Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

Join the UAW

Contact UAW Organizing Do you want to know more about joining the UAW? If so, we need some basic information so we can provide the best possible support and assistance to you and your co-workers. ALL INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL! In order to respond... —  read more 

The Big Chaos

The Midwest Auto OEM Sr. Leaders (Directors and above) desire to be just like Silicon Valley tech companies with their fast moving mindset and goals for huge profit margins. Everything they are changing is because they are in a panic mode to survive... —  read more 

Another EV failure point

One of several reasons your car insurance went up 17% this year: the high cost of EV repair/replacement. The other, which is a serious side issue: people are so broke that they are canceling insurance in droves (they charge you extra to cover for... —  read more 


Where are the Brightdrop vans? The only vans I've seen on the road are the vans tested and driven by Rousch, with 'M-plates', here in the Detroit-metro area. Have any, either long or short wheelbase models, been delivered yet? Anyone seen these in... —  read more 

Joining VDDV - layoffs?

I am an experienced engineer from another supplier. Joining vddv soon. I was told by friends several folks left the org already, how is the morale in vddv? Are more layoffs expected? A bit concerned since the market isnt great and I got a great role... —  read more 

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