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Best lie ever

"We are proud to foster an environment where our employees are supported and always encouraged to bring their best selves to work." "I've been very happy with the way I've been supported at Frontier. My manager is always going out of her way to ask... —  read more 

Frontier South Texas

The management has been telling us to close out jobs that aren't fixed. The techs dont want to but just do what they're told. Been happening for years. LCOMs say it's coming from the top and dont dare bring up a safety issue. Maybe this is your issue... —  read more 

Whatever happened to a foreman???

When I was I hired before the Verizon/AT&T takeovers, we were managed by foreman (1st level) who were former craft employees that worked they're way to management. Not people hired or promoted because they "produce" a spreadsheet or react to data. ... —  read more 


Our new schedule just came out, they are forcing the bottom 4 guys to every Saturday with a day off of Sundays and Wednesdays. Any other field techs schedule look like this? Everyone else is Monday- Friday


Bill mddb9 hours ago They ain't doing jack. FTR has been a slow burn since 2008 - interrupted by acquisitions, : Commonwealth - 2009, VZ#1 - 2010, T Conn - 2014, CTF 2016. Poor old thing, she has been a beautiful payroll machine for 10 years... —  read more 


Remember when Frontier used to claim they respected Veterans? There isn’t even a $5 discount for them! All this company does is lie.

CWA & IBEW, please negotiate an exit plan🙏

Wouldn’t it be nice if CWA & IBEW negotiated us to take our lump sum not matter how many years we currently have and Frontier covers the tax. In return Frontier can keep us employed under a new lower paying contract. We could decide to stay or wash... —  read more 

There is nobody left to lay off

Am I the only one who can't understand why this company keeps laying off more people when we are having trouble doing everything that needs to be done as it is? Do they expect us to just keep picking up more and more work? Because I can tell you... —  read more 



Frontier Sycophant

Frontier is full of middle management sycophants that look forward to their daily call, they're looking for their daily affirmation from "daddy"... truly sad and pathetic. What's worse is impotent union leaders just standing by on our dime letting... —  read more 

Frontier Branded Masks

Frontier Branded masks are a joke!!! It's an artificial way of showing people the company cares....where are the M-95 masks that protect the public as well as the employees??? Where is the testing of employees?? In example temperature checks or... —  read more 

Frontier CA Bargaining Update #4

Frontier CA Bargaining Update #4 The Union and the Company met today May 18, 2020 to continue our bargaining efforts. The Company asked for clarification on the previous Union proposals. The Company will review all of the Unions proposals... —  read more 

Pay scale

How much does a I and R contractor make at frontier?


You had a mass exodus/retirement of brothers and sisters from Frontier. Where were you? No acknowledgement from you, no send off. You are as bad as the company....I guess if you're not receiving dues you don't care. And for those of us still... —  read more 


Hatchet man has planted paid moles into the company. You will be rooted soon.


IF you believe the BS you read from the company and Millman you'll be sorry! I hope I'm wrong. As I "understand" it the remaining of the money for 2020 will be paid out over the next 5 years in addition to the normal pension contributions. With the... —  read more 

10 months and no contract for FL

Crickets from the union, the company, and of course Bernie. As other states like CA are actively negotiating in good faith there has been zero movement on FL negotiations since the old contract expired. Meanwhile the headcount in FL has... —  read more 

38M in bonuses for Frontier execs

Home Telecom Report: Judge signs off on nearly $38M in bonuses for Frontier execs by Mike Robuck | May 27, 2020 9:46am Frontier Communications A bankruptcy judge agrees to an employee retention bonus plan of nearly $38 million for Frontier's... —  read more 

IBEW 824!

Return us back some of our money ! NOW! Or I’m suing! This is ridiculous! 100s of thousands in the bank and not even a union bonus! F the union!

Oh I get it

Hey guys. Retired in January before bankruptcy proceedings. Best thing I ever did. Laziest employees ever. Just showing up to collect a pay check. I wonder if u go home and complain about how hard ur day was. Management just as bad. The one getting... —  read more 

It's all your fault!!

I am so sick and tired that it's all the employees fault that FTR is bankrupt! All that senior management is doing is rehashing failed policies and procedures like drip zero and the the 4 Ts....they are looking at closed jobs and writing people up... —  read more 

25 YEAR+ Vested Employees😮

On April 14th 2020 Frontier Communications field for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. It’s an unfortunate situation for many vested employees but for those that had 20, 25, 30 or beyond and where at retirement age it’s a very regretful situation. For months... —  read more 

Future of the company

Company claims they will invest no more than 1.4 billion back into the company. Lets see what excuses they make when the time comes.


So correct me if I’m wrong? You can bankrupt a company and still get a bonus? I thought only the thieving a** CEO could only do that?

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