Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

If you want a laugh

Tune into the all hands this next week. We just finished the manager one and it maynot be layoff worthy but it is certainly indication of an exodus.

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Wasting money

GF wastes so much money on projects like IT project Phoenix and development project Falcon, millions get put into these projects and nothing ever comes out for a return. Then the sponsoring execs like Reeder leave and the project gets cancelled... —  read more 

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5 Months

So it’s been 5 months since I was laid off from GF after 11 years of service. I browse this forum from time to time, just out of curiosity. What is most striking, is that nothing has changed since the layoff for those people that remain. Same... —  read more 

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Saratoga County Court case

Rumor has it, there’s a civil lawsuit in Saratoga County involving a former GF manager, against a former Gf Director. Segsual Harassment and wrongful termination. Jury recently paneled..

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TC is such a joke

I was in NY when the company went public. TC talked to us and he was so condescending and rude. Then, after being completely rude, I had to take a picture with him while he stood on a box. I’m 6’2” and he had someone bring a box for him to stand next... —  read more 

“Hey, no missiles”-TC

I wonder how many people had no idea what Tom meant when the distinguished gentleman from Burlington stood up for Q/A. Does Tom not know that they cut YellowJacket out from the video release last time? Also, did they keep the Dresden question in or... —  read more 

CFO leaving

And finally the rabbit is out of the hole. Reeder is leaving. No wonder he got rid of all the stock back in February because he knew the earnings were going to drop the stock is going to fall. It was a fantastic gig making 16 odd million in five... —  read more 

May layoffs

There was some talk a few weeks ago about another round of cuts in May, has there been anything new about it since then? We are well into May and it would be good to know if I am stressing over something that is not going to happen. I can do without... —  read more 

It's time to Unionize.

If you are a night shift worker not interested in this new "high performance culture" that upper management is pushing that makes the workers take over jobs and tasks created by the end of the year 2023 layoffs without any monetary compensation. If... —  read more 

Malta Layoff - April

Appears that our new procurement and HR leaders are making quick work, laying off many. Their end dates are this week. Don’t believe me, see who is not here next week. Many band 11 & 10’s, which are public now, many of the individual... —  read more 

The future of GF

I refuse to believe that the leadership will take GF to the rock bottom with their actions, although it seems as if the future of this company is exactly like that. Does anyone else believe that there is still a way to save GF and that things will... —  read more 

Another wasted Saturday

Another wasted Saturday in Malta AME while Engineering and Management enjoy their weekend. Instead here we are stuck in a continuous 12hr on 12 off loop of misery. It’s such a joke that even management and engineering isn’t required to be on site on... —  read more 

Any Word on Phoenix?

Been at GF 7 1/2 grueling years, and never have I seen so many outsiders helping new/lost leaders make decisions for those of us that actually do the job? Why so many partners, this feels a lot like Mckensey Round 2. Not to mention, having a neck... —  read more 

April/May 2023 Layoffs?

I heard the Dresden layoff (if you want to call it that) is happening in April but also heard there is another global layoff coming in May where they are targeting getting rid of more fab site folks and accelerating ramping up in low-cost geos like... —  read more 

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