Topics regarding layoffs at GE Aviation

Topics regarding layoffs at GE Aviation


Legacy pay rates. Just checking to see if all are the same or not. Wilm. H20 operator Hooksett ? Lynn ? Asheville ? Others welcome along with job and rate .


Heard Wilmington is on the chopping block due to the cost of the split between nuclear and aerospace would not make sense business wise. Anyone heard this? Or just another BS rumor?

Boeing Set to Strike Is GE Aerospace willing to do the same next year if the contract is less than desirable?


Boeing using cheap labor and suppliers and it's costing everyone big in the end. You would think GE would see it happening and start paying and treating their employees better. They would rather send the work south of the border to save a buck. GENx... —  read more 

Market Base Wage

Anyone have any idea what's going on with Market Base Wage? I hear they are looking at shortening the progression, but not sure if they are just blowing smoke. Has anyone at any MBW facility also heard this rumor?

2nd Quarter Will Be Bad

The Consumer Price Index was released for April. It wasn’t good and neither is the outlook for the near future. Especially for the airline industry. “One of the main drivers of the upside surprise was a record 18.6% increase in airline fares, which... —  read more 

GE Aviation layoffs

We just moved counties and bought our first house to be close to GE. We are terrified. There are no jobs that pay even close to what GE does. I am on disability & I can't do anything to help. If my husband gets laid off we will likely lose... —  read more 


People should refuse overtime so they will hire people who are struggling to feed their families that were laid off... But I know people won't refuse OT because we have a lot of greedy f-kks that work here.

Aviation Hooksett

(Hooksett, NH) AP- Employees at a New England location of the recently beleaguered GE corporation have been reporting the influx of abnormally sized rats. Reports from employees speaking anonymously, have the annoying creatures infiltrating several... —  read more 

Head to tech companies

Higher pay, less responsibility, and fewer headaches. It took me several months to find a good fit but it paid off. I am currently paid better and have better benefits. I also work at a better location and the people I'm surrounded with enjoy their... —  read more 


Hired all these people back in Wilmington and most people still sitting around with 0 work. Don't get to comfy. Flights are way down and people aren't going to retire like they are hoping. If you had a decent job and quit to come back, you better... —  read more 

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