Topics regarding layoffs at Gartner Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Gartner Inc.

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You should see about 100 Analysts that were let go - directors, senior folks, etc..."associate+until+9/2019" or

Big RIFs at Research Division!!!

Big waves of analyst layoffs since mid-2018. They keep them hush-hush but you can track it online here: "associate until [MONTH]/2019" They axe mostly associates with 10+ years of tenure, with no replacement plans... —  read more 

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DEUTSCH (German) Diese WebEx-Session, einschließlich der auf dem Bildschirm geteilten Informationen und der Teilnehmer-Videos, wird von uns zu Schulungs-, Qualitätssicherungs- und Forschungszwecken aufgezeichnet. Wenn Sie nicht möchten, dass Ihr... —  read more 

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Florida Firings

Florida and surrounding territories are over staffed, especially in the new sales program. Current trainees are being held as territories are reviewed (and probably expanded) and expect a reduction in force of up to 50%. There’s almost 40 new... —  read more 

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