Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

Sr Manager favoritism

The current trend is send the favorites out temporarily and rehire them in 2 levels up. A recent Sr Module manager rehire his favorite in year and half at 2 level higher to what he left before (level 6 to level 8) to management position falsely... —  read more 

This place is so toxic

At first I thought it was just me and that I needed some time to adapt to my new job's environment. But no, as time goes on, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that this place is simply toxic. Has it always been like this?

Now this!!! If you read between the lines the company is ready to do it if they get money not like our competitors who are... —  read more 

IT issues

I like how there is an equal amount of GC questions about IT issues and wages. Who is enjoying Microsoft 365? Talk about a terrible decision. Whose idea was it to switch to Microsoft? Some consultant? Which? Are we still paying them? Are they the... —  read more 


Almost a quarter of a billion dollars in profit for 1Q, but no money for raises? What bu-----t. At what point do people start to organize? If Starbucks and Amazon employees can do it, why not GF? Germany has strong workers rights compared to the... —  read more 

Manager survey

Let’s just run a survey to evaluate if your manager is good or worthless. Use the up arrow for good and down for bad. We will atleast have a cumulative data of overall quality of manager

Future of GF

A deja vu moment. Remember when chuck shumer talked about Saratoga chips Maybe he knew something then of what was happening in EFK and was already predicting... —  read more 

Is it a joke?

Guess what for GEO's 23rd Annual Conference ( GF has a speaker talking at the session Facing the Future: Face to Face on "Keeping Talent from Walking Away with Equity Compensation". This coming from a... —  read more 

Fairygodboss Summit

We invite you to join us next week, April 13, at the Fairygodboss Inspiration Summit! Don't miss GF SVP & CHRO Emily Reilly's keynote on "Achieving Personal Empowerment." For more info & to register:

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