Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

Pretending that everything is fine

I find our management funny when they try to convince us that the situation in the company is much better than it actually is. Almost all of us see how things stand, but they try in various ways to convince us that they have everything under control... —  read more 

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Our products

Just by looking at our products it is clear how disoriented this company really is. Most of us don’t want to admit it, but our products have been a failure lately. The worst thing is that their quality is questionable. Just my two cents. When did... —  read more 

March furloughs

It's been exactly a year since the big pandemic furlough of 2020. I'm curious whether all of those affected returned to work since then or did the company use the opportunity to cut some of them without anybody noticing? I'm betting at least some got... —  read more 

Anxiety levels?

I haven’t found another option but I still don't want to worry about what will happen when a new round of layoffs starts. Many of my colleagues were able to find another job, so I guess I will too. I worried too much but realized it didn’t make... —  read more 

Layoffs at Flint plant

General Motors has laid off roughly 170 employees from the GM Flint Engine Operations facility in Flint, Michigan, per a new report. According to local CBS news affiliate WNEM, the layoffs at the General Motors facility were the result of a supply... —  read more 

GM partnering with Apple?

Bloomberg published an article about Apple's plans to build an electric, self-driving car in the next four years. Reportedly, in the process of building vehicles, they would rely on a manufacturing partner. It is still unknown who would assemble an... —  read more 

Life away from GM

Settled into a new job away from GM. It’s awesome to actually be eager to go to work. I will never miss: The inability of higher ups to make timely decisions The discouragement of differing views The always present negative atmosphere The... —  read more 

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