Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

Topics regarding layoffs at GlobalFoundries

fab8 coming full circle?

with seemingly more former fab7 people filling positions of influence at fab8, does anyone see the same issues from 2011-2014? like culture clashes between AMD and Chartered people (and some early IBM defectors)? shouting and shaming in meetings?... —  read more 

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Quiet quitting

Painful to work when you are surrounded by people who were quickly unfairly promoted, who are 1 to 4 levels above you, and you know you are much smarter than them? If you are stuck to the area and can't leave GF, what do you do? Quiet quitting! which... —  read more 

review system

A reply in a different thread has me asking this question. Why exactly do some of you say the review system is fake? They are pretty clear that a limited number of people will get high ratings. "not to exceed 12%" or whatever the verbiage is. So... —  read more 

GU's departure

So was there truth to the posting in this forum few weeks ago about GU which was removed quickly? Was that the reason for this departure? Does it have something to do with ER's departure too? Anyway, good riddance. Lot of level 10s and up to Sr VPs... —  read more 

Misleading employees

I worked at several companies before I came to GF, but this one is definitely the champion when it comes to misleading employees. That's my opinion. I think almost everyone can give an example of when they felt the most mislead here?

I’ve decided

Well, disappointment after disappointment, I’ve decided to leave GlobalFoundries. The toxicity and ineptitude here is on a level I’ve never experienced, and I’ve had some sh---y jobs.. Do this for my own physical and mental health.. f’ this place —  read more 

Late paycheck

I’m hearing that everyone (Malta) who usually gets their paycheck deposited this morning isn’t seeing it yet… What’s going on in that HR/Payroll department?!

why GF is great

I've been promoted several times My pay has increased more than twofold since I started My manager is good and my team is supportive I get lots of time off because of my seniority Committed to providing opportunities to historically... —  read more 

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