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The TALK-ERS and the DO-ERS

Anyone who knows their way around the block at GM understands that the technical side of this company--many of those housed at Pontiac or WTC--is comprised of 2 groups of employees: Those who "DO" and those who "TALK" about what others do. Those who... read more
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I Just Need 4 More Years from You GM

I am confident that I will make it thru these cuts. If I do, and I get those 4 years that I need, I will be dropping this company like a sl-tty girlfriend who I just caught scr-wing the entire football team.

Could they care any less

The ruthlessness of corporate America is very clear to me, but when publicly elected political official shows that much disinterest in the matter of layoffs at GM that is just a new level of hubris. The newly elected Michigan governor promised to do... read more

Clear your cube and be ready!!

Once they walk you out, you'r not allowed to come back. you have to tell your co-worker/manager to get your stuff in your cube for you. I had somebody last year who was let go due to performance review and not allowed to take your belongings by... read more

Value of Loyalty..ROFL

When employees with multiple years of services with GM or any damn company think they deserve special treatment out of loyalty from new employees or from company itself - it’s so innocently cute! These are perfect (stupid) employees untill it’s time... read more review on GM

Since GM love to scare & torture us about layoff, please post sh--ty reviews on so the newcomer should be hesitating to come to GM. I wonder how and why GM got the work rating of 3.7 out of 5 as best place to work? and that stupid Barra... read more

1/17 Super Thread

For posting updates, news, hopefully credible rumors, etc. Just asking if we all can show that we are human and show compassion when posting. Karma has a weird way of finding its way back to you so let’s try to be civil if we can. Also, if you do... read more

Contract employees protected over Salaried

This contract employee (on work visa) was hired last year. She figured out a way to manipulate the system. She’s sleeping around with the managers/ directors. Not even putting in 8 hours of work taking two hour lunches and still getting paid for her... read more

Use Your Vacation Time!!

Once you get laid off, your 2019 vacation days are worthless. Therefore, if your management tells you that you must be in the office the week of February 4th, you might just as well take 9 or 10 days of vacation between now and then (MLK Day will... read more

Is it certain this week is safe?

Trying to put all the rumors, predictions, and other tidbits together. From what I gathered, this week is definitely not the layoffs week? And the next one is the most likely candidate?

Are they doing this on purpose?

Are they prolonging these layoffs and letting us live with the stress and anxiety brought on by not knowing what's going on in hopes that some of us are going to break under pressure and leave on our own? Not having to pay severance to people who... read more

Barra Speaks Up

Protecting for the Downside

So what preparations are you all making for the inevitable if it happens to you? Have you emptied out your desks/cubes (5S'ed everything)? Any spending habit changes? Update resumes? Looking online for jobs yet? Etc Etc

Would you be more offended if MB

stayed holed up in her ivory tower until the bloodbath was over, or greeted you at the exit with a handshake? Or would neither matter? What might offend you otherwise? I wouldn't want the handshake.

If you're in Austin....

Truthfully don't worry. You're surrounded by dozens upon dozens of tech companies. Opportunities are endless. Don't think GM is your final stop.


I'm curious to know how everyones workload is. I haven't had anything to do this year besides mandatory training. No new projects have been allocated, manager said requirements are still being hashed out. Thinking I'll be on the chopping block next... read more

Real Info: Severance Pay

Creating a new thread for visibility. I know someone high up in management and kept pestering them. Their lips were sealed, but he/she did give me a hint that benefits doc was recently updated. I'm not going to paste anything, or upload anything in... read more


Beware GM Employees....! I work in IT and have been instructed to flag anyone who is accessing this website from their work devices.

Are managers lying?

They keep saying they have no information whatsoever. How can that be? This is all kabookie theatre. By now, lists must have been prepared resource allocation must be going on. Is this winning with integrity?

Salary share thread

Since I’m seeing a lot of salaries thrown around feel free to see how you compare to your peers. It is illegal to prevent sharing of salaries so no worries. Please post what you feel comfortable with - level,position, and base salary

What perspective do the laid-off GM workers have?

I’m sure everybody will agree that laid-off GM workers are in a specific position compared to people in other branches that were cut. It’s not like there is a car assembly plant around every corner where people can apply for a job and the fact is... read more

Layoff Information by Location

Would like to keep track of layoffs/departures as they are happening at any GM location. Please post if layoffs have started or are in process at your location and whatever information you know.

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