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Layoffs, furloughs, hour reductions, & pay cuts

Currently laying sales personnel off due to COVID-19. Within the last 10 days senior management has announced several "cost cutting measures" which include furloughs, layoffs, and pay cuts of ballpark 10%. Center locations are to remain open but... —  read more 

Should I still be worried?

So far just a huge, voluntary reduction in workforce. 740 current employees at the plant just accepted buyouts. That reduction probably eliminates the prospect of layoffs for the immediate future. I'd like to think so as well, but weren't they... —  read more 


All employees that took the voluntary layoff are being notified that Friday 12-20-19 will be the exit day. All employees who did not take the buyout will be reporting back Jan 2nd.

Is Gadsden closing?

Nothing official yet but all the signs point to an eventual shutdown. The corporation has made no investments in the plant in over 10 years and buyouts were offered to all eligible employees in the plant last month. The plant also recently... —  read more 

Fayetteville Layoffs

enter any info you may have about goodyear fayetteville layoffs 2019

What's going on in Gadsden Goodyear?

How bad is it? We know a lot of people are being laid off due to the change to eight-hour shifts, but I can't seem to find anywhere just how bad it is. Does anybody know the total number? Also, just want to say good luck to all the affected people. I... —  read more 

Goodyear Danville layoffs

Not sure why no posts on Danville but we should share that as well. People need to know more about it.

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The DEVIL we all know

I’m a Goodyear employee at the Gadsden plant in Alabama and most of us heard about the layoff just like everyone else did today. I personally got news of it first when I went into a store this morning and saw it on the front page of the newspaper and... —  read more 

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Layoffs planned at the Goodyear Gadsden plant

We just heard that layoffs can be expected at Gadsden plant later in the year. No details yet - just a general announcement that layoffs are coming. Which means that we are left to stress and worry for who knows how long about who and when aspects of... —  read more 

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Window Dressing @ Goodyear

Management is more interested in window dressing by hiring Business Development suits who are absolutely useless in generating business. To balance the books they will now fire hard working workers who really need the jobs and work at it unlike the... —  read more 

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Layoffs Coming Soon

I work at the Danville plant and it's not looking good. Corporate has tan this plant in the ground. They've raped and pillaged for so many years without reinvestments. Some of the parts needed to fix equipment has to be ordered on eBay, really! It... —  read more 

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I work for this implant and they have their heads so far up their asses they don’t know what to do when faced with adversity. Now they are talking about lay-off but nobody in the office seems to do anything to prevent that. They won’t even look at... —  read more 

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"Innovation" at Goodyear

The news piece says it all : Current market cap at about 50% of what it was in Q3 2017. Strikes at factories in Mexico. In Europe, France, UK factories... —  read more 

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Akron Layoffs...

Hearing rumors that layoffs are coming to Akron. Company has lost almost 50% in value in the last 9 months. Price of raw materials, falling stock price, worker's safety related lawsuits, closures in Europe - everything is weighing us down.

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Make sure you don't get hurt

I’ve been with Goodyear for a number of years. Never had a problem until recently when I had an injury. Reported it to my supervisor who gave me the impression he didn’t believe me. He just wanted me to ‘s--- it up’ by taking some OTC medicine to... —  read more 

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Layoffs in Akron ?

Any updates folks? I am in EMEA and get this obnoxious "Business Development Managers" visit us from time to time, talk to us in a condescending manner, eat and drink wine at company money, blow some hot air, treat us like we are really stupid and... —  read more 

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No work/life balance

I used to love working here, but lately it has turned into a never ending work-sleep-work-sleep pattern that I can’t seem to escape. Being in (lower) management it’s become difficult to maintain any kind of balance outside of work. Very long hours... —  read more 

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Safety is an issue!

Goodyear really needs to update its equipment and improve on our safety training! Some positions are physically challenging and labor intensive, and working with obsolete equipment that is outdated can increase the chances of an accident. Not to... —  read more 

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Goodyear Tire Layoffs 2018

I know that this sounds like a broken record (cliché, but a good one)…. Rumors - some folks are talking about possibly having layoffs in Akron.

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Goodyear Tire Layoffs 2017

I left a few years back right now - but still have good friend over there working, happily - now I am hearing that you may have job cuts in Akron.

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Goodyear Tire Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Goodyear Tire layoffs in Akron in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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No layoffs in 2014

Something might be brewing in Akron, OH

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