Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

Top posts during Q4 2022 layoff

Please feedback any new add. Top post summary - GF round 1 layoff Q4,22 Globalfoundries is where the rejects, flunkies, castaways, untouchables and outright criminals go to when they have nowhere else to go, and all doors are closed to them... —  read more 

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Malta-Albany Job Market

After being laid off, I relaxed over the holiday and began my search on January 2nd. Just shy of 3 weeks later I am once again employed! I was surprised how active the job market is in the area, especially the Albany region. If you are looking to... —  read more 

Looking for jobs after layoff

I wanted to share my experience after layoff while I am interviewing for jobs. In summary it is terrible to look for job after one is laid off as ever interview is starting with same question. One interviewer asked if I knew it was coming? I replied... —  read more 

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Officially Re-employed

Laid off in December with 90 days non working period pay, bonus, additional 3 months severance and also 7k cash payout to purchase health coverage after 90 day period. Officially hired elsewhere.. Double dipping on GlobalFoundries dime.. yep. The... —  read more 

Replacing employees

Replacing even the key staff is very slow. My colleague who was very skilled and did the most work has left a while ago, but there is still no one to replace him. The management doesn't know what it's doing. I'm curious about the average... —  read more 

TC will soon create one story

History is proof. TC must be thinking of doing something like ebitda bull sh-t, feature rich, autonomous cars .. to create another good looking lie to confuse remaining of us so that he can keep selling shares at higher price if possible.

Level 10 director resigned

The level 10 director of a team I worked closely with and respected suddenly resigned yesterday. It is very shocking to me, and I think it would be even more shocking for his team. I'm not sure if this is a layoff 2.0.

Now it makes sense.

GF gave an across the board 5% increase to L1 though L5, and a long term RSU to 6 and above. They then turn around and cut their payroll/staff by…… yep 5%. They are not investing in Staffing or new/current Nodes. The CEO is dumping stock. They... —  read more 

Daily reminder

TC sold 250k shares November 11th at $64 per share, announced layoffs the following week. He downsized Malta workforce by >7% the week before Christmas. GF stock is now trading at $52. Oh and your raises are delayed until late 2023. Happy New Year! —  read more 

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