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What are they thinking?

With most of the old-timers laid off, do they really think they can run this company with only millennials? Half of who don't even plan on staying longer than a year or two as it is? What kind of business strategy is that? Get rid of all the... read more

UMC interested in GF?

This is post from Sept. 14, 2018 Interesting to note that this could make UMC nearly twice its current size, if they buy GF as a whole.

Just IN

Apple announce 7nm chip Which fab will build this ?

Get your HSA money

Public Service Announcement: If you are on HSA plan and didn't get 100% of your GF contribution yet, you can still log into RedBrick Health and complete the activities. I have verified that new money went into HSA from activities that I completed... read more
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Unemployment Days for International students

Hey team , I was also recently laid off from Globalfoundries. As an student on F1 Visa OPT , when shall I count my unemployment days to begin..Is it from 28 Aug or 28 November..since we are on payroll till 28 November but not actually working... read more

Job Fairs coming up

There are local job fairs coming up with reps from Samsung, Micron, and Intel. Google it up if your interested in changing locations.

COBRA info

For those impacted by the August 20 RIF, here's what you can expect re COBRA (I was let go in June so I'm a going through this right now). about a week after your last date of employement (~11/28) you'll get a package in the mail from the COBRA... read more
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Who thought this was a good idea?

I read that Intel board has former GlobalFoundries CEO Sanjay Jha on its shortlist for CEO. Who in the world thinks this is a good idea? Do these people do their research? I guess we can all get some popcorn, lean back and enjoy the show if he is... read more


I have a question to all here that seem to have more information than I can find... I just read a post regarding layoffs starting November 28th. Is this the layoffs that just took place August 28/29? Or is this another round that is planned? General... read more

Should I leave for lower pay?

I got a job offer recently that offers lower pay (around 15 percent less) but better conditions overall (including job security.) At the time I prioritized money, but now I'm thinking I might have made a big mistake. Now I'm thinking of checking if... read more

Happy Labor Day

To all My friends who still there and those who already busy with job search. Obvious time to move on and let this ship sink itself in next few months. Let Leaders enjoy their loot and we enjoy notice period pay !!!
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Six Months of great #### completes on 09/09

From a Book on salesman skills - There are two primary ways to lie: to conceal and to falsify. In concealing, the liar withholds some information without actually saying anything untrue. In falsifying, the liar takes an additional step. Not only does... read more

Does Fab8 have a real future?

The golden days of high water ASPs are over. How much $$$ can you add to the wafer by adding a feature here and a device kicker there? This "differentiation pivot" will also get old when the next time there is an "efficiency action ". There will be a... read more

You all are fools

Did not one of you realize this company is run by X Ibmers who already have quit, retired or got laid off years ago? Why would anyone want to work in a Semiconductor business when IBM surplussed out thousands in 1993. Now all of you were hired and... read more

Recharge your batteries folks

I'm really sorry for all of those who lost their jobs, and I want every single one of them to find themselves in much better situation as soon as possible, but I'd be lying if I said I was not happy I still have this job and I can finally enjoy my... read more

GF hiring

New employee tours 3 days after Mass layoff, good taste GF! Really motivates those of us who lost friends, spouces and other family members to continue our efforts here to make our executives rich! Restructuring did not occur as stated except for... read more

Class Action Lawsuit?

Are there any rumblings about a class-action lawsuit for age discrimination? I'm holding off signing the agreement for a while...

vendor employees

So how does this affect the numerous vendor company employees from companies like encore semi, asicNorth etc that the GF ASIC team heavily relies upon.

Beginning of the end?

Anybody else feels like this was the start to the end of the company? Too many good people lost, too many projects crippled... How exactly are we supposed to continue with work now as if nothing has happened? I honestly can't see how this can in any... read more

Just to check...

It is finally over, right? For now, the layoffs are done and we can relax for a bit?

This site is done

EUV tools pulled out and being sold 7 5 3 nm gone. No Apple no AMD no automotive no IBM no partners no product no nothing. This wasn't a layoff this was a purge of desperation before they close the doors. Get out asap while you can


I remember liking working here. People were kind to each other and the end goal was always helping each other. Boy are those days gone in every aspect.

Stress Management

The continuous threat of layoffs here at GF is hanging over me big time (I am sure many agree) - this is stressing me out so much that it is affecting my health. I am concerned.... Anyhow, poor appetite, trouble sleeping, my blood pressure is high... read more

Who made the decision?

Who the heck was responsible for deciding who to lay off off? Some of our best people are gone! Who does things like this??? Does our management have any brains cells left?? Wanting to get rid of dead weight i understand, but this is just plain... read more

Open Position / GF HR is Hiring

Open Position / GF HR is Hiring GF is hiring a senior HR Specialist who have about 30 years of experience in Legal Matters on Laying Off People diplomatically. This HR resource should be preferably female with singing ability and know the Song "Break... read more

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