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As long as she thinks it was prudent...

General Motors Co's top executive on Friday said layoffs announced a day earlier at the company's self-driving Cruise unit were "prudent" but insisted that she sees a "huge opportunity" for its vehicles to move both people and... —  read more 

Any furloughed employees filing for unemployment?

Have any furloughed employees on the 75% pay plan filed for unemployment to get the $600 Federal weekly benefit and the state benefits? I’ve contemplated filing for a few weeks now because my state would allow me to file but GM’s plan says they will... —  read more 

Mass Upcoming Layoffs in Warren

GM Recently notified Warren as required by city for any upcoming mass layoffs. This is from a friend that works for the city. She did not know the number specified. This is a few weeks prior to when the actual layoffs would occur.

GM on "Ventilator" Life Support

Poor leadership presence in last 2 weeks. No TV appearances expressing support of 'we are here to help in this time of need'. They are too focused on cost cutting employee salaries thinking that will be the solution to their problem. The whole... —  read more 

Where is Mary Barra at?

GM Leadership is mum. Where is that highly educated, diversity leadership, and strong backbone at GM. Seems like GM has been very quiet lately. $21.00 stock is awesome. Is Bankruptcy 2.0 in the ballgame again. GM is such a freeking... —  read more 

GM Layoffs Does anyone at GM know more about this? I’m worried!

layoffs have begun

GM is next..

Be. Happy.

Be happy you are not with the boneheads at Ford. They are fine where they are today. Just like Mually stated 11 years ago. They stuck the flag in GM and Chrysler’s rear. Time for them to get the pole. F-150 to you.

layoff 2020 in the works

Just got off a troubling call with my manager. Layoffs in IT are on the horizon, on par with last year's. I'm in Austin btw

GM layoffs possible?

What are you guy's thoughts on this matter? Do you think GM will place a lot of white collar workers in at least a temporary layoff due to the coronavirus? The factories are shut down, and I doubt many people are out buying cars for the next few... —  read more 


Any employees know how this works? My grandma just died and I need to travel for her funeral, tia

Corona Virus Hits Michigan.

I wonder if they’ll send office workers to work at home. Here’s our chance to be productive and incentivize working from home.

GM Stock 3/9/20

General Motors Company (GM) NYSE - Nasdaq Real Time Price. Currency in USD Quote Lookup 48-4.22 (-14.69%) As of 3:03PM EDT. Market open.

GM for the Win! If you’ve just bought a new Toyota or Lexus, you may need your engine replaced. Over 44,000 cars and SUVs from 2019 and 2020

GM Shall Rise as Best Vehicles In the World! 2020 & Beyond!!! If you’ve just bought a new Toyota or Lexus, your vehicle may need its engine replaced. Over 44,000 cars and SUVs from the 2019 and 2020 model years are being recalled because they may... —  read more 

China 's virus and product!

"Will the corona virus be transferred or active on Chinese product like a petty dish?"

More IT cuts coming

Yes, I heard next cutbacks are late Feb to early part of March Can anybody confirm this?

CAP / pay grade information thread

Thread to post your annual raise that you received and salary range statistics for your pay grade. Please include raise %, your level details(6b, etc), and the median and max value from your report. Let's assess our employer and see how... —  read more 

Bonus for Level 6

What is the % band for target bonus based on indivudual performance and position in 9box at level 6 ? Is it between 110% to 130% or more based on mets or exceeds expectation ?

365 days ago

One year ago the Lord blessed me by putting my name on a list to get fired-laid off from this company! I hope all you talented people out there found bigger and better things. Peace and blessings to all.

Time for a new GM CEO?

Mary Barra has been CEO since Jan'14. GM stock back then was around 36 and today it's about 34, so she's still not convinced the market that GM has a viable financial future, The recent announcement showing a totally new fully autonomous production... —  read more 

Make Your GM Opinions Make an Impact By...

Providing your rating GM on . It is anonymous and GM cannot modify the ratings, (although I've heard that HR has created their own very favorable reviews to keep GM above 3 stars). Currently GM has 3.5 out of 5 stars with Mary B... —  read more 

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