Topics regarding layoffs at Gannett Co. Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Gannett Co. Inc.

Lay offs at gannett

Yea after 14 years as delivery contractor they are cutting 20 employees in coming weeks with no warning holiday coming people work all year just for the tip round thanksgiving and Christmas to by gifts and catch up some bills look like it’s coming to... — read more 

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Retained employees

I received a notice and my last day is June 14th, but I'm interested in what criteria they used to decide which employees to retain, because among them I know a few who are certainly not some of the best?

More layoffs coming

Another quarter of losses but it seems that layoffs are working and the losses are not as bad as they could be. Which of course means that we're about to see them continue the strategy of layoffs to improve the bottom line. Never mind that this... — read more 

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Knowledge in digital?

There is no need to talk about managerial qualities, we all know very well what they are like. We see by the results. I am interested in what one of the posters on this forum mentioned about their intentions to become a digital agency. Do they really... — read more 

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Finance layoffs

Announced today, Gannett will be laying off around 400+ employees across multiple positions and locations for employees in the finance department. Job are being outsourced to India.

Nobody is ever safe here

There were layoffs and there will be layoffs. If you're not looking for a new job, you should definitely start. This place has long stopped being what it once was and any semblance of job security is gone. I know it's not an easy time to find a job... — read more 

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Paul Bascobert let go

In a statement release by Mike Reed: As we move forward, our board of directors is highly focused on consistent and significant progress, improved efficiency and increased transparency and accountability. To that end, the Board has decided to... — read more 

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