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More Big Cuts at GE Power

I’m a GE retiree and have kept in contact with several friends who work at GE Power sites all along the US east coast. This is the first time any of us remember seeing voluntary job elimination being floated without a compensation package being... —  read more 

$100-150M in Cost Out by Next Friday

Voluntary Job elimination program released this week followed by potential salary reductions and layoffs to be expected by next Friday. US based Power employees. Thoughts?

CNN Confirms It

We all knew in our hearts it was true, but most were hoping it would just go away if we ignored it. Well, that strategy rarely works, and it didn't this time either. CNN Confirms the US Economy is slowing, and when CNN finally has to admit it, that... —  read more 

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Nuclear CFO fired and escorted out

Months old news, but does anyone have any information on what led to CFO Craig Steven being fired? Nuclear CEO Jay Wileman didn't even know it was happening until GE Power arrived onsite that day.

Nuclear restructuring and layoffs including executives

Anyone have any information on layoff numbers coming [again] in Wilmington? Hearing major org changes, multiple senior executive layoffs. It took years and 5 or 6 rounds of layoffs but finally senior management appears to be getting impacted.

What does GE Power do these days?

I am trying to figure out what the organizational structure of GE Power is these days?? I see info on building substations and distribution systems, a few equipment orders but I am not sure what our value add is? Are we just project managers these... —  read more 

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Anyone see this? A website has been set up to disseminate the report,, where Markopolos calls it “a bigger fraud than Enron.” The financial investigator, who was probing GE for an unidentified hedge fund, writes that after more than... —  read more 

Upcoming Layoffs in Europe

The first news went out in Belfort, France - 1,000 jobs to be cut. Other EU sites to be announced soon. French unions got a copy of the entire europe plan. I can't wait for one of these lazy fat f---s to leak it to the press!

Difference Between Orders and Sales Reminds me of a time when the Sales guy would ask bewildered in the p&l reviews why we didn't have more profit for the quarter...he was swimming in orders... —  read more 

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More layoffs in July

Been reading on GE page that we are going to see a huge layoffs round at Power sometime in July. I'm not sure if there's any truth to that or if somebody is just trolling. I have my doubts, because if there are layoffs planned for July, would we know... —  read more 

This week's layoffs at GE Power

There were a lot of layoffs today in Atlanta and Greenville for Power Services This is referring to Thursday, but I haven't heard about any layoffs happening yesterday. Is this true? How many people were hit? I think we'd all know if it was a lot... —  read more 

These Leadership Programs are garbage....

Get rid of them....most of the projects these LPs work on are useless. Executives sell them off to look good so they can move up, but in the long term 90% of LP projects are useless. If GE wants to attract top talent start going to top schools and... —  read more 

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Gas Power

Big cuts coming at Gas Power. it will be curious to see what the separation packages look like.

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Is Schenectady Still Manufacturing?

I keep hearing rumors that the manufacturing operations at Schenectady we’re shutting down last year....we just installed a unit last month that had Schenectady markings on it and I’m curios if it is new or it was sitting in a warehouse some place... —  read more 

power portfolio

situation was pretty dismal last time checked in. digital was to get power sw jv, so portfilio loses one element

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GE Cult(ure)

Glad I found my way out of the GE cult. Management’s thinking, 15 years ago, was that only the cream of the crop are hired by GE, so by the fact that we’re here, we’re the best of the best therefore any decision we make is correct.

Salem Xmas

I guess if a post hit too close to home it gets deleted. Love this anonymous Bull sh--

Layoffs at Power -HRSG in Windsor

Entire Procurement / Sourcing group in Windsor, CT notified of layoffs office closing in 1Q19. Operations off-shored to Korean (former Doosan) HRSG office in Chengwon, Korea. Windsor-HRSG Engineering group next..?

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GE Power Conversion

197 jobs to go by end of Q2 2019 at the Rotating machines in Rugby, England. A 130 year old factory with expertise in naval motors. The company wish to move the work to France, initially, but suspect final plan is to move the work to Eastern Europe ... —  read more 

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When will someone grow a pair?

When will someone have the courage to call out the hypocrisy and redundancy and upper-level management with the new organizational changes at GE Power? Isn’t Chuck Nugent’s role irrelevant now and not needed ? Why do we need two heads for one... —  read more 

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End CAS now

THE CAS and and its new sibling XLP are a marjor part of the reason why GE culture is rotten to the core. The production and promotion of leaders from these programs and their subsequent injection into the various GE businesses is akin to self... —  read more 

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I can’t believe Immelt and a few others didn’t know the true condition of this company.... They got out when the going was good to squeeze every penny they could from my company... They were able to hide the corruption with the accounting tricks... —  read more 

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The Times reporting GE to close Rugby UK.Jobs to go t o France 1,100

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GE Power - you guys tried your best against lack of sales

The engineers at GE Power know their stuff, they engineered good engines. The PDE designers are amazing modelers. What it comes down to is lack of sales, simple as that. Maybe it'll turn around, but not for another few years. In the meantime, does... —  read more 

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Denied VRIP. What are my options?

In February 2018 GE Power offered me a VRIP package and I applied for it. However, my manager denied the request saying I was too valuable too lose. I was really upset because others in my department were accepted. This brilliant system rewards... —  read more 

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Power DT All Hands

The CIO just mentioned how they are "utilizing attrition" and "not backfilling" positions to reduce costs. Seems pretty tone deaf during this time of extreme uncertainty. Thoughts? —  read more 

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Time for a change

Put Russell in charge of every but Gas. Sell everything other than Gas, turn out the lights, pay the fine, and close Belfort. —  read more 

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How to fix GE..things you cannot say

The typical employee now at GE is a 20 something college grad with limited real life experience who works a 20 hr work week. They are more concerned about their next job to care about the one they are supposed to be doing. While I could never get... —  read more 

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Culp will need to decide whether to fix GE’s power division or sc-ap it. David Kass, a finance professor at the University of Maryland, thinks he should sell it because of its “substantial” underperformance.“The remainder of GE can then be turned... —  read more 

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greenville hiring contractors

greenville has hired up to 50 sub par contractors to fill the busy cells in the plant while none of the laid off employees have received a call back yet?

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