Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

GloFo stuck in the past

Who needs innovation when you have Moore's Law, am I right? Globalfoundries is out here celebrating their amazing newguiguinchiphonies based on their latest, cutting-edge processes Newsflash: the rest of the semiconductor world is already on to 5nm... — read more 

Quiet layoff

Some folks were let go 2weeks back , they are folks who are close to retirement , folks who have been with the company since Day 1. Loyalty does not matter … Folks were from the Malta site

Intel CHIPS act win!!!

Yeah Baby! 8.5 Billion Dollar Grant!! Move aside GF, time for the Big Boys to get it done.

Jumpstart your career

I hate driving I to work each day by the sign at fab9, apply today Jumpstart your career Maybe better than Burger King, McDonald's or Walmart. If your working anywhere else stay put. A good friend who started 25 years ago as an operator and worked... — read more 

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Noticed on my way to work today Globalfoundries in Essex jct Vt has a huge sign now hiring ' Jumpstart your career. Imagine that after laying off several two weeks before Christmas.

Details of the funding

Malta, New York - New State-of-the-Art 300 mm Fab; Malta, New York - Capacity Expansion for Automotive; This expansion, combined with the new 300 mm fabrication facility, is expected to triple the existing capacity of the Malta campus over the next... — read more 

Future of Fab9

It is no secret that there has been workforce downsizing and outsourcing going on at Fab9 for a while. The future of this site looks bleak. What is the most likely scenario for Fab9, decimating the whole site and letting all teams go, or preparing... — read more 

AME Etch

AME Etch is the worst. I'm currently searching for a new job and have an interview lined up for next week. Wish me luck. I'm hoping to be able to give 2 weeks notice soon.

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