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More IT cuts coming

Yes, I heard next cutbacks are late Feb to early part of March Can anybody confirm this?

CAP / pay grade information thread

Thread to post your annual raise that you received and salary range statistics for your pay grade. Please include raise %, your level details(6b, etc), and the median and max value from your report. Let's assess our employer and see how... —  read more 

365 days ago

One year ago the Lord blessed me by putting my name on a list to get fired-laid off from this company! I hope all you talented people out there found bigger and better things. Peace and blessings to all.

China 's virus and product!

"Will the corona virus be transferred or active on Chinese product like a petty dish?"

Time for a new GM CEO?

Mary Barra has been CEO since Jan'14. GM stock back then was around 36 and today it's about 34, so she's still not convinced the market that GM has a viable financial future, The recent announcement showing a totally new fully autonomous production... —  read more 

Secrets From A GM Director

The guidelines for selecting employees to layoff were based on how much money could be saved and did NOT consider the valued skill set or past performance of the employee. Evidence of this was that Managers were never consulted on the relative value... —  read more 

Bonus for Level 6

What is the % band for target bonus based on indivudual performance and position in 9box at level 6 ? Is it between 110% to 130% or more based on mets or exceeds expectation ?

It’s been almost a year

Still seems so wrong how a whole lot of people that didn’t get cut were the ones that should have. Especially in the whole IT, GM search, work smarter and chat bot groups. Ones who were useless but kissed up stayed and ones who could actually... —  read more 

Make Your GM Opinions Make an Impact By...

Providing your rating GM on . It is anonymous and GM cannot modify the ratings, (although I've heard that HR has created their own very favorable reviews to keep GM above 3 stars). Currently GM has 3.5 out of 5 stars with Mary B... —  read more 

C8 Corvette is hideous!

They benchmarked a Ferrari 458 Italia and this is what we get in return haha It's a clone and the public is non the wiser Pathetic GM, pathetic.

W2 for previous employment?

Hey all. This might seem like a silly question but does anyone have any information how one will obtain 2019 W2 from GM if you don't work there anymore? I quit sometime last year, (onto better pastures) and not sure how to get my W2 from GM... —  read more 

GM-to risky to work for

GM hadn't been stable in a very long time, I am very surprised that anyone young coming out of school would even entertain working for this company. If I was a youngster living with the folks, I would be connecting on LinkedIn as much as possible... —  read more 

The Letter

Has anyone received a letter from General Motors letting them know that they are eligible for TAA benefits? I can't seem to get anywhere with my Michigan Works office. They keep telling me that I am not eligible until I receive a letter from GM... —  read more 

Zero, zero, zero

Having a senior moment. This slogan is Zero emissions, Zero crashes, Zero ??? Can’t remember the third zero. Serious or humorous replies accepted. 😀

More cuts

GM is cutting massive amounts of jobs at several plants that I'm aware of. These plants have already been cut to the bone in past purges. It looks to be 8% to 15% at each plant. I'm guessing another round for salary will soon follow.

48 temps in Indiana terminated

GM sends termination notices to 48 TPT workers in Indiana less than two months after UAW signs concessions contract Forty-eight temporary part-time (TPT) workers at the General Motors Marion Stamping Plant in Marion, Indiana, are being given... —  read more 

It's time for new leadership

Zero cares about the customers needs. Zero respect or integrity for the employees of the company. Zero product offerings and out of touch with the market, Always negative vibes from GM and drama. It's time for new leadership, *I couldn't resist... —  read more 

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