Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

Netflix deal

Does anybody else think this is a complete waste of money? General Motors and Netflix are joining forces to give electric vehicles (EVs) the stage they deserve, reflecting society’s increasing excitement about an all-electric future, starting... —  read more 

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EVs are a disaster.

Bolt EV permanently loses 20% of it's range after 100k miles due to battery degradation. Also, range temporarily drops by 50%, when it's very cold.

Did they leave?

A few months ago there were so many threatening to quit over RTO. I wonder how many ended up quitting. No one in my group has quit. How is it in your group? Now we are hearing about hiring freezes and mass layoffs. Going to be an interesting... —  read more 

Popular Ex-GM Employee

I quit GM after I experienced toxic bosses. I have 20 years experience, mostly in Fortune 50 companies. I left the industry and have been extremely popular after my exit from company about 2 years ago. I am now in a high paying leadership role... —  read more 

Changing industries

Perhaps for some the grass is much greener in other companies in the industry, but I already have experience in several of them and employees more or less face similar issues in all of them. - If someone thinks that this is not true, please give... —  read more 


It's become very stressful to work here. We are all in suspense as to who will be the next of our colleagues to leave, because those of us who stay will then have to take on additional work and responsibilities. When can we expect the company to... —  read more 

The Elephant in The Room

I took this from Ford's board, it applies to us as well... There's a big problem in the auto industry that isn't talked about enough. The residual values of their cars are very important to the huge financing departments of auto OEMs... For... —  read more 

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