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Covid-19 mega-pivot for Malta

With the crashed oil prices, the Sheikh is going to be more desparate to get rid of this underperforming asset. With nobody to buy GF, here is a win-win plan. Convert Malta to a massive coronavirus center/hospital for the northeast, and later into a... —  read more 

I wish you all the very best

I worked at GF for a considerably long time, but have moved on to better opportunities (not saying much, I know). From an outsider's perspective, GlobalFoundries has never met the expectation of the ultra-rich investors. The company has always... —  read more 

Again $Millions to be spent on leadership show

This time the annual retreat of several hundred 'leaders' goes international to a resort in Europe. Last year was in San Diego as was posted in this forum. Here is the agenda: Pat each others back for a great job done in 2019 fooling TC on one... —  read more 

Good luck in 2020

2019 is my last year at GF, there were many good memories away from the work. Good luck to you all and Happy New year.

Did anyone go to GF road show? The GTC.

How was attendance at the annual nobody cares GF road show? Let me guess, empty. I bet everyone enjoyed the 7 nm updates and learning about the roadmap to 5 nm!

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Layoffs in Fab 8?

Any rumors of any layoffs coming to Malta again? Last global cast was not exactly reassuring that things are stable in Malta.

Marvell Takeover of Avera Semi

Just saw that Marvell has completed the takeover of Avera from GF Any fallout from this? Being out of the loop for several months, just wondering if there were any layoffs or... —  read more 

Epic Fail So this is "good news" for most of the world except for GF. So McK convinced TC and the Prince to file a suit in hopes of raking in... —  read more 

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Think GF? Think Bullying

Just curious how bad is the bullying in F1 and F8/9/10 especially from mfg department? Shocked at how abusive people can be in F7. Mfg and PC will shout and threaten people AT ALL TIMES just because things didn't go their way. Their mantra is my... —  read more 

2 questions for HR and management

What is the minimum number of headcount needed to be maintained at the Malta site to get tax incentive from NY state? What was it in 2019 and how much is it reducing for 2020? Grade 9 and up (PMTS and up) get unlimited vacation as perks... —  read more 

Help Wanted: Competent cyber security officer

When putting stickers on ports is addressing cyber security, clearly company is in dire need of a cyber security professional, my 12 year old son is available and he works for energy drinks and chocolate bars.

Clarification Needed by an Insider for an Outsider

Please do not interpret the following post as someone who is trying to bait or stoke the flames, I am truly confused at the current situation at GF and am in need of an explanation as to why these forums have become so cryptic in such a short few... —  read more 

TSMC fights back with a suit

Why hasn't anyone posted this so far? TSMC came firing back with a counter suit. Is GloFo also suing Samsung for patent infringement on 14 nm? Oh, that's right, they needed to pay Samsung for... —  read more 

GoFensive - Revving up the PR Spin Machine

What's with all of the current articles about GF "knocking it out of the park" post-pivot. It seems like they have a new PR firm that is winding up the spin machine into overdrive. WSJ? It seems like the new tack is the "advertorial". Here's a... —  read more 

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Psssst..Hey, you there, you waana burn a bridge?

Surprised no one has posted anything about the lawsuit yet. What's really going on with this lawsuit? Heard some "completely unsubstantiated" rumour that this business came from recommendations from our "friends" at McK (do they get a cut if... —  read more 

What happened to that post?

What happened to the post that stated Samsung was about to seal the deal but the Vermont fab is a sticking point ? Why was it removed?

Some Un-Glint survey questions

1) would you recommend GF to someone you despise ? 2) If you could come to GF everyday arriving and leaving any time you like and not having to do anything except cash and spend your check, would you stay at GF ? 3) if you notice coworkers are... —  read more 

6 months since San Diego party

It's been 6 months since MILLIONS were spent for the San Diego party for upper management. What was achieved - higher attrition, still low employee engagement, failed projects....? May be the ceo should try something better next time - like a... —  read more 

Resource action for older workers - stealth lay-off

Recent email to older workers meeting specific criteria 20 yrs/55+ or 15 yrs/ 60+ It’s basically GF hinting to the older higher paid workers it’s time to go. With the influx of young inexperienced new hires, common sense would say this is not the... —  read more 

A trip down memory lane...

GF'ers BEWARE!! Little Brother is watching you!

I've heard from 2 different people that I still know that work at Fab 8 that there posts have been either taken down or maybe even never publicly posted when posted through GF IP addresses. One of them was using his phone at the site and the other... —  read more 

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