Topics regarding layoffs at Genesis HealthCare

Topics regarding layoffs at Genesis HealthCare

Rotten to the core

We've been told money is tight for years, things have been going from bad to worse in the middle of a pandemic, I won't even talk about all the people who died, and in all of that the company finds the money to pay more than 5 f—ing million... —  read more 

Wrong people are being laid off

Genesis keeps laying folks off, but at the wrong level. Regional Vice Presidents stay on, despite causing the sinking ship, while Area Directors are let go. Recently they laid off their highest performing Area Director and now watching that Area... —  read more 

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Not a good company to work for

I've been working for Genesis for 14 yrs. When I first started the benefits were desent we got an attendance bonus at the end of the month 50 to 75 cent raises every yr now they took it all away to getting no raises taking Easter pay away and we r... —  read more 

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they are not telling anyone about layoff until the day they let you go. They have changed in the 13 years i have been here no fun to work here anymore. more and more work and no raise in pay

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Cuts in IT

NeighborCare was better. Now we'll have cuts in IT. I am not sure what groups will be affected, but I see a lot of people not working on projects and sitting idle. If you are not on a project, you should worry. If you do prod support, you are fine... —  read more 

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