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GE Power Conversion

197 jobs to go by end of Q2 2019 at the Rotating machines in Rugby, England. A 130 year old factory with expertise in naval motors. The company wish to move the work to France, initially, but suspect final plan is to move the work to Eastern Europe ... read more

When will someone grow a pair?

When will someone have the courage to call out the hypocrisy and redundancy and upper-level management with the new organizational changes at GE Power? Isn’t Chuck Nugent’s role irrelevant now and not needed ? Why do we need two heads for one... read more

End CAS now

THE CAS and and its new sibling XLP are a marjor part of the reason why GE culture is rotten to the core. The production and promotion of leaders from these programs and their subsequent injection into the various GE businesses is akin to self... read more


I can’t believe Immelt and a few others didn’t know the true condition of this company.... They got out when the going was good to squeeze every penny they could from my company... They were able to hide the corruption with the accounting tricks... read more
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The Times reporting GE to close Rugby UK.Jobs to go t o France 1,100

Denied VRIP. What are my options?

In February 2018 GE Power offered me a VRIP package and I applied for it. However, my manager denied the request saying I was too valuable too lose. I was really upset because others in my department were accepted. This brilliant system rewards... read more

Power DT All Hands

The CIO just mentioned how they are "utilizing attrition" and "not backfilling" positions to reduce costs. Seems pretty tone deaf during this time of extreme uncertainty. Thoughts?

Time for a change

Put Russell in charge of every but Gas. Sell everything other than Gas, turn out the lights, pay the fine, and close Belfort.

How to fix GE..things you cannot say

The typical employee now at GE is a 20 something college grad with limited real life experience who works a 20 hr work week. They are more concerned about their next job to care about the one they are supposed to be doing. While I could never get... read more

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Culp will need to decide whether to fix GE’s power division or sc-ap it. David Kass, a finance professor at the University of Maryland, thinks he should sell it because of its “substantial” underperformance.“The remainder of GE can then be turned... read more

greenville hiring contractors

greenville has hired up to 50 sub par contractors to fill the busy cells in the plant while none of the laid off employees have received a call back yet?


We were just told that the new CEO will not be making changes in strategies and that we have over 40 facilities too many.

Close it please!

There is absolutely nothing better than watching the Schenectady manufacturing site slowly slide its way down the guttter towards the drain. The Schenectady site will be around for a long time, but the manufacturing aspects of the location are nearly... read more
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Salt Poured on 205 Schenectady Union Slugs Today

205 Union employees released from the Schenectady defect factory today. Although I have little affection for the lazy, self entitled, uneducated union employees that make up such a vast portion of the factories dwindling work force, I truly would... read more

How many Gas Turbines to be built this year?

Acquaintance of the Garlington rd location told me that only two gas turbs were built for the year so far (this was month ago he says) Another told me that only 7 projected turbs to be built this year this true? Really bad market for gas turbs today

Official numbers in Baden, Switzerland

On monday 18 June, the ge power employees in Baden got informed about the latest layoff numbers. the IRS process and swiss union process are now closed. The new number for Baden site is now 683 upcoming cuts, from 1195 originally. the attrition of... read more

GE Opening Plants in Saudia

GE considers manufacture of gas turbine generators in Saudi Arabia Move would create upto 100 new technology jobs for Saudi nationals GE eyes opportunities in $200 billion solar project GREENVILLE: General Electric, the giant American engineering... read more

GE closing Salem plant

GE sent the union a letter announcing its intentions to cease manufacturing at Salem. An engineering center will remain (for how long)? Plant employed 3500 at its peak. Only 500 or so left, with about half of those in manufacturing. This has been... read more

Welland, Ontario

Does GE keep the factory they just built for reciprocating engines or do they keep it and build renewables or aviation parts there?

Laid-off 401k Question

I was laid off the end of last year before completing my 3 years of service to become vested. There is still an unvested portion of money in my 401k. I would like to do a rollover to my new job but have been waiting for them to work through whatever... read more

It is coming again to Schenectady

They couldn’t close it fast enough! I wonder how morally and much unity is left? So many want the hell out of there. The union s---s PERIOD!.!.!.!.!.! The management they kept s---s as bad as the union hall.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.! HR is ALL COMPANY and the... read more

Schenectady - Forever a Frog & Never a Prince

The Schenectady site is a cash draining cancer on the Power Business Unit. The sites manufacturing assets should have been moved out of NY long ago. Ridiculous regional operating expenses, an under skilled and overplayed (militant) union workforce... read more
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When do bonuses come out?

Have the announced when bonuses come out this month? I was laid off in February but at the meeting going over the layoff package the HR rep said that laid off workers would still receive their bonus from 2017 sometime in April.

Shady Buisness Dealings?

Heard a story that a few Customers where about to launch a lawsuit regarding buying GE Steam Turbines, yet where actually given cheap Alstom style junk from over seas plants. When will the bad news end, and those responsible for the absolute terrible... read more

Better times for Schenectady????

With the current Plan Manager set to leave soon, could this be the key to things for not only Schenectady, but Power Steam business, turning around for the better? Nate is only one piece to the problem puzzle that is in Schenectady, now if the COE's... read more

No More Layoffs for GE Schenectady!!!

My boss has informed me that there will be no more layoffs at the GE Schenectady plant and I can continue to sleep in my nest all day. That means I can buy that new pickup truck now! This is good because I don't know what I would do if I had to... read more

Bangalore Layoffs

Are there any layoffs in Power division at Bangalore office ? There is quite some hush hush... anybody knows anything


GE Salem layoff for March 2, 2018 As a hourly employee that will be laid off in 2 week it is really hard to think that a big company like GE would be going to something like this that would affect many people in the workforce all over. I mean really... read more

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