Topics regarding layoffs at Frontier Communications Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Frontier Communications Corp.

Nick is a clown

Great job to the executive team yuking it up in NY to ring the closing bell at NASDAQ. Meanwhile all day the company was effectively shut down because of a lack of redundant systems. What a joke !!! But yea that rebranding will save us !

High time to leave

Problems will only continue to pile up since nothing is being solved. It is now becoming clear that drastic measures are needed to fix this mess. Just my 2 cents.

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Frontier Communications Parent, Inc. (FYBR) NasdaqGS - NasdaqGS Real Time Price. Currency in USD Add to watchlist Visitors trend2W10W9M Quote Lookup 95-1.21 (-4.81%) As of 01:44PM EDT. Market open.

Made the decision to quit

I'm happy with my decision, this place is now a complete joke and I have no desire to stay here a minute longer than I have to. I'd advise everybody to consider leaving before this ship sinks to the bottom, never to be seen again. There are many... —  read more 

yahoo finance

For spammer billmddb @yahoo finance board FYBR Company Name: Frontier Communications Parent, Inc. Technical Pattern: Flag Bearish Outlook: Bearish Long term Target: $16.12 Current Price: $27.36 Idea Generated at: Mar 22, 2022 36.81% Long term... —  read more 

Frontier Frustration

I can only speak about Frontier in CT. But there seems to be 3 classes of outside techs...1) those who can. 2) those who can't 3) those who won't. Just wondering if this is company wide? And who is blame??? Union or Management??


Thank God for contractors and vendors and executives and the 3000 directors and svps. This place will be so much better under their divine leadership. Oh, can't forget the anti-vax white trash id--ts and the anti union that is under the delusion that... —  read more 

The mediocrity effect

Competent people are now unfortunately a minority in this company. People who once couldn’t get a job here because they don’t have any relevant skills are now more respected than people who work hard and still somehow keep this company alive. The... —  read more 

Desperate to hire?

FC has been literally begging me to take a position in IT. Raised their asking salary $16k plus they are contemplating offering a sign on bonus and willing to let me pick up my bonus pay at my current company and start way out in April. Is this a... —  read more 

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