Topics regarding layoffs at FTD

Topics regarding layoffs at FTD

More layoffs at FTD

Good reason or real reason? Lean mean focus on businesses or, more cost cutting measures (laying off folks) - or hybrid ?!!!? RZ - Florist Div DF - .com Div KSM - .com Div Any others?

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Possible cuts

There were rumors a few months ago about cuts before year's end but from what I can see, nothing has happened so far. Does that mean that we're looking at cuts sometime in November or December or has that rumor turned out to be hogwash? I'd like to... —  read more 

Old guard

To the former execs, You own this. There is no positive spin for your failures and poor decisions. As you settle into retirement with your ill-gotten gains, know that you earned this by driving a 100 year old company into bankruptcy. This... —  read more 

Chosen remaining leaders

Interesting lawsuit referencing remaining VPs in florist. Shows a bit about the company and the choices they make.


I am surprised that the leader of the florist division still feels ok about his leadership after having laid off so many of his loyal subjects. WEWOW till you get fired, I guess. One word for the year certainly is not HEART!

Wait...who now owns ProFlowers?

In trying to determine who owns who before ordering up a bunch of gift baskets and stuff to send to some wonderful social workers and nurses who took care of a very critically ill family member, I cannot keep these companies straight. Years ago... —  read more 

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Let's play guess the speaker

Quote #1. "I don't see how they can justify paying (salary confidential) to a (ADA protected from discrimination description here). Quote #2. "We could have hired anyone but a (insert ADA protected description here)!" Quote #3. "My parents... —  read more 

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New C-levels management

Looks like FTD (Nexus) is installing new leadership. Check out the management section on Several new executives a new CEO in March and new COO and Creative Director in May. What is Jay and Aimee still doing there? My... —  read more 

Furloughs, layoffs & mandated home imprisonment (practically what it is) not ending evenly across the State of IL

New challenge to constitutionality of extended IL lockdown order: Economics is all about trade-offs. You cannot simply fret about... —  read more 

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