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iPhone 12 with A14 Bionic 5nm chips

GF dropped out of the race of leading edge in 2018 at 7nm after significantly lagging behind. Two years down, when the next technology 5nm is in production (and this is on the internet), has GF's 'pivot' to differentiation worked and derivatives... —  read more 

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Epic Fail So this is "good news" for most of the world except for GF. So McK convinced TC and the Prince to file a suit in hopes of raking in... —  read more 

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Think GF? Think Bullying

Just curious how bad is the bullying in F1 and F8/9/10 especially from mfg department? Shocked at how abusive people can be in F7. Mfg and PC will shout and threaten people AT ALL TIMES just because things didn't go their way. Their mantra is my... —  read more 

TSMC fights back with a suit

Why hasn't anyone posted this so far? TSMC came firing back with a counter suit. Is GloFo also suing Samsung for patent infringement on 14 nm? Oh, that's right, they needed to pay Samsung for... —  read more 

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