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Wow. Found some scary horrible stuff online

OMG! https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/illinois/ilndce/1:2009cv01824/229826/169/ No freaking wonder companies are turning to arbitration to keep err "issues" more private. OMG. Methinks if ever putting up a new LinkedIn... —  read more 

Latest News on Competitor 1-800-Flowers

1-800-Flowers performance "wilting" https://seekingalpha.com/news/3579719-stay-home-favorite-1minus-800-flowers-com-seen-wilting They had previously outperformed during the COVID-19 case spikes and stay home orders Wonder if the boost they... —  read more 

Consumer Reports 2016 on ProFlowers - Oh my

Did research on who (currently, at least) owns ProFlowers (because they first got sued, then sold). Looking for gifts, but don't want to order from anywhere that you might not get a refund from if necessary if they go out of business and liquidate... —  read more 

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Could FTD realistically survive?

In the few years I was there ftd bought a building downtown and only used 60% of it went thru a few ceos rob, Wal, Scot had layoffs every year stockwent from 30 to delisted when i told previous people who worked at FTD I was a... —  read more 

Stages of corporate decline - Courtesy of Jim Collins

This forum is kinda dead as far as useful info about the current/future trajectory (likely because they literally just installed a new top leadership team and not much is known as of yet). That said, here's some info for anyone (even if perusing... —  read more 

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Wait...who now owns ProFlowers?

In trying to determine who owns who before ordering up a bunch of gift baskets and stuff to send to some wonderful social workers and nurses who took care of a very critically ill family member, I cannot keep these companies straight. Years ago... —  read more 

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FYI if interested in the "why?" behind an interim CEO

So, someone on another thread pointed out multiple CEOs. In reality, not all were permanent, some have been interim only. Why hire a temp–whoops!–I meant interim CEO? According the Harvard Business Review... Interim CEOs are very... —  read more 

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Invasion of Privacy Hypothetical Question and the PHR

So here's a hypothetical scenario. Let's say that in some private sector, perhaps private equity backed portfolio company, someone non management level discusses what any reasonable person would assume is PRIVATE information, such as the current... —  read more 

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Let's play guess the speaker

Quote #1. "I don't see how they can justify paying (salary confidential) to a (ADA protected from discrimination description here). Quote #2. "We could have hired anyone but a (insert ADA protected description here)!" Quote #3. "My parents... —  read more 

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Gee look who's probably NOT violating the ADA!

Competitor 1-800-Flowers https://smilefarms.org/our-story/ Chris McCann just sounds like a cool CEO Look what they set up! https://www.marketingdive.com/news/1-800-flowers-debuts-social-support-group-portal/577934/ So tempted... —  read more 

FYI - Don't be a chump - hire a lawyer

Just an FYI for The Layoff Forum Would you sign away your right to commence legal claims for... Retaliation Invasion of privacy Defamation per se Discrimination Emotional distress Insert Whatever Else Here and on top of it, accept... —  read more 

New C-levels management

Looks like FTD (Nexus) is installing new leadership. Check out the management section on ftdcompanies.com/managmeent. Several new executives a new CEO in March and new COO and Creative Director in May. What is Jay and Aimee still doing there? My... —  read more 

Odds of FTD ever overtaking 1-800-Flowers for market share?

As if it weren't enough to watch a company furlough people and cut pay for others during the COVID-19 pandemic AFTER having just emerged from bankruptcy, guess what's in the headlines for top competitor to beat, 1-800/Flowers? They're getting TAX... —  read more 

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Where were the big bucks on marketing???

"It is well documented that brands that increase advertising during a recession, when competitors are cutting back, can improve market share and return on investment at lower cost than during good economic... —  read more 

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Attention furloughed FTD people: PLEASE DONATE

When you get your unemployment, please do two things: Call up your congressional district office and tell your elected representative to push to EXTEND the enhanced unemployment beyond July. It will be necessary to extend this program based on... —  read more 

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1-800-Flowers crushed it media-wise - where's FTD???

Didn't a brand spanking new CEO just get hired? Where's FTD??? "Business Insider" wanted to hear about how the floral business was affected by COVID-19. So they asked Chris McCann of 1-800-Flowers and Bloomnation's Farbod Shoraka for input leading... —  read more 

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Why are you furloughed but liquor stores "essential"?

More concern for alcoholics than loss of jobs for non alcoholics apparently. https://www.msn.com/en-us/finance/markets/the-dark-reason-liquor-stores-are-considered-essential-businesses/ar-BB12VvPw Gee, there's an idea to elevate a brand that... —  read more 

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Finally found more PR/marketing attempts by FTD

New CEO finally found trying to promote the brand. Mentioned in the New York Post: https://nypost.com/article/when-to-order-mothers-day-gifts-for-on-time-delivery-this-year/ FTD competitor 1-800-Flowers has apparently closed all of their Harry... —  read more 

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