Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

New Slate

Impressive group, lost the 301 elections in 2020, and now they won't get the outcome they want from the conspiracy investigation. Sharp bunch.

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CA Agreement - Voted?

I'm an outsider, at a GE plant other than Schenectady. Reading this cr-p is funny regarding the investigation. Acts if proven not funny per se, just the passionate statements/post by both sides. So was the CA ever actually voted upon by the... —  read more 

Anti-Slaters = No Courage

No courage to answer basic questions: So you claim the relationship between Local 3012 and the Company was corrupt and therefor many of the agreements/MOA's/LOIs/etc. shouldn't survive. Give me an example of 1 or 2 and why? With backdrop that your... —  read more 

Anyone Else Notice?

Anyone else notice that someone keeps confidently proclaiming that he knows the results of the 301 investigation will lead to only “personal findings” of wrongdoing (whatever that means) with no implications of union or company wrongdoing? Yet... —  read more 

My prediction for GE:

(1) GE Healthcare will be renamed and bought by a private equity. (2) GE Power is bested by superior turbines from Mitsubishi and Siemens, and will face bankruptcy. As a result, GE Digital will be spun out. (3) Aviation will face new significant... —  read more 

Big Split

Someone asked a very interesting question. I think many are wondering what the valuation of each separate “company” will end up being after the Big Split occurs? Any thoughts?

Smilin Jack

Culp was on Squawk Box with Jim Cramer explaining the 1st quarter numbers. He shows no urgency whatsoever. Ho hum. Nothing to see here. What a "complete" Tool!

Hiring standards

I think it's easier than ever to get a job at GE. Do you agree? It is clear to me that it is difficult to reach quality employees and that GE no longer has much to offer to new, promising, capable young people, but is the solution for that to go... —  read more 

CA, Voting On It

Can someone show me where it says in the bylaws the CA has to be voted on by the membership? It's a Local Agreement and can be voted upon or not the discretion of a majority of the union board is my read. if a IUE-CWA lawyers says that's so, ITS SO

Caring About The People

Can we all agree that when you are a union officer its all about the members and making it right for them. How then can an ex-301 officer seeks $ damages for himself. I support his right to do so but it's so revealing, its all about HIM!

Culp Needs To Go!!!!

Time for shareholders to vote Culp out. It's obvious at this point that it's time for him to go. I sent an e-mail to Nelson Peltz over 18 months ago questioning Culp's ability and I never heard a thing back. His 2 Billion investment in GE is... —  read more 

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