Topics regarding layoffs at Goldman Sachs

Topics regarding layoffs at Goldman Sachs

We are in trouble

Profits are down again and the management is panicking. They are already talking about more organizational changes, which in essence means more layoffs. I think everybody should be prepared for what's coming because it will not be insignificant in... —  read more 

Scope of layoffs

Why do so many think that the number of impacted employees will be much higher than several hundreds? Personally, I don't believe that the scope of layoffs will be so big.

Target groups

It is said that the target among several hundred people who will be affected will be poor performers. Do you believe in that or are you more of the opinion that there will be good employees too among those impacted?

Layoffs are coming

Or firings, more like it. There's a hiring freeze and performance reviews are back. This means they'll be able to get rid of people without having to pay them severance. Very smart move. I would be okay with this as long as it's truly the poor... —  read more 

Collective Abuse

Junior bankers in San Francisco felt alienated over their long hours, what they considered low pay and lack of Seamless stipends while working from home. They made a formal presentation to their office’s top executives, relying on survey data they... —  read more 


Anybody here? Did you see what the CEO said about working from home? It left me laughing in tears. Is there anyone else who thinks working remotely is actually an “aberration”?

Here we go again

Layoffs at Goldman Sachs, hundreds of employees to be affected this week. Not sure if it's going to start today or tomorrow but we know it's going to be company-wide. Has anybody been notified yet? Also, does anybody know if there have been any... —  read more 

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Compliance and IT layoffs

I noticed layoffs at Goldman Sachs Jersey City and NYC happening past several weeks with several senior people layoff, including those with decades of almost lifelong career with GS. If you want to save your job, you may be offered to go to Salt Lake... —  read more 

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