Topics regarding layoffs at GE Power

Topics regarding layoffs at GE Power

It’s Like an Asteroid

GE continues to look like an asteroid that is entering the atmosphere as it still burns through cash while cutting head count and dropping business segments. It has been shedding layer after layer and will likely soon disintegrate. I keep hearing... —  read more 

More Big Cuts at GE Power

I’m a GE retiree and have kept in contact with several friends who work at GE Power sites all along the US east coast. This is the first time any of us remember seeing voluntary job elimination being floated without a compensation package being... —  read more 

More layoffs in July

Been reading on GE page that we are going to see a huge layoffs round at Power sometime in July. I'm not sure if there's any truth to that or if somebody is just trolling. I have my doubts, because if there are layoffs planned for July, would we know... —  read more 

GE Cult(ure)

Glad I found my way out of the GE cult. Management’s thinking, 15 years ago, was that only the cream of the crop are hired by GE, so by the fact that we’re here, we’re the best of the best therefore any decision we make is correct.

Upcoming Layoffs in Europe

The first news went out in Belfort, France - 1,000 jobs to be cut. Other EU sites to be announced soon. French unions got a copy of the entire europe plan. I can't wait for one of these lazy fat f---s to leak it to the press!


Anyone see this? A website has been set up to disseminate the report,, where Markopolos calls it “a bigger fraud than Enron.” The financial investigator, who was probing GE for an unidentified hedge fund, writes that after more than... —  read more 

End CAS now

THE CAS and and its new sibling XLP are a marjor part of the reason why GE culture is rotten to the core. The production and promotion of leaders from these programs and their subsequent injection into the various GE businesses is akin to self... —  read more 

GE Power Conversion

197 jobs to go by end of Q2 2019 at the Rotating machines in Rugby, England. A 130 year old factory with expertise in naval motors. The company wish to move the work to France, initially, but suspect final plan is to move the work to Eastern Europe ... —  read more 

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