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When is nexus going to remove the highest paid executive who would not last one week without SVP of Customer Experience.


what's the over / under on getting our w2s by 1/31?

So they are canceling COBRA for all ex-employees

So much for 18 months of coverage, even though former employees pay 101% of the premium. They attached it to the old defunct company "GUE Liquidation" (FTD+1, how terribly clever) and are therefore cancelling coverage. Got the email today telling me... —  read more 

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New Hires and Fictitious Information

Does anyone else find it upsetting that FTD is still posting new jobs and fictitious information about how great it is to work for them although their bankruptcy has costs so many jobs?


Shari’s has been bought out by 1800-flowers. They’ve laid off their entire team. (What’s left of them)

Same buyer?

It looks like the same buyer is buying FTD but the price has raised from 95 mil to 118. Anyone able to confirm it? Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/gateway-mercury-to-buy-flower-delivery-firm-ftd-out-of-bankruptcy-11564623909

Happy 1 Year!

Hope everyone from the 2018 layoffs is doing well and has moved on to bigger and better things!

Any new bidders?

July 15 passed and nothing on omnimgmt web site regarding any new bidders? Anyone have any insight?

Nexus, Do you really know what your buying?

Nexus, Do you really know what your buying? I'm sure your reviewing this site. Maybe give a call to a handful of employees from various departments and get their opinion, off the record. It will be a lot different then the picture your getting from... —  read more 

Nobody will buy FTD

FTD just sold off most of their assets! If the current management is still in place it will slowly bleed until it bleeds out. Nobody will buy them, 800 flowers and teleflora will eat them for lunch. The wire service is a thing of the past and nobody... —  read more 

Restructuring Update


Delisting Determination


Parachute deployed!

Bye Vamsi! Hope you feel great about wasting tens millions of dollars on a website that didn't perform and contributed to multiple layoffs. PS. For thelayoff.com Administrator when. Vamsi is the CTO and therefore I'm allowed to say his name without... —  read more 

What does FTD's bankruptcy mean for member florists?

What kind of an impact are we going to see? This is specifically focusing on member florists and how they will be affected by the changes that will be implied after the bankruptcy is full completed. Please share any info you have, there is a ton of... —  read more 

EVP’s. New owners

What do the EVP’s do? More specifically Moeller, zips, Heath bar, Ziegler’s, etc. on a daily basis? I mean is it just meetings? Does anyone back there realize that our members are tired of being nickeled and dimed? Are the new owners in house? What’s... —  read more 

Company has received some funds



Looks like HR removed the post talking about how the San Diego office doesn't have janitorial budget, including bathroom supplies

The Long Arc of Justice

I have been a sales guy to about every player in this vertical for about twenty years and being a sales guy who pours a heavy drink or two, I made many friends at Provide, FTD and even Teleflora, 1800Flowers and the Newer startups. Here’s my take:... —  read more 

A lawyer and an IT guy walk into a bar...

That's what you get when you try to run a company with zero business expertise. Who thought it was a good idea to put the lawyer and the IT guy with no experience running a P&L (or marketing for that matter) in charge of the company. What could go... —  read more 

Local paper on the layoffs

Here's what the San Diego Union-Tribune reported this morning: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/technology/story/2019-06-03/legacy-e-commerce-brand-proflowers-to-shut-down-san-diego-office-laying-off-167

Where FTD went wrong

I am a former employee of four years, majority of the time in the DG call center and a short stint in DG member services. 1) Hiring out to the Philippines. In theory it saves money but no one wants to talk to someone in another country! Not... —  read more 

Chapter 11


How long could these layoffs go on?

Think this is a question that many of us want to know the answer. So, does anyone know how long will this go on? Any rumors or info on that subject that some of the folks on this board could share ?

Severance Payment

What kind of severance payment is offered? Also, is it possible to negotiate the severance?

Moving on...

Times are tough. The executives made a necessary business decision in order for the company to survive. I get why people are upset but I’d expect such a move from any serious business enterprise. Times have change and the #gold era is over – we need... —  read more 

ELT bonuses better not get paid...

In public filings, it shows big retention and transaction bonuses to be paid to the clowns Jay & Scott and other ELT. That better not happen, since they are the ones that drove the company in the ground. —  read more 

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