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Visions of a distopyian broken Americ$$

Our society is set up for the wealthy elite , what is the real focus of our country? We all clearly see the negatives occurring, so what are the positives in America today?
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Is it true MPG employees won’t get WARN pay? I just read this rumor... I was at GM less than 3 years (barely) and laid off on Feb 4th at MPG. I would expect my last paycheck to be at the end of this month for 2yrs severance.... would seem really... read more

Always Stay Positive!

I wanted to share my experience to see if maybe it help even one person dealing with the layoffs. I was laid off in February and I hit the ground running with updating my resume and cover letter. I then applied everywhere almost anywhere. I was not... read more

Applying as a contractor

I’ve applied as a contractor for a job at GM, which is very similar to my job that I had as a salaried worker before I was laid off. Is my history at GM a advantage or a liability to be chosen for the job. Has anyone faced something similar?

Paystub questions

Is "Equivl19" the prorated 2019 TeamGM payment? WARN Pay. I was not expecting this! Is this a one time payment? How was it determined? I hope the job search is going well for everyone!

Bonus but no regular base pay

I just logged in to ADP ipay and I see the prorated 2019 bonus, but no regular pay. Anyone else experience this? NOTE: Just mailed my paperwork in March 1st.

When could the next wave of layoffs start?

I have a feeling there’s more to come within 2019, maybe not in such an organized manner and not in those numbers , but I definitely have a feeling that they didn’t achieve the numbers of workers they find redundant. If that new wave should com, when... read more

Vacation Pay

The severance package states there is no compensation for unused vacation unless dictated by State Law. Michigan state law states that earned unused Vacation time must be paid upon severance. Anyone know how much vacation time was earned by those of... read more

Wow, perfectly described. From the Ford thread.

11 Step Process: Ford Salaried Employee Layoffs I have been Ford salaried employee over 30 years. The pattern repeated for all the salaried layoffs: Step 1 - nudge the highly paid or near retirement out the door Step 2 - hire many young people and... read more

Anybody feels safe now?

Is there anybody who is now feeling safe at GM - considering that layoffs seem to be done for a foreseeable future? I'll be honest, after what just happened, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to relax once again and think I have any kind of long term... read more

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