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GameStop Layoffs 2020

Anyone would care to chime in with a prediction about potential GameStop Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Layoffs August 21, 2019

About 60% of the staff will be laid off on August 21, 2019 be prepared. There will be no severance either. I was instructed and now finding out that I'm on that same list. To find anything on everyone to have just cause to fire someone to prevent... —  read more 


Regional and district leaders across the US have been laid off

GameStop Layoffs 2018

When will things improve, are they, I am still hearing about layoffs in Grapevine.

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GameStop Layoffs 2017

Things can be better, improved and stellar, especially, sure sure, because I hear that we might have job reductions and layoffs in Grapevine.

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More stores coming

Spring mobile buying out a major Texas based ATT retailer. 400+ stores coming to Spring

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GameStop Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of GameStop layoffs in Grapevine in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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Things are not getting better

Now everything can be downloaded, who will need game stop. I do like browsing GameStop shops though, I will miss that but I think you had layoffs and store closures in 2014 and that you will continue to do so in 2015. I wish you all the best because... —  read more 

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There were more layoffs at GameStop

A bunch of District Managers was laid off and their stores were assigned to those who stayed. I'm really not sure who got the worse end of the deal here - considering the fact that those who are still here have the same amount of job security as the... —  read more 

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How many people work at GameStop?

Nobody knows when layoffs will happen, but the overall number of employees should be public info. Do you know how many people work at the company? How about the office at Grapevine?

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Daybreak Games Layoffs

Daybreak Games makes multiple layoffs, including on Planetside Arena team

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Layoffs after the buyout

Well this s---s. I've just heard that GameStop is seriously considering an option of a buyout from a private equity firm. That means that we are looking at huge, huge layoffs once the buyout is completed. I'm yet to hear of a situation that involved... —  read more 

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