Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

Keeping skills sharp

I thought that I would have a lot of opportunities to learn new things at GM. However, I am not satisfied with how much I managed to upgrade my skillset here. There were simply no such opportunities for me. Since I think that keeping your... —  read more 

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Trying to keep my job

Despite everything, despite all the issues this company has, I love my job here. I have worked in other companies in the industry, but for now, here is still the best for me so I care about keeping my job. Do you believe that it is possible to... —  read more 

Layoffs are coming

Layoffs are eminent at GM too. Vehicles are not selling. Get ready for The Great Recession #2. Money is not circulating into the economy, because everyone is at home buying PJ’s, comfy clothes and food. No gas, daycare, oil changes, work clothes and... —  read more 

Sales keep going down

I know that it's easy to make anything look good when you phrase it right, but still "GM’s quarterly sales fall but show improvement from beginning of year" definitely doesn't instill confidence. With the recession already starting or about to start... —  read more 

Next voluntary buyout

It's been nearly four years since the last major one, any chance we are getting closer to the next one? I was 10 years at the time so I wasn't included, but I also wouldn't have accepted it at that time. However, this time I would be and I'd jump at... —  read more 


I'm sick of this place. I started sending applications to some competitors. Purely out of curiosity, I'm interested in what you would say if someone asked you what GM lags behind in its biggest competitors?

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