Topics regarding layoffs at Google Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Google Inc.


I am close to getting a job offer at manager level in sustainability team. They still have not told me anything about compensation. How much does this pay approximately? Also, is the team safe from layoff and RIFs? thanks for your help

Expect RIFs to follow

Considering what's been happening at other tech giants (just look at Microsoft and Meta), I don't see a way for this to play out without at least some RIFs. The only question is how many and what will be affected. The next few months will be... —  read more 

We are not safe

Google tells staff to act ‘more entrepreneurial.’ Translation: Work harder, or else Sundar Pichai, boss of Google and its parent Alphabet, told employees to “be more entrepreneurial” and work with “more hunger” in a staff-wide email that warned of... —  read more 

Here we go

All the hardworking American employees who were laid off in Cloud are already being replaced - with people from cheaper markets, of course. We all know what markets those are. At least 200 "support roles" to be filled following layoffs. Not that... —  read more 

20% Work From Home

Anyone have any idea who these 20% are and when will they find out? I thought Google was going to allow everyone to work remotely and I sold my house in Boston and moved back to Oklahoma. I am worried they are going to make me come in the office in... —  read more 

Only 14 days a year WFH

I was a shocked to read that Google will only allow it's employees to work from home 14 days per year, with approval. I was surprised by this, as I previously believed leadership would be more innovative. To each their own, but I hope employees... —  read more 


layoffs happened two weeks ago in Charlotte, and this week in Durham. "do no evil" yea, right google team. Their local leaders, especially in Atlanta and Charlotte are clueless. Their sales team leader had never sold anything...any you failed Fiber... —  read more 

Layoff - 1k

After Linkedin, now Google about to announce 1K layoff from various subs of Alphabet. First, the contractor positions were paused. Now, employees headcount.

Google Cloud Pay Cuts

Google has announced a pay cut for all sales, customer engineers and specialists across all regions. Depending on your level this is anything from a 4% to 20% or more. They are also cutting stock allocation. These changes are in exchange for a higher... —  read more 

Kurian Style

Google Engineers should be concerned - here is how Kurian manages (Source: Oracle Experience): "Who the Fk wrote this piece of crp? Didn't I tell you last week to go work on this? I did? Ok well I change my mind, put it back to the way it was 3 weeks... —  read more 

The good, bad and ugly

Let's face it -- the thread here on Google is sparse because it isn't laying people off with any regularity. However, that doesn't mean that everything is great. The good... Google was one of the first to recognize the importance and power of massive... —  read more 

Google Cloud culture shift

In ramping up the field organization, Google has sifted through many experienced individuals and selected only those that met a high internal standard. Or so it was supposed to be and some are now showing their real stripes. One VP has talked about... —  read more 

Solving the wrong problems

I love Google's tech but they have no idea how to sell to the enterprise. They seem to be more interested in solving problems they care about rather than the problems customers care about. Amazon is much more obsessed with customer success than... —  read more 

$2.7 billion EU fine

I wrapped up my on-site interviews and felt that they went really well. Was just notified that the position is now "on hold" and that it had nothing to do with my performance in the interviews. Said that they were slowing down the process and... —  read more 

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