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When do bonuses come out?

Have the announced when bonuses come out this month? I was laid off in February but at the meeting going over the layoff package the HR rep said that laid off workers would still receive their bonus from 2017 sometime in April.

Shady Buisness Dealings?

Heard a story that a few Customers where about to launch a lawsuit regarding buying GE Steam Turbines, yet where actually given cheap Alstom style junk from over seas plants. When will the bad news end, and those responsible for the absolute terrible... read more

Better times for Schenectady????

With the current Plan Manager set to leave soon, could this be the key to things for not only Schenectady, but Power Steam business, turning around for the better? Nate is only one piece to the problem puzzle that is in Schenectady, now if the COE's... read more

No More Layoffs for GE Schenectady!!!

My boss has informed me that there will be no more layoffs at the GE Schenectady plant and I can continue to sleep in my nest all day. That means I can buy that new pickup truck now! This is good because I don't know what I would do if I had to... read more

Bangalore Layoffs

Are there any layoffs in Power division at Bangalore office ? There is quite some hush hush... anybody knows anything


GE Salem layoff for March 2, 2018 As a hourly employee that will be laid off in 2 week it is really hard to think that a big company like GE would be going to something like this that would affect many people in the workforce all over. I mean really... read more

Layoffs are Happening in Schenectady??

Layoffs are happening in Schenectady? Both my VP’s and all the directors on my team haven’t heard a word here in building #1 other then some rumors. I know that we did loose one team member back in June and it was awful. GE refused to extend his... read more

Is more in May for Schenectady NY

Is more layoffs coming in May when the company re evaluates the plant? Speculation is that there is going to be 300 more and they are going to turn Schenectady NY into a service shop. Does anyone know? Good luck to Schenectady NY!

GE IEA Calculator

Correct me if I'm wrong: IEA= Full weekly pay(with shift diff.) times years of company service. Then Drawn on weekly with NY Unempl. benefts to = 90% of full pay

How can a seniority based shop

How can a seniority based union shop have a layoff and people with less time than another get laid off? THE SCHENECTADY NY LOCAL 301 BLOWS JUST AS HARD IF NOT HARDER THAN GE!

Are layoffs in the works at schdy campus?

TLOW was all set first of the year but now they tlow meeting is off today. Changing the tlow numbers or company is going re-evaluate the whole plan for something worse. Any other feed back?

Fieldcore disaster

Fieldcore disaster Am I the only one that is seeing the announced fieldcore disaster? GE managers are messing up one more time giving out to third part low cost company years of knowledge. Granite used to be the manpower provider for GE, the added... read more

ge schenectady

Stack pit, punch line, machinists wind stand. TLOW. GOES through fiscle week 1-17. Starts jan 1st. Week 1-2 , 122 tlow s Week 3-5 total 145 tlows Week 6 total 162 They all have return dates. That's total 162 . It gets us through jan-april. Basically... read more

1100 jobs to be cut in UK

UK workforce will be cut by 6% Can read it more here:

Who's laughing now?

I posted not long ago saying the economy is in a recession and there will be major layoffs, and of course was met by the ignorant mockers and scoffers. Next time mockers, do some research before you open your mouths. Oh and BTW, this isn't the end of... read more

GE Power - Field Core Disaster

GE Power service recently fired all their turbine technical advisors and told them can come back as temp agency Field Core employees with huge pay and benefit cuts. Much worse is they will no longer get overtime pay for typical 60 and 84 hour weeks... read more

Total layoffs in Power?

I see Schenectady had 75 salaried. How many got hit in Atlanta, Greenville, Houston, and Bangor? What about overseas in Europe?

Small cuts now, massive cuts in 2018

What are your thoughts? My leader in engineering said we would have an action similar to March 2017 soon. If orders remain slow into 2018, then additional actions will occur. Long and drawn out process if business continues in down cycle. My thoughts... read more

Calm before the Storm

Is this the calm before the sh1t storm? Literally not hearing anything following the debacle that was the all hands on deck. If Stokes is going to start stripping out $2Bill of costs when does that start?

GE Power was destroyed by bad management

GE Power has the same problem with steam turbine and generator production. The new facilities they built in India, China and farm out of all parts has devastated Schenectady shop load last three years to very low efficiency and high cost of low... read more


All you confident hourly workers who really believe your jobs are safe with the condition this company is in are in total denial. They will use you all like they've used everyone else. To push their damn product while staying calm and focused but... read more

The same is planned in Siemens

The same is planned in Siemens. After being fired from GE there is no point to search for the job there. Siemens is holding rumors down -> not to get GE share behavior as their financial statement seems for some analysts to be "tricky".

Big Changes in the works

They are looking to layoff 400 hourly from Greenville, and upstate NY starting in November. Also in June-July layoff more and hire you back as a contractor. (Well who would be dumb enough to work in a union shop as a contractor? Probably less pay and... read more


GE is currently trading at $20/share. With a PE of 25. Competitor Siemens is at $71/share and PE of 17. GE (Earnings Per Share) EPS = (20/25)=$0.80 Siemens EPS = (71/17) = $4.17 In other words, to investors I’m better off buying a stock with a better... read more

1300 less in Switzerland

1300 less in Switzerland

Major layoffs in December

Big layoffs coming to GE Power first before they cut the dividends. Nemesis Prime was right again. I predict December layoffs for blue collar workers in Power. Found this on the General Electric general board, I thought it would be good to move it... read more

Big cuts in headquarters in switzerland

Employee Unions are being consulted as we speak. Numbers change every month with stock price decreasing. Last rummors in baden, switzerland mention about 870 people fired out of the current 2,500. God bless Europe' unions messy laws, saving us for a... read more

Power Conversion Pittsburgh

They closed the Power Conversion site in Pittsburgh and laid off 280 workers -- the letter said that we were being laid off because of a plant closing 'as defined by the WARN act.' They never filed a WARN in PA. PA Dept of Labor said it appeared they... read more


Worked 4 GE Gas Turbine for 24 yrs. - I've been been retired for about 5 years now, I really do enjoy retirement. Not many companies would have done what GE had done for me - took ins. with me plus my wife great retirement and life inssurance plan... read more

Stick A Fork In GE Power in the US

It’s all over! Get resumes ready! Manger’s need to lower their ego’s and realize that their title don’t mean crap in the outside real world. They might claim to be perfect, and always right in GE. The truth is many of them have a superior ego... read more

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