Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

Name sake managers/management

If managers don't have time for reporting people they should move out of people manager role. We need to pay all our travel expense from our personal card but manager will not approve the expense report for weeks. What is the role of manager in... —  read more 

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Yes- man culture

Is being a yes man the only way to get ahead in this company? Why is there not much room here for those who don’t agree to become just another yes-man? I’m not that type and I think it cost me a lot at GF. When I look back, I think I would've ... —  read more 

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what about training?

I am terribly sorry for the new employees who are totally lost here. GF hired them even though they knew they needed training and then they left those people to fend for themselves. Terrible!!! Neither I nor the other colleagues have the time to help... —  read more 

Unrealistic expectations

It seems to me that nothing I do is ever good enough for GF. Worst of all the more effort I put in the less valued it is so I'm starting to wonder why I bother at all. Admittedly, maybe I don’t understand their expectations of me. They seem to... —  read more 

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Why aren't we striking like every other business in this country, 170k employees and counting fyi. Have any of you read the SEC filing? We get nothing and the directors and uppers get millions. Why is everyone so apathetic to their own situation in... —  read more 

Stop draining money

Can the SLT stop draining money by giving the stupid hats nobody gives rat’s a-s to wear that even though SLT would like the employees to wear it for free advertising. SLT should pay to deserve the free advertising.


I understand how top dogs could benefit and what an IPO could bring to this company, a lot has been written lately about that, but I don’t know if we, the employees, will benefit from a GF IPO as well? Thoughts? I don't have a good opinion of... —  read more 

Annual pay increases

They’ve made a cute little task force to talk about why we’re mad about our pay, but they’re not going to do anything. They’re just coming around to look concerned, show face, and act like they care. This greedy company is all for show. Answer:... —  read more 

Mandate the vaccine

Can we please stop the nonsense that COVID-19 vaccine is dangerous and is an attack on our freedom? Most of us have been vaccinated against a dozen different diseases since we were babies. And we’re still alive! Let’s just put COVID-19 vaccine in the... —  read more 

Mckinsey now BCG

Looks like Mckinsey and BCG are making a huge chunk out of GF while GF gets desperate to get to profitability. Anyone knows why are Mckinsey and now BCG there, just do a people search and you will see loads of folks there.

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