Topics regarding layoffs at FORTIS Colleges and Institutes

Topics regarding layoffs at FORTIS Colleges and Institutes

Are these numbers accurate?

Fortis College Dothan, AL (165 students) Foley, AL (87 students) Mobile, AL (375 students) Montgomery, AL (284 students) Phoenix, AZ (156 students) Cutler Bay, FL (388 students) Orange Park, FL (489 students) Smyrna... — read more 

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When Investor Incentives and Consumer Interests Diverge : Private Equity in Higher Education

"Employing novel data on 88 private equity deals and 994 schools with private equity ownership, we find that private equity buyouts lead to higher enrollment and profits, but also to lower education inputs, higher tuition, higher per-student debt... — read more 

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Does anyone think EA is at risk of closing? Not sure how we’ll survive with consistently down enrollment when we’re not the most affordable option in the market. Has there been discussion on how we can compete?

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Fortis Institute-Scranton--$28,552 Fortis College-Columbus--$28,009

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Fortis owes ED?

"NSDL also cites over $2 million owed to DoE by Fortis, an indirect portfolio company of JLL Partners." "The Department reports seven unpaid... — read more 

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Debt Sentence

Student loan default is a traumatic, stigmatizing experience. Because of that, many working people keep the pain of their student loan problems to themselves.

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"The Fortis Difference": False claims?

Is Fortis living up to their claims? For example: "Fortis invests in our facilities continually, making sure our students have access to industry-standard equipment and supplies. Technology-driven libraries and resource centers in many of our... — read more 

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Fortis locations that lost money in 2016-17

From the National Center for Education Statistics: Locations that lost money in 2016-17 (Revenues.....Expenses in millions) Fortis College-Centerville 12.16M.....15.35M Fortis College-Cincinnati 5.25M...….6.59M Fortis College-Columbia 4.56M...….5.40M... — read more 

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Changes in Enrollment 2010-11 and 2016-17

Institution Enrollment 2016-17 Enrolment 2010-11 Fortis College 375 401 Fortis College-Baton Rouge 312 692 Fortis College-Centerville 690 1542 Fortis College-Cincinnati 340 453 Fortis College-Columbia 348 166 Fortis College-Columbus 774 598 Fortis... — read more 

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Veterans Affairs

Does anyone know if any Education Affiliates schools were part of the VA-OIG report? If so, is VA going to claw back the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon funds? The report is scathing.

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How many Fortis campuses are still operating?

Birmingham, AL Dothan, AL Foley, AL Mobile, AL – Azalea Rd. Mobile, AL – Pleasant Valley Rd. Montgomery, AL – Atlanta Hwy. Montgomery, AL – Eastdale Circle Phoenix, AZ Cutler Bay, Fl Jacksonville, FL Largo, FL Miami, FL Mulberry, FL Orange Park, FL... — read more 

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Fortis layoffs?

Any truth to the rumors that Fortis is having layoffs?

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Fortis' finances?

Fortis is on the US Department of Education's Heightened Cash Monitoring list. What's the financial health of this chain like?

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Working at FORTIS

Campus leadership is clueless about what is REALLY going on in the work place. Often you may be asked to do things that are outside your ethical boundaries - watch out for this. Too many people take a "that's not my job" passive-aggressive approach... — read more 

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