Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at General Electric Co.

Bad vibes

Maybe it's just me and the drop off in motivation in general, but I don't think I've ever worked in a more toxic company. It seems like nobody likes their job anymore, everyone is grumpy and the atmosphere is very unhealthy. Is your perception... —  read more 

Top Heavy Vernova

Scot seems all excited about his new leadership team but what exactly are we doing? Is the Chief People Officer the same as HR leader? And what happens to Kelly & the others who were SMO'ed, once the separation is completed??

Hey Look……

……. It’s the big shutdown contract year Charlie Brown. One year term, no big wage increase but the health care will increase as usual. The less than smart ones will say it’s a decent contract because they got the chump change. This place (Schdy) is... —  read more 

Some advice for Larry Culp

Larry CULP: read this carefully Break GE into pieces. No way around it. Kill GGO, Cretinville, GRC, trash all corporate teams. Completely. Don’t keep any of it. Useless. Huge weight for the company. Then take the remaining pieces. Have engineers make... —  read more 

No but like seriously

I been here for 30 years and this is the weakest the union has ever been. Let's face it boys our time is pass. We should all retire and let the Ts have it. We add no value to the bottom line.


So GEHC just made their first acquisition as a stand alone/independent company. Maybe GE should learn how to run the business's it already has. Remember when they had 13 SEPERATE DIVISIONS!

GE Offer

What is GE/Vernova offering for a contract extension? Is a strike possible for Schenectady? Perhaps there will be some SERO's offered if a contract extension is approved.

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