Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

GA Sucks!

Pay is horrible! Benefits are average and smart people are almost nonexistent! I came to GA to relax for a few years but I am leaving sooner bc I am beginning to get lazy. My work ethic is starting to be impacted by the people around me. Instead... —  read more 

Are GA Employees Lazy?

How good are GA employees? Are they able to find jobs at other companies easy? Does having GA on your resume help or hurt you when looking for another job? How many people let go last year were able to find employment within 90 days? I am a... —  read more 

Real news or fake news? The Blues Brothers want people back in the office b/c they need buildings occupied for their real estate business?

I hear chatter that this is the real reason we are returning in 6/21. Nothing about health or safety, all about profit. I need to know, is it true or are these rumors? If real, how can you guys actually confirm this? Not sure what to believe. —  read more 

What are their actual arguments?

I still haven’t heard any real and valid arguments for going back to the office? Will the company do better if we go back to the office? What is this all about? I am much more productive while working from home. Unfortunately, I don't have... —  read more 

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Questions for the GA Crowd

1) Are the GA co-founders still working at GA or have they retired? Do they own the majority of the company still? 2) How likely is GA to be bought out by one of the other Aero companies? 3) What GA Programs are the best long term wise to be... —  read more 


I was let go last year and just got rehired. Feels good to be back at a great company. I hope to retire at GA… lots of work to catch up on!

How did you get prepared?

I'm safe for now, but it became clear to me a long time ago that I don't have a bright future here so I tried to put away as much savings as possible. People talk a lot about exit strategies and that one should always be prepared, but that’s my... —  read more 

New Orders Rolling in

Too much work to handle as new orders are rolling in!!! GA is hiring again like crazy - so if you were let go reapply... we need all the good people we can handle right now! Backlog is growing and orders are coming in like crazy!

Can we relax a little?

Many say there will be no layoffs any time soon. If only I could know that for sure, so that I can finally have a little relief. This way I am constantly tense from anticipation of what will happen and I have paused some other important decisions. Do... —  read more 

There is almost no work

I used to work to exhaustion and back then I wished for a day when I wouldn't have to do so much work. However, I am worried now because I have almost no work to do. I don't have much time left until retirement and I just hope that I will be able to... —  read more 

Best Place to Work

GA was voted best place to work in SD! Hiring is up and the future looks bright! Work with awesome coworkers and great management that will help grow tour career! GA is on the right path and headed in a great direction! GA is the best place I... —  read more 

Disappointing projects?

I have been very disappointed in our projects lately. They are incomparable to the projects we used to work on when this company had a clearer vision of growth. Now it seems to me that they are not thinking about growth anymore, and the projects... —  read more 

Hiring freeze over

New contracts coming in... hiring is up again and GA is back and growing again like crazy! Dead weight is gone and the company is showing mass improvement since loosing the dead weight! GA is a great place to work and grow ones career

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