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Bad news

The first floor people are not gonna get their yearly raises. I usually get 50 cents. =(

1 Week left?

It has been officially 25 days in a row that FTD's stock has been below 1. Does this mean that bankruptcy will be filed and jobs will be lost by next Friday?

What's being said?

What is the message the "CDO", "CTO", and "CEO" are saying? Haven't been there for awhile, but I'm worried about friends who are still there.


Well FTD has lasted longer than the AAF
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Happened to see this post from Floranext. Basically, FTD filed a lawsuit to have them take down a blog post. https://floranext.com/on-ftd-recent-news/ Anyone see the original post?

FTD Bust Out

My theory is that FTD management paid the Trib to pick up the risk statement in the filing where it would spread like wildfire. The thinking behind this is that management has found a buyer but they want management to find ways to thin out the ranks... read more

Liquidation and severance

In case liquidation turns out to be inevitable, what does that mean for our severances? I've been trying to find some info on this online, and everything I managed to find so far is not good for employees. Does anybody know the answer to this... read more



FTD is done

ftd is done!!!!!! the middle management has been around for over 10 years and they dont know what they are doing. Why are they keeping them on board who knows. they are only about themselves and not the customers. They try to screw the florist over... read more

Proflowers vs. FTD

Can someone on this board explain to me why Proflowers seems to be running the company? I thought FTD acquired Proflowers in 2014. Why is San Diego even around? They keeep advertising the proflowers brand but keep losing money on it. Why??? Just look... read more


I'm not at FTD anymore but I hope for all of your sakes it's a good holiday, good luck on vday! 1800 believes they can drive FTD out of business. https://seekingalpha.com/news/3428100-1minus-800-flowers-com-raised-fy2019-guidance
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OMC / Membership Layoffs

Five people got laid off last week.. Three were from membership and 2 from OMC.
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Layoffs confirmed after V-day

Hey, So the layoffs are gonna happen after vday, the .COM call center will be hit first then directory. They wanna have the overseas staff trained before mothers day.

Next round?

I heard a rumor that if the stock continues it's trend there might be some more cuts even before Xmas to attempt a boost before the beginning of the year (note, this is not substantiated).

Google cloud

We should be frightened of this. If this happened during Valentine's Day, Google unilaterally shutting down and deleted all services, it would be doom... read more

PC sale?

Rumor is it's back. Anyone have anything to share?

Seeking alpha

This guy understands the FTD business well. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4223217-ftd-companies-deserves-dead-cat-bounce

Stock grants

Looks like the sale discussions are going well. Levin got granted 750k shares and 40k a month raise.

Stop focusing on short term

The right direction is not laying off senior people and hiring fresh out of school kids who have no knowledge what the organization needs, or keeping old management who does not care about morale or the development of the staff. There was a time when... read more

RIP stock

stock might drop down to 1.50, Thanks executive management.

Anonymous discussion

This site seem to get a lot of traffic based on the views. Anyone have any guess on the future they'd like to share? Should we expect an Exodus, turn around, or fire sale? Anyone feeling good or bad and wanting to vent?

More coming?

There's a rumor going around that there will be another massive round of layoffs before Valentine's Day.

This was not a fun weekend

Between mourning all the people we lost last week to layoffs (some of our best workers were among them) and fearing we'll be blindsided with more layoffs this week, this was one of the worst weekends I had in a while. Even now I'm up in the middle of... read more

If you don't like it here, leave

I see layoffs have brought out the worst among us in droves. Everybody is suddenly complaining about FTD and yet everybody keeps working here. If things are so bad why don't you leave? I like working here. That's why when rare layoffs happen I'm... read more


Does somebody know what kind of severance was offered in this layoff round? I've heard it was changed since the last time, but the source I got it from is not the most reliable one so I'm hoping somebody here can help me out with it. Any info will be... read more

Did anything change?

I'm not with FTD anymore, I left a year ago on my own but I still have friends there. I was searching to find more info on what's going on after reading about layoffs, and what I found is that nothing changed in the last year. It looks like morale is... read more

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