Topics regarding layoffs at Goodyear

Topics regarding layoffs at Goodyear

Any new layoff vibes?

The stock is tanking post earnings call. Think there will be more layoffs n the horizon? What about Goodyear subsidies such as capital investment? I see that they were investing in startups. Will that continue given the state of the company revenue... — read more 

Not pretty

From the release: “Cost reduction actions driving an annual, run-rate benefit of $1 billion by the end of 2025. The Company has initiated a specific and actionable cost reduction plan encompassing footprint actions and plant optimization; purchasing... — read more 

Pending layoff US

Wow. I thought the comment about 2,800 being laid off in NA was bull, but after the Asia announcement of 700 only netting $50M in savings I think whoever posted that 2,800 number is dead on. How can this company have that much fat. Is management that... — read more 


Anyone with good intel hear anything else about further layoffs? With the auto worker strike, my friend is concerned. He is about to accept an offer to work there at the HQ in Akron.

GT Stock Price

Thought that after Elliott took over, things will look up. No such signs. Still the same old management playing the smoke and mirror tricks. If Elliott is in there then they will push for a sale or major restructuring or both. Hearing rumors of... — read more 

There'll be more layoffs

This was just the start. We need much better results to be safe, and I don't see that happening any time soon. Sadly, the only way this management knows how to attempt to improve things is through operational cuts. As long as they continue to do... — read more 

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Were you laid off? WARN Act

The WARN Act requires an employer to notify employees, in writing, 60 days before a layoff, and pay the employee for those 60 days, in addition to any severance the employee may be entitled to. Unfortunately, some employers attempt to circumvent the... — read more 

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Goodyear Danville

For several months now it's been rumors of layoffs and hour cuts. So far it's just rumors. However, Goodyear won't be able to sustain if it continues to hire people with no work ethic. Young people still at home with mama come here and don't give a... — read more 

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Layoffs in Akron?

Hearing rumors on the back of tyre call backs, lawsuits, debt and weak stock performance. Any confirmation or anyone else hear anything at Akron or elsewhere ? I am starting to look for jobs…

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Are we getting sold?

Any truth to the rumor mill about GT being acquired by hedge funds ? If so, their modus operandi is to strip every company down to bare metal and sell it for scrap.

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Laid off in EU

Got our initial notices. Not sure what the situation is in US and other countries. GT shut their doors in United Kingdom a long time back. Hope others are OK. As for us, we do not know what to do. In this COVID lockdowns there are no jobs in this... — read more 

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I was laid off months ago and was finally able to land a job and I’m pretty damn excited about it! How is everyone else doing? Were you able to land on your feet quickly or are you having a difficult time like I did? For those who found something was... — read more 

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Should I still be worried?

So far just a huge, voluntary reduction in workforce. 740 current employees at the plant just accepted buyouts. That reduction probably eliminates the prospect of layoffs for the immediate future. I'd like to think so as well, but weren't they... — read more 

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All employees that took the voluntary layoff are being notified that Friday 12-20-19 will be the exit day. All employees who did not take the buyout will be reporting back Jan 2nd.

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Is Gadsden closing?

Nothing official yet but all the signs point to an eventual shutdown. The corporation has made no investments in the plant in over 10 years and buyouts were offered to all eligible employees in the plant last month. The plant also recently... — read more 

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