford. I wish it was true. I still can cope up with the fact that the new Ceo appointed has a different LAST NAME and not different strategy to make things work. Huh!


GDIA is growing organization. Not yet successful in providing meaningful insights. Ford hired (and still hiring) whole bunch of Data Geeks who do not have any domain knowledge (Auto). Result– Tons of graphs/ charts with no insights and wasting every... —  read more 

New Job postings

Does anyone think that new postings are created so that the successful applicant will be the first to go if there is another round of SRD? I am wondering if management would choose to protect current employees by hiring a new person for a position... —  read more 

Disaster is coming for F on July 21/!As last hope Ford drew US$15.4bn under its corporate credit facility. Now no more cash and no more credit!

Ford Motor Co is in discussions with its lenders to extend maturities on US$5.35bn in existing credit facilities, two sources familiar with the discussions said. The second-largest US automaker has reached out to lenders within its top 20 bank... —  read more 

Cost of Targeting Wrangler

Ford Motor Company is already struggling to survive. The decision to relaunch the Bronco shows why the company is on the path to bankruptcy. The company’s decision to enter a market dominated by the Jeep Wrangler for 70 years is baffling. While... —  read more 

Layoff the support groups Maybe if we laid off all the people who spend their days participating in the 11 different support groups we wouldn't be losing $7 Billion so far in 2020.

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