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Round 2.0 - Here we go...

From the author that brought you the following thread with accuracy before Covid hit. Decline 2.0 is coming soon. It's going to hit just as hard as the first, and likely, be the final nail in the... —  read more 

Protecting management

It doesn’t matter how much work you put in, how many hours you’ve clocked - unless you’re middle management or higher your position in the company isn’t safe. GM has proven time and again that their main priority has been and always will be their... —  read more 

Interesting read

I recently read “Overhaul” by Steven Rattner about the government guided bankruptcy. Lots of interesting inside info on GM and Chrysler. The author was very critical of the inept GM executive ranks. Frequent responses were “That’s the GM way” and... —  read more 

That’s It In A Nutshell

Just posted by someone: I saw a guy come in who truly was good. Sharp, well qualified and truly knowledgeable. After a few months of frustration, he left. In parting, he stated that decisions aren’t made at GM to help the company. but to make the... —  read more 

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"Trade Group for Koch, GM Asks Trump for More Foreign Workers"...yes that's right, GM is asking for more foreign workers

Not too long after getting rid of all those engineers good ole Mary and GM are asking the government to increase the number of cheap foreign workers that they can hire. And yet they will wrap the flag around themselves when it comes to selling cars... —  read more 

Remote Layoff Process

I've just been briefed about the remote layoff process that will start in the next month or so. You will receive a call from your Director, an HR rep, and an Outplacement specialist conferenced in. You will be told your position has been eliminated... —  read more 

GM Warren IT Projects

Heard 2 PMO gone recently and upcoming IT Program level cut soon. They will replace IT Program Managers with Minimum wage interns / secretary who knows excel. After all IT PM is only job where no skills needed.

GM Layoffs Does anyone at GM know more about this? I’m worried!

Be. Happy.

Be happy you are not with the boneheads at Ford. They are fine where they are today. Just like Mually stated 11 years ago. They stuck the flag in GM and Chrysler’s rear. Time for them to get the pole. F-150 to you.

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