Topics regarding layoffs at General Mills Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at General Mills Inc.

Albuquerque General Mills

Why does Albuquerque General Mills allow their men employees to harrass and single out women for discrimination? All of this is allowed there and being a woman if you stick up for yourself you get fired!!!! General Mills really needs to look into... —  read more 

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HR communication today

First, my thoughts are with everyone. I’m “safe” but been incredibly emotional all day for my coworkers because this was NOT handled correctly. Second, today’s “communication” was atrocious. A five minute video saying absolutely nothing then a... —  read more 

It's happening

Layoffs have started, that much is obvious. I'm just upset over how little transparency there is about the whole process. We need to guess how many are affected and who is the next to be hit. You can't tell me there are no better ways to do this... —  read more 

I don't trust them anymore

Unfortunately, even when I hear some supervisor say that the sales force will not be impacted, I don’t believe a word of it. I don’t want to sound like a bearer of bad news, but I’m only sure of one thing: that we should have left here a long time... —  read more 

Anxiety levels?

My anxiety level is astronomical because this is the worst period for me personally to get cut. Basically, the feelings are mixed, I don't know if I'm more worried or more frustrated because I feel very used by this company. On the other... —  read more 

Cost savings?

Where are cost savings going to come from now? The company has been cutting cost for many years and still has trouble growing profit. Any ideas???

New Merged operating units

Anyone know if the business units will be merged? I've been hearing yogurt and cereal would be merged together and baking and meals would be merged leaving snacks on its own. Also heard natural organic might become its own business. Also heard... —  read more 

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Despite layoffs, General Mills remains largest Twins ticket purchaser according to Chief Financial Officer

Tough times at General Mills, but General Mills is the number one purchaser for Twins tickets according to a recent call with GMI "leaders" Apparently General Mills spends millions $$$ on Twins tickets every year putting them as the number one Twins... —  read more 

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