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MNG / Alden

MNG Enterprises, an investment arm of Alden Global Capital bought seats on the board... a series of cost cutting measures to follow
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Pick your poison

Would you rather be laid off by the dying Gannett or the dying Digital First?
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unfortunately, only old people read the paper today. Young folks don't even want free copies. One has to at some time look in the mirror and say I blew it. So sad, but expected. Papers are one-sided and so unfair; they just print unsupported... read more
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These layoffs are f---ing nauseating! And they'll keep happening as long as Google & Facebook s--- up 85% of the digital ad market!! It's SICKENING how these companies rode their b---s--- abt community & freedom of information to a duopoly that kills... read more

The Post Crescent

Any layoffs at The Post Crescent in Appleton, WI, or other Wisconsin holdings? Does anyone have info on this? Someone asked this on another thread, I was wandering the same.

A Brutal Day
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Outsourced to India starting March 2019

Multiple IT departments were outsourced to India starting March 2019. Fortunately doesn't affect many people at onsite Gannett locations that deal with troubleshooting and is more of a corporate IT, programmer, networking outsource.
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Layoffs at Gannett this week

Are the layoffs coming Jan 4? I heard by end of week. Have there been any layoffs today? I haven't heard of any so far. Does this mean we'll have layoffs next week?

Luisville Massive Layoffs
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Here they go again

Bought ReachLocal (a company whose reputation we used to trash when they were our competitors), installed their execs in Gannett and let them start running the show. Karen Ferguson leaves to spend more time with her family. Reorg then put on hold... read more

Everything changes on a whim

I don’t know why priorities and initiatives keep changing at Gannett. I understand the print industry is decaying and that we must look towards upward mobility however it doesn’t help when we are changing directions just for the sake of change... read more
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Fear is the driving force

I left Gannett because I wanted to be part of a company where the environment isn’t heavily laced with fear of losing your job. With all the downsizing it was difficult to focus on tasks at hand especially when sales and marketing became the overall... read more
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Gannett Layoffs 2018

If you look at things carefully, use your brain, you may notice that many folks are leaving and there are rumors about layoffs in McLean.

More layoffs hit Gannett last week

More people were laid off last week, I don't have an exact number, but this wave seems to me much smaller than the last one. Hopefully, this will not be followed up by more layoffs, I think we've had more than enough of them lately. If anybody has... read more
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More Gannett Layoffs, 88 in Nashville

Gannett seems to be on a roll lately with layoffs - 88 more people will be let go in Nashville as the studio there closes. No news as of yet on whether any more sites will be impacted in this round... read more
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Job Cuts - Gannett / Binghamton

More cuts, as reported today: Dozens of employees are affected by job cuts at Gannett in Binghamton. A report filed with the New York State Department of Labor says the media company is laying off 31 workers from their Lewis Road location in October... read more
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Donald Trump and Gannett

How will Gannett be influenced by the new Trump administration? Here's one sign:

Gannett Layoffs 2017

I started with the company (like it) this year and I already hear that we may have redundancies and job cuts in McLean.

More job cuts are coming in 2017 for Gennett

2% cut, does not sound as much but it's a big hit - we'll see what 2017 brings. Source: The cutbacks come as other media companies take similar... read more

Gannett Tribune Merger Layoffs

I am sure there will be plenty of layoffs. Dickey has said he will cut $67 million from Gannett's budget by the end of 2016. What will happen to those who did not take the voluntary buyouts offered in 2015? Look for more Gannett buildings to meet the... read more
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Gannett Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Gannett layoffs in McLean in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

Gannett Layoffs - Experiences

I wasn't laid off but took a buyout after working 19 years; this meant receiving a pension and 18 paychecks, from late December '08 to early May '09. After the last check I wrote on Jim's Blog. I didn't drink the Kool Aid of the 5th floor Brand... read more

2104 job cuts at gannett

do you know how much we are planning to cut this year. i hope 2014 will be better from the rif perspective

Unfortunately my experiences were pretty negative

Unfortunately my experiences were pretty negative. I was guaranteed in contract and writing three months commissions, I only received one after two months of work before being terminated. The services on the products Republic Media/The Arizona... read more
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I have a quick question regarding Gannett's Vacation or PTO time

I have a quick question regarding Gannett's Vacation or PTO time. It'd be great if someone would be able to let me know what's the official vacation time policy at Gannett? I am interested in applying for a job but vacation is very important to me... read more
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