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July 7th call

anyone know what this call is about? What’s happening with our furlough management? Are paycuts going to happen at store level also? it’s quite at stores no communication with district leaders. Feeling unappreciated since we are the ones out... —  read more 

What changes were made?

I wanted to see if anyone had an update on what teams were let go? What does the new structure look like? New world Fossil 3.0 ha

Plan for july?

Anyone know what the plan is for july? Will we see An extended wfh schedule, layoffs? Would like to get some sort of info.

Why Greg keeps pouring money in the stock?

Does anybody have a view on why Greg McK keep buying the stock the more it falls? It has been a falling knife so far but he has been putting A LOT of money in the stock (more than 4mn $), of his own money (not options) and he now owns 2% of the... —  read more 

Covid19 the blessing in disguise for Fossil 2020

There has been a virus at Fossil for a longtime. Years of crazy acquisitions, licensing agreements, product ideas (hello Craft), senior staffing decisions and a corporate headquarters that was never used to its full potential. Now - leadership can... —  read more 

Is this even legal???

Can a company just cut pay and hours across the board and then keep it like that? I understand under special circumstances such as a pandemic but then to decide not to change it back later on and keep it for good? Is there no legal protection for... —  read more 

A new beginning for Fossil?

I know this are tough times and there is a lot of concern about the future... however trying to see the glass half full, could this be an opportunity for Fossil to go back to its roots on the one hand as a more streamlined organization, smaller... —  read more 

Matching donations 2:1 really?

I’m all for the movement and the protests and making change but doesn’t it seem a little tone deaf to tell all of the employees you aren’t paying a full wage to donate and they will donate twice as much with money they “don’t have”?

Who else is hoping to be laid off?

I'm sick and tired of this place. They are using every trick in the book to get us to quit on our own in hope on saving on severance. I don't see them rectifying the pay situation any time soon for this exact reason. So if my name is on that list... —  read more 

Thoughts on reopening in June?

What is everyone's thoughts on whether we will actually be back in the office in June. I know that's the plan so far, just curious if there is anyone else that thinks that it could change?

Business is up at Fossil.Com!

It’s easy to show success at retail when you’re giving everything away! It takes no retail genius to realize there’s very little profit at 40% off everything and an additional 25% off if you sign up. PLUS - wait - there’s more - you can that discount... —  read more 

What’s going on!?

There has been no information given out as to what next 2 weeks look like. management and store teams left in the dark. It’s silent out there. People need to figure out if they going to be able to get paid or use vacation time. Grateful teams... —  read more 

ELT needs to step it the F*** up.

DH reported a base salary of $2.1 mil LY. If he was reduced to 20% of his base pay that would still be more than 85% of the company employees make in a year. It would take my husband and I, with a combined income, 3.5 years to make only 20% of what... —  read more 

Should I be looking for a new job?

I survived this past round of layoffs. I haven't been at Fossil that long so my severance wouldn't be that great if I were to get laid off in the future. No raises this year, should I be looking for a new job?

Dallas Morning News article about layoffs Please note it’s behind a pay-wall. Full Article pasted below: Headline: Fossil lays off employees at its... —  read more 

Does Fossil have a future?

I have joined the company less than a year ago and was excited about the opportunity - I love watches and retail and I am a tech geek. I am aware of the many challenges retail faces and the way Apple has disrupted the watch industry. Yet, I thought... —  read more 

Fossil layoffs

So rumor is: 40% of the company will be laid off (not just headquarters but all the Americas) It will include workers to management Upper management claim they can't talk about it YET certain people claim to know what is going on (really... —  read more 

Layoff Criteria

What kind of layoff criteria have been used to determine who will be laid off? This is always murky here at Fossil, they never disclose things like this. Redundancies just happen and somehow, if you are friends with management you are always... —  read more 

If not today, then tomorrow must be the day!

Come on people. If you are at this website, then you must know information. Show some empathy and provide information to your fellow colleagues. So they aren't walking blind into work tomorrow without knowing what to expect.

It has started

People were laid off yesterday and even more will be shown the door today and tomorrow. We are looking at a rough week ahead of us, folks...

Today is the day

This was not a fun weekend but at least it should be over today one way or another. It's the wait that's worse than anything in all honesty. If it turns out that today is not the day after all and they keep postponing it I'm not sure how I'll take it... —  read more 

Layoffs coming next week.

Word is there will be large scale layoffs and restructuring starting on the 17th. Anyone know any more information?

IMHO: The lay-off is coming.

The lay-off is coming. Everyone needs to be looking. Where is Kosta and his leadership gone? He is allowing his minions like Greg and Darren ruin this company and run in ground. Several big players leaving fossil because the leaders have no idea what... —  read more 

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