Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

Wrong people in top positions

I finally got a new offer. What a relief. Wrong people in leading positions have brought GA into this situation. The worst part is that they are so convinced that they are doing a great job. Sometimes I get the feeling that they are totally detached... —  read more 

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GA is best Defense company in Poway

GA is a great company to work for. Very relaxed environment and generous with deadlines. For how much one really works pay is great 👍…. With all these new contracts in the pipeline hiring looks to be going crazy again… good and bright days ahead!

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GA goes full remote

Wow Linden finally caved in to the attrition rate and is allowing any positions that are capable of being worked remotely to be worked remotely. Will this increase retention or attract candidates to GA?

Losing contracts

I've been thinking about the reasons why the company is losing contracts. Can the leadership do anything about it, and if so, does it actually intend to do something so that GA doesn't continue losing contracts?

Culture shock

A lot of people told me that they experienced cultural shock after they left here and went to another company. I guess after spending years in unhealthy work culture it takes a long time to get used to a culture that is significantly different... —  read more 

GA benefits are not on Par

I got an offer to work at GA and it was significantly below market. I advised why the offer was so low and. It on par and GA response was … “we never layoff and we factor that into the offer”. Then I came on here and see that layoffs did occur …. I... —  read more 

GA is in serious decline

Talent is leaving, they arent hiring qualified replacements, the most toxic people stay and get promoted. Now, they are losing money on contracts and not taking action to course correct, except more layoffs. There are a lot of cliche poor business... —  read more 


I have been in the Aerospace industry for 33 years. I've been working at General atomics a little over 5 years now. Truth be told General atomics has been living off the predator for a long long time it is ran its course. Bad management decisions has... —  read more 

Never stop applying

It's my own fault. For a while, I was constantly looking for a new job because it was clear to me that my job here was more than unstable. Then the situation improved a bit so I relaxed and stopped sending out applications. And now, again, rumors... —  read more 

I wish I was laid off

I'm tired of having to constantly worry about layoffs or which benefit I'm going to lose next. I'm so tired of it that I've landed on the opposite side: now I'm hoping to be laid off so I can pick up severance (I've been here for a decade, it should... —  read more 

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