Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

trip to Dresden

anyone know more about the GF-sponsored trip to Dresden? I know of a few people that are there right now from the US, but not sure why or what the purpose is because they're on different teams

ancient systems

anyone surprised at how clunky and ancient the systems are? and how slow they are sometimes? how can we manufacture such modern technology and be left with programs that look like they were designed for Windows 98? can anyone that came from other... —  read more 

Employee retention

I notice that there is some effort to keep people, but is that enough? /// I would keep looking for a new job even if my pay was significantly increased or I got a big bonus. I don't believe that GF will be able to keep most of the talent because... —  read more 

first line Manager

I am a First Line Manager (FLM) .. so it means .. i am sandwhich between the techs / engineers and my boss who is either a level below the dept head or the dept head itself .. Ppl think we FLM have it easy ... the recent mkt adjustment , we FLM... —  read more 

Golden years

For the past four years, working here for me is mostly just stress. I gave notice today and I am a little nostalgic for how this company used to be. Do you remember the golden years?

This mandate is wrong

This vaccine mandate scares me more than anything this company has ever done. They are purposely causing discord amongst fellow employees. The is no room for people to have free thought. They rather just have us obey like robots. People should have... —  read more 

Things are Good

Have to say, things are pretty good lately. IPO launch, company is flush with cash. Our fab is busy for the foreseeable future. Employee Stock purchase program is launching along with a 50 share grant. We are on track for the wafer fabout bonus... —  read more 

Bet Jim Cramer is paid

Here comes more and I am willing to bet Cramer has been paid to get TC there. Additionally I am so sure that their a$$ is on 🔥. Even though this post is pessimistic kudos for finally making profit of 5M and getting a good... —  read more 


I recently left GF after 2 decades including its previous entity. I usually just read the postings but I just wanted to express my feeling anonymously over the recent IPO event. I knew the senior management had no plan to offer the shares with their... —  read more 

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