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GE’s DOC is on Life Support

I spoke with Habib and his minion CK they informed me because I’m such a instrumental piece in the DOC they thought I should be notified first because YES I’m that good that I should start looking for a new Job. As heartbroken as I am I’ll continue... —  read more 

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Is this true?

There will be GED layoffs. True. However, non-producers are also being targeted for replacement. Remote workers who lack consistent onsite presence from week to week are particularly being given a long, hard look in terms of productivity. Can... —  read more 

RIF’s 4/15

First rounds of RIF’s for Digital happening April 15th. I care about my employees and want to give them as much notice as possible.


What is future of Predix ? I am seeing no communication, development or investment in it and it has had several outages in past few months for which no RCA given. I am beginning to believe the rumors that it's going to be shutdown in 2020.


More than rhetoric going on recently

Layoffs Starting Detroit Hub

First wave of Detroit and Ohio layoffs starting in the next two weeks. Just a handful of folks at this point. Restructuring going on.

I like working here

I figured Christmas is the best time to share this, maybe people will not be as cruel as other times when somebody says something that doesn't agree with the majority. Say what you will about GED, but it is still one of the best jobs I've ever... —  read more 

San Ramon Predix Loves it Yes they are glutton for the mouthfeel, texture and stench of Amazon AWS Sh*tting all over their stupid faces. Seriously though, who wants to... —  read more 

Dybeck leading Digital?

“In addition to serving as CFO, GE said that Dybeck Happe will lead the company's digital technology and global operations.” DIgital Technology as in DT or GE Digital?

Pat - You need to clean house

So... After waiting 10 months to hear something about NewCo, Pat comes to the all hands saying there is going to be a delay and we should stay "customer focused". C'mon - didn't Steve Martin already wear out the European works council excuse and... —  read more 

Is this true?

Alpharetta was impacted SRE engineers were hit they were also told the Data Center will be in Dallas Tx by the end of the year they will be closing the Alpharetta office soon. Does anybody know if Alpharetta is really closing? Anything else... —  read more 

GE Digital Layoffs coming

Heard from a senior guy. More layoffs at GED coming this week. Apparently they don't have pipeline of customers.

San Ramon

How many employee are left in San Ramon? We keep hearing that the number 1800.

Lots of resignations

At least in customer success. I guess it was bound to happen with the collaborative delivery model...

Miami Office

How is the Miami office be affected by recent layoffs in San Ramon and other location. Has anyone been let go in the Miami office? Been seeing GE Digital open job positions from this location lately. Whats going on? Hiring and uncertainty and firing... —  read more 

GE Downsize

The exit of about 68k BHGE employees, 10k Transportation and power layoffs will reduce company size to around 185K in 2019. So i believe corporate, global ops and IT types staff will be reduced because they have about 100k less employees to support... —  read more 


Is setting this up as a separate company the only way to show that GE divisions are customers and thus "real" revenue ?


aggregate of actions ytd - approx 60% reduction in fte

Byrne was a TERRIBLE choice

Virtually no experience in the software business, nor in enterprise solutions. Mostly niche hardware stuff. No familiarity with high growth tech areas critical to GED and its customers. Only qualification is being a friend and minion of Culp. This... —  read more 

Layoffs in GE Corporate

Layoffs are going on at GE Corporate. The layoffs are selectively informed to the employees and not in major announcement.

Pivotal Write Down from Ford GE cashed out of its investment holdings last year with some profit before Pivotal crashed. Reading the article it mirrors an awful lot of GE Digital. Me Thinks NewCO should merge... —  read more 

New CEO for GE Digital

Byrne From Danaher connection. Acting CEO Martin leaving. Eddie is leaving too. Cleaning house from top, long overdue but this has been the problem for GED all along. Each leadership change resets their strategy and their target market. —  read more 


It’s summer. It’s going to be quiet. My guess is you’ll see some more cuts at the end of Q3 when it’s clear they can’t make their numbers and still don’t have a newco or a real ceo. There will be more ‘painful decisions’ made then. Will they have... —  read more 

Ruh is out!!!

Finally..a good decision. St least he won’t f--- up the new company.

What’s going one

It’s been soo quite this days. What’s going on, any rumors about the Newco and spinoffs ?

Customers won’t invest without clear future

GED is committing s--c-de by not providing a clear path forward - business and product - for current and prospective clients. This is hugely irresponsible and not fair to those who are still on the job trying to make it work. Who is “Culp”-able for... —  read more 

Next cuts shouldn't affect GED much

There were VPs, and managers laid off, and Eddie said some of the pre-layoff departures were not voluntary (they let those people save face). Next cuts shouldn't affect GED much -- the cuts were deep, and you can't cut much deeper -- next cuts should... —  read more 

Any more layoffs?

Don’t see anything mentioned in the last couple of days so I’m wondering have the layoffs at Digital stopped. Any layoffs in the last couple of days?

I hate this lack of transparency

Good management is honest and open with its employees even when times are tough. It seems to me that we are purposefully left in a dark about what's happening at GE Digital. Layoffs come and go out of the blue, and each time we are left guessing if... —  read more 

BHGE Digital -- What's next?

Re-post-- What is happening? When is the next wave of cuts? When are we going to hear the layoffs of managers, VP's, EB's? Why are salesmen still employed here when there is nothing to sell? Does Derek know there is no value for the AI cr*p that... —  read more 

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