Topics regarding layoffs at FTD

Topics regarding layoffs at FTD

Chosen remaining leaders

Interesting lawsuit referencing remaining VPs in florist. Shows a bit about the company and the choices they make.


I am surprised that the leader of the florist division still feels ok about his leadership after having laid off so many of his loyal subjects. WEWOW till you get fired, I guess. One word for the year certainly is not HEART!

Wait...who now owns ProFlowers?

In trying to determine who owns who before ordering up a bunch of gift baskets and stuff to send to some wonderful social workers and nurses who took care of a very critically ill family member, I cannot keep these companies straight. Years ago... —  read more 

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Let's play guess the speaker

Quote #1. "I don't see how they can justify paying (salary confidential) to a (ADA protected from discrimination description here). Quote #2. "We could have hired anyone but a (insert ADA protected description here)!" Quote #3. "My parents... —  read more 

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New C-levels management

Looks like FTD (Nexus) is installing new leadership. Check out the management section on Several new executives a new CEO in March and new COO and Creative Director in May. What is Jay and Aimee still doing there? My... —  read more 

Furloughs, layoffs & mandated home imprisonment (practically what it is) not ending evenly across the State of IL

New challenge to constitutionality of extended IL lockdown order: Economics is all about trade-offs. You cannot simply fret about... —  read more 

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