Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

General Motors is hiring

I saw a message saying that GM is hiring followed by the usual examples of the no-nonsense culture like this one where Mary changed the dresscode to "dress appropriately"... For me, GM was mostly nonsense! It was nothing but bullying and politics... —  read more 

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Plans for the future A little older article, but I'm interested in what you think how many of these listed plans for the next period will actually become realized? Will GM succeed in... —  read more 

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Chip shortage predictions

I read some predictions that the worst-case scenario could easily happen according to which the ongoing chip shortage will not last until the first half of 2023, but will run into 2024. It's worrying, obviously. I'm just wondering how GM will try to... —  read more 

I don't regret leaving

I left GM a little before the pandemic without having a replacement job because I couldn't spend another day at that horrible place. The work environment was so bad that it was either leave or start medicating. It was tough for a while, I won't lie... —  read more 

More temp layoffs

"Thousands of people in mid-Michigan are temporarily out of work tonight because General Motors shut down the Delta Township plant. It’s offline for at least two weeks because of the semiconductor... —  read more 

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Tales from the General

Stories for anybody who might be thinking, "General Motors couldn't be that bad." I've seen so many bad things in so many places in such a short amount of time. I am not the only one. The truth shall set us free!

The biggest complaints?

Although I haven't been here for a long time, I'm grateful to have been hired without much previous experience and I'm very proud to have had the opportunity to improve my skillset here. Maybe the reason for that is that I haven't changed a lot of... —  read more 

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