Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

My manager is full of optimism

In good times, that might be normal, but now it becomes very irritating to listen to a manager full of optimism as he says not to worry, that everything will be fine and the like. All that excessive optimism sounds very fake. Do they really think... —  read more 

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Exit strategy

The atmosphere is becoming a bit strange and tense. I am even thinking of leaving this industry. What is your exit strategy?

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From Reuters

"The auto industry is racing to the safe harbor of pent-up demand that could carry sales for years to come, while the looming economic storm clouds are gathering that could destroy much of that demand," said Tyson Jominy, J.D. Power vice president of... —  read more 


We are constantly expected to do more. If I were to do the work that needs to be done to the best of my ability, there would not be enough hours in a day to complete all the planned assignments. It is no longer a question of whether the people here... —  read more 

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