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Is it our turn again?

In the last six months or so we've been alternating layoffs with Ford. They have a round, we have a round, they have a round... Rinse and repeat. So with another wave of cuts at Ford just having ended, is it our turn again?

Why a Dublin IT office

Does anyone know why GM have people in Dublin IT? The people there travel all over the world First class, they spend millions of dollars in just travel and squeeze people from trainings and basic needs everywhere. Does any one have insight?

2008 vs 2019

Can someone shed some light on how things compare today vs back in 2008? I have been in Detroit area only since 2014. Feel free to expand into all areas - housing market, interest rates, unemployment %, inventory overstock, generosity of severance... read more


Looks like if you've been collecting UE while still under severance payments, you may have a problem. Couple of people I'm still in contact with said they are being questioned by the UE Office.

This is not good for any of us

Ford layoffs are bad for all of us. The more people are out of work, the more saturated job market in our industry becomes. Which means that finding a good job with decent pay will become even more difficult than it is right now. This is a huge mess... read more

Ford Announcement

Well, 7,000 more white collar workers worldwide are joining us! 1,500 in North America.

Selling GM HQ link


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How is “End User Adoption” even a thing????

The cuts apparently did not go deep enough, still lots of ridiculous fat left on the bone that should have been offloaded months ago. It’s ridiculous some of the things that are left while good and valuable people were let go.


I didn't get anything in my separation package regarding non-solicit's. Does anyone here know if there was one as part of our employment agreement upon accepting the job originally? Does GM put no-solicit agreements in their offers? I want to say all... read more

Break in service?

Did anyone have a break in service and was that previous service included in determining how long you received severance? This would be for US employees.

Don't let GM use you!

Why stay loyal to GM? What's the last thing this company has ever done for you? Has it given you a proper - key word proper - raise? Invested in your training? I don't think so. They used you and now they're getting ready to dump you - if they... read more

Were any H1B Visa Holders Let Go?

If H1B visas are so that GM can hire specialized talent that is not available locally, and if those visa holders are doing the same work as other salaried employees, then shouldn't the visa holders have been the first ones on the chopping block? I... read more

Engineers leaving GM

Three product engineers have given their two week notice for greener pastures in our group, this month. How many have left your group after the layoffs?

Secrets From A GM Director

The guidelines for selecting employees to layoff were based on how much money could be saved and did NOT consider the valued skill set or past performance of the employee. Evidence of this was that Managers were never consulted on the relative value... read more

Why are people not learning new skills?

Seriously people, it's just a matter of time before 90 percent of people who currently work at GM and the entire auto industry are left without a job. Automation, outsourcing, lower sales... Everybody can see where this is headed. Learn a new skill... read more

GM was a big part of the war effort during ww2

Don't ever forget , even though that was a different era . Bombers built out at Willow Run Ypsilanti and many more war effort areas in the country. General Motors has always had the finger in the defense punch bowl and to this day it's the same ... read more

No one is safe regardless of their contribution! Six Years Ago, He Helped Expose VW’s Diesel Fraud. This Year, G.M. Let Him Go. Hemanth Kappanna’s research helped plunge Volkswagen into a scandal that continues to... read more

Let this be a lesson to all

Let this be a lesson to all, I learned years ago not to fall for this bull c-ap consumerism economy. It's expected that we all must buy 'STUFF' to keep it rolling, well that's fine but I'm not going to do it and then lose my job every 2 or 3 years!!... read more

Any concrete info on potential new layoffs?

I can never be to careful after the layoffs. I’m always anticipating a new wave and I was never in a state where I could be calm ever since. It would be helpful if I heard that no one has heard any rumors regarding layoffs in the making, although I... read more

My negative review was removed from glassdoor.

When you submit a review on Glassdoor, they must review and approve it before it is publicly available. About a week ago, I posted my negative review of GM and the post was approved. Oddly, it would not show when sorting by "Most Recent". I could... read more

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