Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

Pure energy and excitement

Was everyone pumped at the ice cream social, after missing out on the important tent with critical HR and facilities workers. We know they make this place successful and needed to be with leadership team. Woooo (Rick flair voice). Seriously though... —  read more 

Trigger for depression

Heard from a family friend who is a fan 10 SLT and still in touch with TC that intel will be buying fab 8 and 9 while fab 10 transitions over to ON. Title changes were due to intel structure and a way to justify layoffs. Be warned and be... —  read more 

All lies again!! Only $1B for existing fab, no mention of F8.2 details. Trust me, it won't happen with no details at all. Just to trick Uncle Sam for free... —  read more 

explanation of new logo

For the G, you see we have a half circle and a quarter circle, representing our global reach; Oh! and because we make wafers. The middle is shared by the G and the F, representing how we come together and work as a team. Then for the second part of... —  read more 


In order to have any success unionizing global foundries for better pay, we must utilize social media to organize employees. Organization cannot take place on GF property. Create an alias and use Facebook search to find people who have listed... —  read more 

Is the grass greener?

I know many in my department are unhappy and looking for other opportunities. I am on the fence and although I’m mentally and financially prepared for a RIF at any given moment, I’ve become comfortable in my little niche here - which is why I am... —  read more 

Annual Performance Raises are coming in the next few weeks. lets discuss titles / current salaries to see where we stand in the US market

I know many people in my department are underpaid at globalfoundries and unhappy. They are also looking for new opportunities at other companies. we work in the cleanroom as technicians and senior technicians mostly and make 50k - 65k (at the highest... —  read more 

WFH or bust

I was actually excited to be getting back into the office to get away from the wife and kids for a while but as I come back I'm noticing a lot of my coworkers have been putting in their resignation because they actually enjoyed working from home is... —  read more 


Thought I saw some posting on F7 quarantining >200 employees due to 1 positive case. Management was angry why AB split was not implemented earlier. Cough* Employees are forced back daily *cough Singapore management thought they are lucky but... —  read more 

Female leader

With the current CEO about to complete 3 years, and GF in its 12th year and eyeing an IPO, I think it's perfect time for the board to show commitment to gender equality and D&I by hiring a woman CEO. None of the 4 CEOs so far, nor any of the current... —  read more 

Feb layoffs

Heard its going to happen in SGP , deadline given to ppl who are not returning to work on sgp site.. to resign .. US sites , heard anyone rated a 1 will be given a PIP or offered a VSP ....

New Layoffs Feb

in Sgp Site , those that dun return from Malaysia back to the Sgp site office to work will be asked to resign ... already a bunch of 20yrs or more ppl have been laid off in the last 3-4 weeks here in sgp .. same news i heard from the US sites ...

More layoffs at GF?

Is there still people to be laid off there? At early 2000, 8300 people worked there in BTV and now little over 2000 after couple of name changes from IBM. Same clueless management running the show so writing is on the wall. Death by many small... —  read more 

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Pawns Unite

Manufacturing employees are the overlooked stepchild at GF. Its time to show your worth. What other group can be shoveled around like mere pawns on a chess board. Being sacrificed for the knights, queens and rooks. Getting 12 hour notice that you're... —  read more 

I held my head high

I was quietly laid off last month. I knew it could happen at any given moment. I wasn’t angry. I was upset but I wouldn’t give management the satisfaction of thinking GF got the best of me. In the weeks since then I’ve had a few offers from... —  read more 

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