Topics regarding layoffs at GE Digital

Topics regarding layoffs at GE Digital

Office Closures

Heard a rumor that GE Digital closed San Ramon, Chicago, and Roanoke offices? Any word on layoffs going with those office closures? I guess that makes it official that GE Digital has no identity outside of being absorbed into Power?

Just rumors or....

Or is there some truth in the rumors I hear these days that cuts will follow? Does anyone have any insight? I’ve been worried since I heard those rumors and I hope it’s just people wanting to stir the pot.

GED and the new reality

GE Is finally splitting into three companies. What does it mean for GED? I would expect GED O&G-Power to be sold to a third party; the business does not match the new "Energy and Sustainability" agenda. Should I be concerned about the future ?

Reaching Peak Indifference on GED?!

Hey, what's up in the mothership? Does this thread have a heartbeat? Lets hear from the remaining GED'rs. What's Pat's inspiring messages in your all-hands? What are the key priorities he's focusing the leadership team on?

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Layoffs past week

I left this company half a year ago. Even then, we were missing many employees, ie those who really did their job. Those who did almost nothing were there alright. I heard from someone that there was another round layoffs? Is it possible? Were the... —  read more 

2021 Plans & News for GED?

Siebel and team took C3 out in an IPO and got that puppy to $12B in market cap! What's Pat's plan to build shareholder value with GED? Surely he must have some compelling plan and vision for Immelt's dream digital initiative...

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