Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

Topics regarding layoffs at General Motors

it's become a witch hunt

am i the only one noticing they are looking for any imperfection in your RTO or performance or specific hours you check in/out of the buildings? after they find something and talk to you about it, next they send you an email "officially" getting your... — read more 

Sinking ship

SLT only cares about their own interests. They will su-k the company dry as they’ve done before. They all protect each other to survive and thrive. If you are not part of the elite club you are meaningless to them. Sheeps will never understand this... — read more 

Serious Question

If GM claims they have money to the investors with record profit but then go on interviews and say they are out of money, why are all the sister vehicles still built? To the diehard members of the GM elite: what's the difference between the... — read more 

Possible hiring freeze coming

Just noticed that a few GM internal positions that I am interested in are cancelled this week. My guess is that there is a hiring freeze from top down which may affect some organizations. Not sure whether this is a prelude of coming layoff.

Transformation disaster

It evident that Mary wants to transform the culture similar to silicon valley. Remember folks that her duty as a CEO lies to the shareholders, and not the employees. This reorg has been a major disaster so far. I can only hope things get better from... — read more 

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