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A trip down memory lane...
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GF'ers BEWARE!! Little Brother is watching you!

I've heard from 2 different people that I still know that work at Fab 8 that there posts have been either taken down or maybe even never publicly posted when posted through GF IP addresses. One of them was using his phone at the site and the other... read more


Some Malta employees are going to get transitioned to a contractor, sort of like Fishkill did with Manpower years ago. It fixes Global's employment costs for the length of the contract, unless the add or cut people. It's the cutting people that will... read more

Class Action Lawsuit?

Are there any rumblings about a class-action lawsuit for age discrimination? I'm holding off signing the agreement for a while...

Averasemi sale evidence?

In Tom's recent interview with EE times - “We still have something in our portfolio that doesn’t make sense for us as a foundry … We are closing in on a great partner, so we don’t compete with our customers,” said Tom Caulfield, who took over as... read more

Hired to laid off in less than a year

Just to warn people who might thing they are safe - I was hired and laid off within twelve months. I don't need to tell you what that meant for any kind of severance. I guess I should have better researched GlobalFoundries when I accepted this... read more


This is a heads up, Laid off in June. Stuck with Cobra, which We write a check directly to GF every month. First the Medical Insurance was changed to cheaper plan ( co-pays and deductibles). We just found out the Dental was changed to a cheaper plan... read more

Leave when you can !

Global is planning to bring in another company and pile off some employees over to some nobody c-appy company that nobody cares about so Global can lower their bills and empty you out of their inventory free n clear. They want to keep their hands in... read more

There is a 3rd sale

From EE times “In January, GF sold its 200-mm Fab 3E in Singapore to Taiwan’s Vanguard for $236 million. It is close to announcing a third and final sale — probably a process-technology transfer — as part of the restructuring under the new CEO.” Well... read more

It’s a wrap

with great sorry and despair I report passing. emptying trash and I see things I not have seen the funeral be September 2020

Back Filling holes with PUTTY

They cant afford to hire experienced workers so they're already getting more High School students who know nothing about this industry to fill in the gaps. You will be happy to know the whole place is messed to complete MAYHEM. T's not crossed I's... read more

Interesting Article on The ON Semi/GF annoucement

EETIMES article “This could be a move to simplify things if GF’s parent wanted to sell the company to TSMC, UMC, etc.,” said Bill McClean, president of IC Insights. “I have always believed that... read more

Cash is a problem

If they are having to sell plants to cover current operating expenses, this charade isn't going to last long. If they can't convince a buyer to take Malta, I give them until the end of the year before they are firing people again, and probably... read more

Fab 10 sold

This round of GF pivot spin should be even more entertaining after the March denials. What's next?


Remember when previous CEO said “We got 99 problems but, money ain’t one” Current market conditions determined, that was a lie.

Sounds familiar?

I had to share this from another page - tell me this does not fit GlobalFoundries to a tee: Employers are ideally looking for an employee with the wisdom of a 50 year old, the experience of a 40 year old, the drive of a 30 year old, and the pay scale... read more
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This person left that person left..... constantly

This company has created a vacuum of talent that has come and gone period. The door continues to swing constantly. All I hear like every week is something new this person left that person left..... constantly. The reputation in Malta is so bad people... read more

Fab 8 Hiring for 100 production positions They're so desperate they are willing to pay while training newbies. (Granted, only $15/hour, which you can earn flipping... read more

More layoffs at GlobalFoundries?

Just when I thought we were past layoffs - at least for a while - new rumors have started circulating at the office that we might see some cuts before the end of the month. Does anybody here know more about this? I keep hoping it was just some wild... read more

GlobalFoundries hires Janitors as techs!

GlobalFoundries hires janitors as techs. A few years back, GlobalFoundries actually hired two janitors. One janitor couldn’t pass the background check. He came from Cuba NM, fired from Intel, with rap sheet of drunk driving, domestic violence and... read more
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Fireside Chat with BigPivot

Hiya guys, BigPivot here. I just wanted to reach out to all my GF colleagues, and departed alumni from times past to see how life was going after the Pivot. Miss you guys!! Here at GF we are really busy with the big ramp and all the hiring of new... read more

Another Mubadala investment liquidated at 80% loss What an epic fail. Even GF should lose less than 80% when sale and liquidation completes. Proving once again that foolish princes and their sovereign wealth funds are soon... read more

Question for those who left on their own

If anybody who quit is still checking this forum - any regrets? Is the grass really greener? I'm really close to making the decision to leave myself, but I keep worrying that I'll be making a huge mistake.

Samsung/SK Hynix Acquisition

I don't know why this hasn't been covered as much in U.S. media, but this article from Korea talks about both Samsung and SK Hynix having interests in acquiring GF. Samsung's CEO went over to the UAE this week to meet the crown prince, and it is... read more

They save money on severance by rehiring

They save money on severance by rehiring. If someone got 6 months severance on nov 28 and they go back now they have to repay the amount covering between now and may 28. Smart business for GF if they find someone desperate enough to work for free... read more

Keeping costs low

Most of the new hires though are for technicians, preferably with little to no experience to lower labor cost. I think this is just to fill the numbers to ensure NY State keeps subsidizing them based on employee numbers. The higher cost, experienced... read more
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Globalcast Q1

How does everyone feel after Q1 globalcast? Better, worse, same as before?

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